Minutes of the meeting held on July 4th
Mrs Armsby welcomed 15 members.
APOLOGIES were received from Sheila Smith, Joy Beckett & Ann Prodromou.
ARISING Mrs Gillian Smith said that at present she only has 14 names down for the mystery tour on Aug 1st. She hopes that a few more people will come forward to make it viable, & will have a word with Harrods. Meanwhile she asked that members pay in advance if possible, & the money will be refunded if the outing has to be cancelled.
CORRESPONDENCE a letter was received from Carol Nicholas-Letch concerning the centenary celebrations to mark the end of World War one. The benefice will be holding a special service at Christchurch Whittington, & a planning meeting is to be held at a later date if anyone has any ideas to enhance the occasion.
Mrs Horgen gave a card to Mrs Hazel Hearne for her birthday later in July. There will be one member’s birthday in August.
No jobs will be needed for Aug, so these were arranged for September.
Teas Jean Carter & Yvonne Self
Door & raffle Wendy Quadling & Joy Beckett
VOT Janet Burns
The speaker will be Helen Cross, talking about providing water to deprived villages in Ghana.
Arrangements for the Harvest Supper will also be discussed in Sept.
Mrs Armsby then welcomed Keith Lawrence, the antiques expert, who is a frequent visitor to our meetings. This time his fun quiz involved identifying the use of 15 different spoons. This proved a bit difficult with such names as demi tasse & berry. However one team managed to guess all 15 correct. Keith then explained the history & value of his collection. He was thanked by Anita Horgen.
The raffle was won by Carol Thulbourne, Jenny Elsey & Gillian Smith.
The meeting ended at 9.15pm.
Claire Lankfer


Minutes of the meeting held on May 2nd
Mrs Armsby welcomed 11 members.
APOLOGIES were received from Carol Thulbourne, Gillian Smith, Hazel Hearne, Ann Prodromou & Janet Cooper.
Minutes of the last meeting were read & signed.
Birthday cards were given to 4 members whose birthdays are in May.
Mrs Elsey said that an order list & menu for the fish & chip shop will be circulated during refreshments, & asked members to make their choice & pay in advance if possible. Several people offered to supply condiments, & Valerie Kirchen said that her daughter will deliver the order to the hall at 7.45pm.
Gillian Smith sent a message to say that she is willing to book another Harrod’s mystery tour for the August outing if members wanted one. Everyone agreed.
ROTAS for June
Door & raffle Jenny Elsey & Janet Burns.
There will be 2 birthdays.
Mrs Armsby then introduced Peter Thorpe, who had started work as a farmhand on the Stradsett Estate, & recently retired from there as Farm manager. He told us that following a family tragedy, his son Keith had become unsettled, until he met his partner Zoe. She had returned from Bulgaria to sell a smallholding that she owned there, but together they decided to move back & start a new life over there. The village consisted of several small family holdings, each of about 4 acres. The aim was self-sufficiency, so everyone kept a few animals for meat & milk, and grew their own fruit & vegetables. These were preserved to help them through the harsh winter, when temperatures can drop to -30c. Electricity & water could be off for days, & machinery was almost non-existent, so work was hard but satisfying.
However times are changing. With EU money, Corporations are coming in with big machinery, & growing large areas of wheat & sunflowers. Young people don’t want their parents’ old lifestyle, & smallholdings are being sold as holiday homes. This has given Keith an extra job of managing these properties when the owners are away. Despite the hard work Keith & Zoe are truly living “the good life”. Peter was thanked by Doris Armsby.
The raffle was won by Doris Armsby & Jenny Elsey.
The meeting ended at 9.45pm.
Claire Lankfer (secretary)

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