Boughton Parish Council

Boughton Parish Council Meeting, 24th October 2014 – 19.00pm – All Saints Church
Draft Minutes
Frank Reid(FRE) Councillor/Chair
Mark Pogmore(MPO) Councillor
David Cooper (DCO) Councillor
Tom Roberts(TRO) Councillor
Andy Beeston (ABE) Councillor
Peter Agate (PAG) Councillor
Carole Woolnough (CWO) Councillor
Public Members: 4 number (Including Sue Pogmore who minuted the meeting)
County Cllr Martin Storey
KL & WN Borough Cllr Colin Sampson
Distribution: Boughton Parish Council, Group 4, Village Pump
No Item Action by/date
1 Apologies
2 Declarations of Interest
PAG, MPO, DCO and FRE are all members of Boughton Cricket Club, and declared
their interest with regard to the planning application to be discussed later in the
3 Minutes of Meeting 24.07.2014
Minutes of this meeting were presented and agreed by all councillors,
and signed by the Chairman as a true record.
4 Matters Arising
The speed gates will come up in the Highways report
5 Police Community Support
PCSO Jane Edwards did not attend the meeting

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