Minutes of the meeting held on 7th June 2017
Mrs. Hazel Hearne welcomed 20 members.
Apologies were received from Doris Armsby, Claire Lankfer, Janet Cooper and Mavis Smith.
The minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.
Gillian Smith asked about the outing in August. The date has to be changed to either the 2nd or 9th August. There was a show of hands and the 9th August was chosen. It was decided that a mystery tour organised by Harrods, to include a cream tea, was be best option.
This tour will cost about £25 and is open to all. The more people to book the cheaper it will be. Anyone interested should contact Gillian Smith on 01553 810753 before the end Of June as payment is needed before the outing.
A message came from Rosemary Pease of Wereham who will hold a craft meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of the month 10.30-12.30. She would like to recruit someone with a spinning wheel for everyone to use. Actually, what she meant was that she is going to engage a lady with a spinning wheel to demonstrate and teach those interested and wondered whether members of the Ladies Group would like to attend. Anyone interested should contact 500 757.
Hazel Hearne presented a birthday card to Anita Horgen.
Teas: Heather Durrance and Valerie Kirchen
Door and raffle: Audrey Hudson and Pam Cann
Vote of thanks: Carol Thulboume
Birthdays: Hazel Hearne and Gypsie Duncan
We had an amazingly well organised fish and chip supper fetched for us by Valerie Kirchen’s daughters. All the packs were named which made the distribution so easy. Everything was hot and very tasty and it made a lovely social evening enjoyed by all. It was a very successful venture and the weather would not have been suitable for a barbecue.
The raffle was won by Rosemary White, Wendy Quadling and Janet Burns
The meeting ended at about 9.15 pm.
Janet Burns Acting Secretary


Minutes of the meeting held on April 5th
Mrs Armsby welcomed 18 members.
APOLOGIES were received from Sheila Smith, Mavis Smith, Marjorie Stevens, Alice ball & Jean Carter.
Minutes of the last meeting were read & signed.
Mrs Elsey informed members of the limits of our insurance with Jack high, which only apply to our meetings in the hall. For outings we will be reliant on our Public liability.
Mrs Horgen presented a birthday card to Pam Cann. Mrs Hearne offered to deliver one to Marjorie Stevens. There will be 4 birthdays in May.
The May meeting will be Gypsie’s quiz night.
ROTAS for May
TEAS Jean Carter & Yvonne Self.
DOOR & RAFFLE Hazel Hearne & Anita Horgen
VOT Doris Armsby
Mrs Gillian Smith said that following the low attendance at the June BBQ last year, it would not be viable to have a caterer in. Members decided to have a fish & chip supper, which will be ordered in advance, & collected from the shop in Stoke Ferry.
Mrs Armsby then introduced Wendy Hodson & her husband Philip. One day in May 2015 Wendy decided that it was time that she did something meaningful & outside her comfort zone, so she registered for a charity cycle ride in Vietnam & Cambodia , and she didn’t even own a bike! This was soon remedied & she began training. In Feb 2017 she flew to join her fellow cyclists in Vietnam. Over 6 days they cycled 429 km, finishing in Angkor Wat. As she spoke, Philip showed slides of the beautiful scenery, poor villages & elaborate temples. Wendy raised £4055 for womenvcancer, & the whole event raised £1,314000.00p. They were thanked by Carol Thulbourne.
The raffle was won by Gillian Smith, Gypsie Duncan & Ann Prodromou.
The meeting ended at 9.15
Claire Lankfer