Wretton Parish Council March

Present– Cllr David Llewellyn – Chairman, Cllr Martin Cann, Cllr Mick Peake, Cllr Mandy Peake, Cllr John Wyett, Cllr Bill Whitmore.
Norfolk County Councillor Martin Storey
3 members of the public
Apologies for Absence received;
Cllr Ian Mack
Borough Councillor Colin Sampson
No Declarations of Interest made
The Minutes of the meetings held on 23.01.17 were agreed as a true record.
Matters Arising from previous meetings
 SAM2 signs
The SAM2 sign purchased with 50% funding from Norfolk County Council (NCC) Parish Partnership Scheme is to be positioned as soon as possible.
 HGV signs
HGV signs for Wretton Row have been paid for and are to be erected by NCC.
 Footpath RB7 is programmed to be cut by NCC in the new financial year.
 A firm proposal is needed regarding what should be done with the trees around the ‘pond’ area on Wretton Green. Costs to remove the trees will be researched and this matter will be agenda item for the Annual Parish Meeting to be held on May 8th.
 It was noted the area adjacent to Field Lane has been made secure to keep dogs from running loose onto the lane.
 NCC Highways have been made aware of pot holes reported at the last Parish Council.

5.1 Chairman’s Report
Cllr Wyett was thanked for the work he has undertaken to repair the fencing and bins at the Play Area.
5.2 Clerk’s Report
An application has been made to the National Association of Local Councils Transparency Code.
All that needs to be undertaken regarding Pension Auto Enrolment is completed to date.
5.3 Risk Assessment
It was noted the work identified on the Annual Play Equipment Report has been undertaken.
Accounts were presented and accepted for payment.
Cheques for approval of payment
SJ Scarrott salary £118.44
K & M Lighting £35.04
HMRC PAYE £44.40
Financial position @ 28.02.17
Community Account Balance £4496.55
Business Saver Account £3451.53
7. Correspondence
Correspondence received is passed to Councillors electronically.
A request has been received for a picnic to be held on Wretton Green in
August. The Parish Council is supportive of this.
8. No planning applications received for consideration
9. Defibrillator for the phone box
Funding for a defibrillator would be upwards of £1400 plus cost of installation.
The Parish Council has not budgeted for this possible project and thus money
would need to be found through fund raising. This project could be discussed
at the Annual Parish Meeting and it was suggested the meeting should be
publicised to encourage attendance. A leaflet drop will be undertaken in the
parish before the meeting on May 8th @ 7pm (to be followed by the Annual
Parish Council Meeting at 7.30pm).
It is planned the phone box will be re-painted once the weather is suitable.
 It was noted flooding is occurring in places along the road where surface run off
has nowhere to drain.
 A brief outline of what the Jane Forby Charity does was given by the Chairman of
the Trustees of the Charity.
 It was confirmed the Parish Council has donated £5000 to the Church towards
the improvements to the access of the Churchyard. It was noted that some find
it difficult to traverse the new gravel path leading up to the Church.

Wereham News July

Wereham Heritage Group invite you to ‘come and have a mardle’

Join us in the Village Hall on Saturday 22nd July, 2-4pm for an afternoon of reminiscing and refreshments!
Old photographs, postcards, newspaper clippings and original film footage are among the items on display for you to enjoy.
‘Mardle’ is an example of local dialect, meaning to gossip or chat.
This is a much-requested follow-up from a very successful event held last year, which saw visitors of all ages explore Wereham-past. This mardle promises to be an afternoon of nostalgia, and a chance to meet up with familiar faces. Our collection is always expanding and we greatly appreciate new material. We have the facilities to make copies of documents, leaving you with the originals in a matter of days.
For additional information about the mardle event, or to discuss donating or lending material please contact a member of the committee or email us – werehamheritagegroup@gmail.com.

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Minutes of the meeting held on 7th June 2017
Mrs. Hazel Hearne welcomed 20 members.
Apologies were received from Doris Armsby, Claire Lankfer, Janet Cooper and Mavis Smith.
The minutes of the last meeting were read and signed.
Gillian Smith asked about the outing in August. The date has to be changed to either the 2nd or 9th August. There was a show of hands and the 9th August was chosen. It was decided that a mystery tour organised by Harrods, to include a cream tea, was be best option.
This tour will cost about £25 and is open to all. The more people to book the cheaper it will be. Anyone interested should contact Gillian Smith on 01553 810753 before the end Of June as payment is needed before the outing.
A message came from Rosemary Pease of Wereham who will hold a craft meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of the month 10.30-12.30. She would like to recruit someone with a spinning wheel for everyone to use. Actually, what she meant was that she is going to engage a lady with a spinning wheel to demonstrate and teach those interested and wondered whether members of the Ladies Group would like to attend. Anyone interested should contact 500 757.
Hazel Hearne presented a birthday card to Anita Horgen.
Teas: Heather Durrance and Valerie Kirchen
Door and raffle: Audrey Hudson and Pam Cann
Vote of thanks: Carol Thulboume
Birthdays: Hazel Hearne and Gypsie Duncan
We had an amazingly well organised fish and chip supper fetched for us by Valerie Kirchen’s daughters. All the packs were named which made the distribution so easy. Everything was hot and very tasty and it made a lovely social evening enjoyed by all. It was a very successful venture and the weather would not have been suitable for a barbecue.
The raffle was won by Rosemary White, Wendy Quadling and Janet Burns
The meeting ended at about 9.15 pm.
Janet Burns Acting Secretary


The recent acts by Islam extremists have been truly shocking. I suppose that I am emotionally vulnerable at this time but, when I saw the faces of the young victims of the Manchester atrocity and their distraught relatives, I cried. I know that recently I wrote about Martin McGuiness and the terrorist acts of the IRA, I could never forgive those acts any more than I could forgive any terrorist act that took the lives of innocent people, but I do try to understand the situations that brought men to take that sort of action. In the instances of these attacks by religious extremists I am at a loss to understand how they can convince themselves that they are justified. If it was intended as retaliation for those civilians killed in Syria and elsewhere by air strikes it would be no more excusable but more understandable. To do it in the name of religion is truly evil. I agree with Theresa May (not something I do very often) that ‘enough is enough’ and we need to get tough.
But how? One can’t help thinking that if those policemen that were there on the scene had had guns they could have saved many lives. I understand the arguments against arming all PCs, but you do wonder. I thought that most PCs were armed with Tasers, but apparently that is not so, should they be?
I think there is an underlying problem in this country, we boast about our multi-culturalism but this has led us to be too tolerant of intolerance. Why do we allow preachers to openly preach against our society? Why do we allow them to preach in ways which encourage extreme beliefs? Why do we allow Sharia courts applying Sharia law? Why do we allow Muslim women to cover their faces when we do not allow people wearing motor cycle helmets to enter many buildings? How do we know that it is a woman behind the veil? Isn’t it shocking that, whilst authorities were aware that young girls were being abused by Muslim men, they chose not to act for fear of upsetting racial sensitivities? When people come to this country, presumably in the hope of a better life, shouldn’t we expect them to respect our way of life, not preach against it? Shouldn’t we expect them to integrate rather than isolate themselves. By encouraging multi-culturalism and the pursuance of different religions are we not creating separate societies within our society, a situation that emphasises the differences, a situation that is always likely to ferment friction and strife? Why do we fund religious schools? I have often argued that we should follow the USA (that is not something that I do very often either) and prohibit the teaching of religion in state funded schools. I will watch with keen interest what Mrs. May does now that she thinks enough is enough.

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