Ian provides a light hearted view of flying

Well, here we are at Christmas-time again. Another year down the tube and only Barack Hussein Obama capable of saving the world! We have been through some turbulent financial times, mostly caused by Robert Peston of the BBC with a little help from the Banks, and I promised you a light-hearted article to set you up for the festivities, a time when we should be able to forget our troubles and, for those of us so inclined, to celebrate Christ’s birth. There are a variety of attitudes among those of us who use aeroplanes; some enjoy every moment from arriving at the airport to penetrating the entry procedures at the destination airport. Others regard it as a convenient way to travel long distances but actually dislike the whole process. Some are frankly terrified and this group should probably read no further!

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The Village Soapbox

Ron cast severe doubts on the facts behind so-called Global Warming

Global Warming and all that.

Returning to my favourite topic. Global warming due to increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide is, it seems, a universally accepted fact. There is a lot of supporting evidence but, in the end, there is no absolute proof that such warming that has occurred is entirely due to carbon dioxide and without proof, it is a belief, a faith. Anybody who questions this orthodoxy is either regarded as a heretic or, more kindly, slightly deranged. There is no doubt that global temperature has been generally a little higher than it was 50 years ago, nearly as much perhaps as 0.4oC. Polar ice is melting during the summer to a greater extent than it has done in recent decades. The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has increased, perhaps by as much as 100% in the past couple of hundred years and there is no doubt that CO2 does have a warming effect. but 100% of very little is very little. The actual amount of CO2 is still relatively small at almost 0.04% and there is some question as to the extent of the effect this amount can have on our complex climate system. Furthermore there are other greenhouse gases including methane, nitrous oxide and water vapour.

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