Passionate About Plants

Paul looks at gardening Superstitions

Gardening Superstitions Fact or Fiction

Recent research has brought age old beliefs bearing on the personality of plants and their links with human life into fresh prominence. Recent investigations have helped to shed some light into various plant folklore, which had often been confirmed by eye witnesses from earliest times, including communication between plant and plant and plant and plant owner and the ability of plants to reveal events.

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November rant

John returns to the Global Warming debate

Climate Change, Peak Oil Nuclear Power. No more time to argue I’m going to do something!

I’d like to respond to Peter Bodle and Ron Watts. In our monthly debate(saga) about Nuclear power. Gentlemen it seems you feel able to challenge my statements as “disputable” or “questionable” without acknowledging that your own assertions are also “questionable” etc. Of course all arguments are refutable. All facts are disputable. Peter you dismiss my four page tract two months ago with short shrift calling for hard facts. In the context of Climate change and rising sea levels I suggest that buoyancy aids are more appropriate now than arguing about hard facts.

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Minutes of the Wereham Parish Council

Minutes of the November meeting of Wereham parish Council

Minutes of the Wereham Parish Council meeting held on Tuesday 10th November 2009 at 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall

Present: P. Markwell Chairman, Mrs. Everitt, Mrs. Newell, P. Norris, D. Pickston, C. Humphries together with Peter Morris from W.N.V.C.A. and three members of the public.

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