Ponderings in the Pool ~~~~ \o/ ~~~~~~~

We are half way through our holiday, as I write this, and the weather has been either awful or glorious- a bit like life. Yesterday, it was overcast for most of the day and yet it wasn’t cold either -just a bit on the miserable side. I decided to take a dip in the pool, an outdoor, heated pool with a dishy lifeguard(eye candy as defined by my younger friends) and I had him and the pool all to myself!
As I swam my lengths and floated in bliss around the pool my thoughts turned to the 50 or so young people shot dead in Orlando America. One minute happy and dancing with their friends and the next shot dead: and here was I on holiday enjoying life, it didn’t seem fair or right – so where was God?
This is a question that haunts both those who believe in a loving God and those who do not. How could a loving God allow this to happen?
The answer, I believe, is that He does not. It is not God who allows things to happen it is us, human beings, who perpetrate such atrocities. If God stepped in every time any one of us was going to do something wrong then we would not be free to do what we wish. In the old parlance we would not have free will but be puppets whose strings were pulled from above.

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Westminster Diary July

The food and farming industry is going from strength to strength, especially in Norfolk and Suffolk where it is worth £3.5 billion and employs 120,000 people. One key reason behind this success is a dedication to innovation, so I was delighted to join Cornerways Nursery in Wissington on Open Farm Sunday to see their enterprising horticulture business in action. I was also glad to support farming’s national open day, which, in its eleventh year, encourages people to visit their local farms and receive an insight into this thriving industry. At Cornerways, I was given a tour of the UK’s largest glass house, observing the state of the art, eco-friendly processes that produce over 140 million tomatoes per year. One in five tomatoes we eat are British and Cornerways is leading the way to increase this proportion and champion British produce. They have also developed a new range of chutneys under the new branding of the Friendly Tomato Company. They are extremely tasty and with nine varieties of tomatoes grown at Wissington, I am sure that even the most demanding of palates will be spoilt for choice.

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Letter to Pump From Tom Ryves

Dear Editor,
I am amazed, as many readers may be, at the arrogance of the unelected Parish Council in preventing Judith Taylor, previously clerk to the Parish Council from being co-opted as a parish councillor. It is clear from Judith’s track record as clerk that she has knowledge, drive and competence, qualities certainly not evident in a number of the Councillors that Stoke Ferry suffers.
I note also that Judith’s role as Parish Clerk was ended by the appalling behaviour of the then Chair and Vice Chair, Councillors Clements and Hardy, who were extremely rude to her in a public forum causing her to offer her resignation, so wasting the large sums of money invested in the clerk as she followed a rigorous training programme.
We should remind ourselves that the new Chair, herself sought to sue the Parish and instigated a grievance procedure against it. Indeed, she received a payment of £2,500 because the enquiry into her allegations was never fully concluded and therefore the Parish Council appeared to not fully deal with the complaint. The residents of Stoke Ferry have never received an explanation of this payment and the minutes surrounding this payment were opaque.
We should also recall that these councillors have never been exposed to a formally contested election process. Stoke Ferry is thus paying the price for allowing a self-elected group to take control of the parish council and of its budget.
For the record, I understand that councillors Clements, Hardy, Nicholas-Letch and Precey voted against the co-option of Mrs Taylor. I would also like these councillors to explain why they do not consider her suitable for a councillor, given her experience and qualifications, especially when the council is understrength and no-one else is coming forward to offer themselves for the vacancies!
Tom Ryves