Carol Nicholas-Letch

What have we got to moan about?
One Sunday we turned up for church at Christchurch Whittington to find there was a power cut.
It was cold outside the Church and just as cold inside! There was no usual welcoming cup of tea and whilst the old gas heaters were quickly turned on it took a little while for our young and not so young bones to warm up.
We were also going to have to sing with no music and so the decision was made – only two hymns and a short but to the point sermon. As it happened the lights came on during our first hymn and the electric heaters were very quickly turned on and the service continued as normal, followed by that, oh so welcome, cup of tea!
But during tea and biscuits afterwards I overheard a comment about the poor folk sleeping rough in such cold weather. And here we had been grumbling about no heaters or tea whilst sitting inside with, at least, some form of heating. Shame on us.
On the way home a couple of us decided that we would hold another Giving Challenge during Lent and donate the proceeds to The Purfleet Trust, a charity that helps the homeless. If you too would like to help the homeless please feel free to take part, details are in this magazine.
Carol Nicholas-Letch

Stoke Ferry Ladies Group – February Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held on Feb 7th 2018
Mrs Armsby welcomed 15 members.
APOLOGIES were received from Gillian Smith, Anita Horgen and Marjorie Stevens.
Janet Burns said that Gypsie Duncan was very poorly and at present is in Swaffham Hospital.
Birthday Cards were given to Janet Burns and Jenny Elsey.
The March meeting will be a talk on a camping trip to see the wildlife of Botswana.
TEAS Heather Durrance and Valerie Kirchen
DOOR and RAFFLE Janet Burns and Sheila Smith
VOTE of THANKS Carol Thulbourne
Mrs Hearne said that the arrangement from Mrs Self’s talk in January, which she had won in the raffle lasted two weeks and looked lovely.
Mrs. Armsby then introduced Annette Croote, a frequent speaker at the club.
This time she told us about the 5 day trek that she had taken in the Southern Alps of France near Chamonix, in aid of Macmillan Cancer Care. Her excellent pictures and videos showed the terrain to be very hazardous but beautiful dominated by Mont Blanc. Some areas were very steep and had to be climbed on ladders and oxygen was reduced at their highest point of 8332 Feet. They saw many glaciers and although one of her most challenging trips because of the altitude, she made it to the end. The whole trip raised £84640.00 for the Macmillan Cancer Care, so very worthwhile.
She was thanked by Doris Armsby.
Raffle prizes were won by Heather Durrance, Anne Prodromou, Doris Armsby and Janet Burns.
The meeting was closed at 9pm.

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Minutes of the meeting held on January 3rd 2018
Mrs Armsby welcomed 16 members, and wished everyone a happy new year.
APOLOGIES were received from Mavis Smith, Marjorie Stevens, Audrey Hudson & Gypsie Duncan.
A report from the Christmas meeting was read & signed.
Arising……Members agreed that our meal at the Foldgate Inn was very good, & everyone had an enjoyable evening.
Mrs Horgen had forgotten to bring the birthday cards, so will post them instead. Members decided to continue with the cards rather than posies, and Mrs Horgen said that she will carry on purchasing them.
Mrs Elsey said that she is collecting subs, which will be £15.00 for the year.
Mrs Armsby thanked Janet Cooper for compiling the new programme, and asked her to thank her husband Mike for printing, and making it so colourful and attractive.
Mrs Cooper also said that she will definitely be retiring as programme secretary at the end of the year, which will give members time to think of new ideas & perhaps take on the job.
Feb meeting will be Annette Croote showing us another of her treks in aid of Macmillan.
Teas…Janet Cooper & Anita Horgen
Door & raffle…Yvonne Self & Jean carter
VOT….Gillian Smith
Mrs Armsby then handed over to Yvonne Self, who needed no formal introduction, as she has been a club member for many years. She has been flower arranging for more than 35 years & ran the local flower club in Stoke Ferry. On this occasion Yvonne showed us a lovely table arrangement using just one bunch of yellow roses, & assorted greenery from her garden, showing that you needn’t spend a fortune to create a lovely display. She then donated it as a raffle prize. She was thanked by Mrs Armsby.
Members had all brought a wrapped parcel for the raffle, so everyone won a prize.
The meeting ended at 9pm.
Claire Lankfer ( secretary )

Carol Nicholas-Letch – February

You Reap who you Elect
I don’t usually spout, directly that is, about politics: but after hearing about Norfolk Councillors voting in a pay rise of their allowance by a whopping 10.5% I cannot resist. What world do they live in I wonder? They are about to reduce the social budget even further, thus making very vulnerable people even more at risk, .and this will inevitably put more pressure on our emergency services and struggling NHS. How much pay/pension increase did you receive this year or last year for that matter?
The reason the Conservative Councillors feel they deserve that increase? December from the EDP:
Cliff Jordan, Conservative leader of the council, said councillors needed to be remunerated properly and that there was never a right time to increase. Lib Dem leader Dan Roper blasted the decision as “self-serving” and a bad message to be sending when cuts are being consulted.
Both Labour and Lib Dem Councillors voted against the increase but not one Conservative.

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