Minutes of Stoke Ferry Parish Council

Minutes of the October meeting of Stoke Ferry Parish Council


Minutes of Stoke Ferry Parish Council Meeting held in the Community Centre

At 7.30pm on Wednesday 28 October 2009

Those Attending: Cllr Mrs T Mann (Chairman), Cllr Mrs S Lansdell-Williams (Vice-chair), Cllr Mrs R Mendoza, Cllr M Precey, Cllr Mrs M Leamon, Cllr J Nicholas-Letch, Cllr J Fiedler, Cllr D Summers, Mrs C Hardy (Clerk), 16 Members of the public

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Letter to The editor

Les Lawrence explains his previous criticism of Pump contents

Dear Editor,

Responding to my letter in the November Issue you did say that had I attended the AGM I would have heard the discussion that centred on my comments regarding the contents of our Village Pump. Now this to me raises an interesting question. Who are the most important people when we think of our Village Pump? Well first on my list would come yourself, a competent and enthusiastic Editor and next would be, not the people who just read our Village Pump but those who buy it. And the vast majority who do buy it you never hear from, they are the silent majority.

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John Pointer writes to the Editor

John brings readers uo-to-date with his life

Dear Editor.

I thought you would like to know how I am getting on in Downham Market. Well, healthwise not too bad apart now being Diabetic. I have to watch my diet and as far as the lovely cream doughnuts and sponge cakes go, they now are a no-no. There is quiet a lot which I can eat but it’s better to keep out of cafes then I am not tempted. Scones and tea-cakes are alight in moderation but I could live without them. I find that cafe’s do not really cater for Diabetic people which is such a shame.

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Howard Smith Wereham RIP 15th November 2009

Farewell to a locla resident

It is with sadness that we report the death of Howard who was for many years a Churchwarden at St Margaret’s. As well as being treasurer and secretary in the past to the PCC one of Howard’s many activities was organising the Norfolk Churches Trust sponsored bike ride for this area. He also undertook a great number of ‘behind the scenes’ jobs which helped to keep our church functioning both physically and spiritually. His way of quietly working for the church and his dry sense of humour was greatly appreciated and he will be sadly missed.

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December editorial

Ray looks back over the year and looks forward to 2010

Hello again,

Welcome to our Christmas edition packed with interest and two crosswords to challenge our readers. I hope you enjoy it.

We have received a few comments recently that residents can’t get copies of the Village Pump. At our recent Committee meeting I was asked to remind you all where the Pump can be bought or, alternatively, how you can take out a subscription for the rest of the year. Please see page 37 for details. Do remember, Pump’s bought on subscription are delivered free in the Wissey villages.

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