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September 13th 2020.
The first service at Boughton since March 12th, so we were very pleased to welcome a small congregation for ‘picnic church’. Our very popular Breakfast Church is temporarily suspended, so we had a picnic outside the church, with everyone socially distancing. The weather couldn’t have been kinder, with a gentle warm sun and very little wind. Dom Rye provided music and we had a reading and reflections from Pippa. The main thought from that was ‘we should aim to forgive those who use us badly, but if we can’t forgive, we can love them.’ That will be a useful thought in my own life, I’m sure.
Next month will probably be a bit cooler, but at the moment we are planning an Animal Service for the second Sunday in the month, to start at 2 pm. My dog will certainly be there, so I hope many of you will bring animals along. I think it’s too stressful for cats, so I’m leaving my lovely Peppa at home. Please come along if you can. You’ll be very welcome, even if you don’t have an animal of your own!
The fourth Sunday every month will continue to be a communion service at 11am.

Feast or Famine!!


The weather has continued to surprise us. After all the rain in February, March was relatively dry with only a little light rain, then absolutely nothing from 21st until 28th April.
The weather was fine and bright, fortunately, with so many people being stuck at home.
Just when the gardeners were beginning to fret, 20mm fell over the next three days.

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Latest news from Boughton Fen


There is no guessing what the weather will have in store for us! Following the welcome (if heavy) rain that filled the fen, the new outfall was opened up during January to drop the water levels, ready for the reed cutting at the end of February. This was followed by colossal quantities of rain, which topped up middle fen faster than the outfall could let it out. It was probably fortuitous that the outfall was open, otherwise it is quite possible that the fen would have started to flood the road.

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Boughton News

So how wet was February?
Following all the reports in the news about February’s rainfall, I thought it would be interesting to see how our local rainfall readings compared with previous years.
In February I measured 86.8mm during the month. Usu-ally, the rainfall for this month is quite low – around 40mm. When we started reading the rainfall in 1993, it was for the National River’s Authority, be-fore it was swallowed up by the Environment Agency. Looking back in Mark’s records, it quickly became clear that this was the wettest February that we have had during that time.

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