Wrettone PC Minutes August 19

27th AUGUST 2019
Present: Cllr David Llewellyn – Chairman,
Cllr Mick Peake, Cllr Mandy Peake, Cllr Martyn Cann, Cllr Ian Mack, Cllr Peter Garnett .
Also present: Borough Councillor Colin Sampson
Public Participation
No members of the public present
1. No Apologies for Absence received
2. No declarations of Interest made
3. Approval of Minutes:
The minutes of the meeting held on 02.07.19 were confirmed as a true record following
correction to the road name in item 5.2.
4. Update on matters arising from previous meetings:
• A former parish councillor has agreed to keep an eye on the play area. The reported
situation with pigeon droppings on the play equipment is being monitored and,
although there appears to be less contamination than previously, a volunteer who
offered to help solve the problem will be approached.
• Highways have been contacted regarding the possibility of reducing the 40mph
speed limit along Low Road to 30mph now there are additional dwellings along the
road. However it has been stated that any speed limit reduction along Low Road
would not be supported at this time as the road and environment does not meet the
criteria laid down in the Norfolk County Council speed management strategy and the
accident history is very good.
• Signs for the defibrillator have been purchased and will now be erected in the phone
• The batteries for the SAM vehicle sign do not appear to remain charged for as long
as would be expected. This could be dependant on the amount of times the sign is
triggered to flash its warning speed. The Council will consider purchase of
replacement batteries should it be deemed necessary.
5. Reports
5.1 Chairman’s Report
• The Parish Council website has been migrated across to a word press site which will
be easier to administer. The old website has been replicated with information
updated. The site should be seen as a community asset and other organisations,
such as the Church, could be offered a sub-page on the new site. Ian Mack will
share this offer with the PCC. Councillors were asked to pass any suggested changes
or additions to the website to the Chairman. News of the defibrillator and the “pond”
will be shared on the website and in time additional useful links and council policies
and procedures will be made available.
5.2 Clerk’s Report
Correspondence received and passed to Councillors:
• Norfolk ALC Bulletins
• Schedule of works received from grounds maintenance contractors. Grass should
have been cut on 19.08.19 and cuts due on 02.09.19, 30.09.19, with the final cut for this
year scheduled for 14.10.10. Footpaths should now have been cut by contractors on two
occasions as per the contract.
• BCKLWN – Planning Update Session
• NCC preferred option route for Norwich western Link – e-mail dated 17.07.19
• BCKLWN Updates of 25.07.19, 31.07.19, 08.08.19, 15.08.19, 23.08.19
• CAN Newsletter August and Funding News 15.08.19
• Cromer Lane nameplate sign has been reported as missing. BCKLWN to replace.
• Farming and the Highway 08.08.19
• Roadside tree inspection 15.08.19
Highways has stated that the reported missing road sign along Low Road was a 40mph
repeater sign. This is to be replaced with a longer pole.
It has been reported that a gravestone in the Churchyard has been damaged. The grounds
maintenance contractors have been approached to ask if they were aware of this but have
no information.
Areas in the Churchyard are not being maintained and the contractor will be asked about
this and concerns about over spraying along the play area fencing will also be passed to
the contractor.
Highway Engineer Andy Wallace has replied to the request as to how the local members
fund can be spent saying that the fund is for small highways projects or repairs and if the
PC has any thoughts for projects, he will be able to say if they would fit the criteria. A
suggestion was made that work could be undertaken to alleviate flooding issues at the
entrance to Lime House Drove.
5.3 Risk Assessment Update
Noted that the annual play equipment inspection will be due in November. Council agreed
that the same company should be used as in 2018.
6. Accounts were presented and accepted for payment.
Cheques approved for payment
Clerk’s salary £118.44
K & M Lighting Services x2 (streetlight maintenance) £38.64
Website hosting £55.00
CGM grass cutting £234.00
BCKLWN election costs £50.51
Norfolk ALC subs £121.36
Website design £125.00
Signs for defibrillator £96.00
Noted that election costs may need consideration in future budgeting and that the cost of
the new website is not part of the 2019/20 budget figures as funds remain from the
transparency grant received.
Finance – @ 31st July 2019:
Community Account £6544.49
Business Premium Account £3462.47
7. Weight restrictions
Sat Nav is sending HGVs down roads unsuitable for such large vehicles. Weight restriction
signage is felt to be misleading and it would be helpful is signs could have “except for
access” added as heavy vehicles are avoiding roads with restrictions but are then trying to
negotiate smaller and less suitable roads as an alternative route. Low Road, which has a
weight restriction, would be a better route for vehicles to take to reach current new
developments in the village rather than lorries traversing Chequers Lane, Cromer Road or
Wretton Row as they are inclined to do.
It was suggested developers should be approached to request that their suppliers are made
aware of unsuitable roads and that pressure should be put on planners for access plans to
be included in planning applications.
8. Play area lease of land
The Parish Council minutes of 14.05.03 state that the lease with the Dioceses for the play
area land will run for 25 years. However until a copy of the lease is seen the expiry date is
uncertain. It was suggested that the PCC should be approached to request a copy of the
9. Project Updates
9.1 Phone box defibrillator
Signs for the defibrillator will be erected in the phone box and information about the
project will be put into the public domain.
The defibrillator is fully registered with the ambulance service and awareness of the
location and instruction as to how the defibrillator can be used will be published. It will be
stressed however that if in doubt 999 should be dialled first. David Llewellyn and Ian Mack
will liaise to raise awareness and a leaflet drop will be undertaken to promote the
9.2 “Pond” area
Concern was raised that soil has been deposited in the “pond” and that the area has
become an eyesore. The agreed preferred option to infill the depression is proving to be
too costly to achieve but the Chairman will make further enquiries with British Sugar to see
if they can assist at all with a community project.
Mick Peake will investigate whether the Drainage Board trim the area as it needs to be
managed and this matter will remain an agenda item for the next Parish Council meeting as
a plan is needed on the way forward so the area can be improved.
10. Planning Applications:
10.1 Double storey rear extension forming open plan living accommodation and bedrooms
above at Pangle Cottage, Church Road Wretton Norfolk PE33 9QR 19/01361/F
No objections raised
Application received after the agenda was published: 19/01456/F construction of
agricultural storage shed at land rear of former Clover Social Club, Low Road, Wretton
Planners will be asked why planning permission is needed for this agricultural building.
Other Reports – for information only:
• Streetlight out at bottom of Fen Road.
• It was requested that a price be obtained from the grounds maintenance contractor
to add the cost of cutting the grass at All Saints corner and triangle to the cutting
• Anti-social behaviour which has been taking place by the river will be reported to the
• Concern was raised that a mobile home has appeared in the driveway of the Old
Gate House.
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