Teenage Tangent

April tells reasders about Methwold Sportsday

Methwold Sports Day

On the Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th there were some sports days at Methwold High School. Unfortunately I was not able to get the information in time to put it into the previous Pump. However there were posters and leaflets in the corner shop and at Methwold High School and Primary school.

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Ron mounts his soapbox to comment on recent happening with the Royal Mail and Speed Cameras


The strike may be over for the moment but I think we will be seeing the death throes of the Royal Mail in the near future. What a tragedy that will be. It is one of the finest mail services in the world. Wherever you are you are never far from a post box and, wherever you are you will receive a letter delivered to your door, and, usually, if first class, the day after it was posted. All done for a single modest fee.

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Stoke Ferry Residents’ Association

Minutes of the final meeting of Stoke Ferry Residents’ Association

Meeting held on 27 October 2009

Present: Joyce Hull, June Stocking, Sybil and John Baxter, Helaine Wyett.

Apologies: Tony Hook

The meeting was called following the expiry of the Events insurance policy, and as a result of the decision to wind up the Association through lack of support and funds. It had been hoped some small amount of income might be generated from ‘selling’ insurance for events to other groups (providing a member of the Association was present) in order to offset the outstanding debts owed to Joyce and Tony following the Festival 2008 and the Sid Kipper evening.

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Another exciting tale from the banks of the River Wissey

The day was awaking but the perch were already on patrol. The last few minutes had seen both light and dark and a bitter wind sped over the fields and bent the bank-side trees. The narrow river wound its way through fields and meadows and rippled along as always. Its level was high with weeks of rain and in places was overflowing. Spent leaves floated on the surface but the seasonal drop was long over as real winter was now but a glance over the shoulder.

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