Letter from Patsy White

Dear Sir,

I would like to respond to Tom Ryves’ letter in the June magazine. First, the school had talked about becoming an academy for quite sometime, well before John Nicholas-Letch became a Governor; so this had nothing to do with John! Second, the decision to become an academy was made in consultation with all parents and those who needed to know.  This was not considered a matter that concerned the Parish Council. As you are aware, there are many things discussed in meetings that are not released for general knowledge immediately.

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Letter from Peter Agate


I am, by nature, a fair weather cyclist. During the colder, darker months I will rarely venture beyond the confines of Boughton on my trusty 23 year old Raleigh Pioneer gentleman’s cycle. Cavenham Corner, Bell Corner and the Oxborough Road are my usual boundaries. My weekly trip to The Corner Shop in Stoke Ferry to collect the Sunday papers is done in the comfort and protection of my ‘02 Ford Fiesta, now proudly displaying 170,000 miles on the clock! (Not all done by driving to the Corner Shop I hasten to add)

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