What Does The Doctor Think – March?

            Nothing too much to report from our house at the moment. The following might be of interest to regular readers. Our cock pheasant has moved on. We have not seen him in the garden this Winter. One of the hens (part of his now redundant harem which, at its height, comprised seven hen pheasants, trashed our garden and really exhausted the cock pheasant) appeared in November and mooned about in a desultory fashion for a month or so before disappearing. As a result, our garden is untrampled, plants are growing well and the matter of the domestic pheasants seems to have resolved itself without recourse to the multiple simultaneous lead injections I was considering at this time last year. The garden is full of snowdrops and aconites, the tree peonies are getting going and all seems to be well. As yet, there is no sign of the Spanish Bluebells, against which I have waged war for many years. I am not naïve enough to think I may have eradicated them – I imagine they are lying underground, spreading sideways and storing the energy for their concerted assault on my nervous system in a month or so.

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