Letter to The Editor 2

Daphne praises the behaviour of local children on Halloween.


3Border Road

Stoke Ferry

Dear Ray,

I feel I must write to say thank you to the boys and girls of the village for being so polite on Halloween Night. Everyone who came to our door was so well behaved; some of the bigger ones we asked them to remove their masks and they were only to willing to do so. It was a pleasure to give them their treats! We only had one silly boy who had to bang on the door and run away but we know who it was as we were sitting in the front and did not expect any thing different from this person. So, once again, thanks you all for making it a good night.

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Letter from the Rectory

Judith introduces her parishoners to Treasures of the Snow by Patricia St. John.

Dear friends,

Many thanks to all those who packed Christmas shoe boxes for Smile International. We sent 74 boxes. If you would like to find out more about the organisation and the children they help there are magazines available in Denver Church. A special thank you to Hilda Bungay, Marion Charlesworth and Carol Hewitt who co-ordinated the shoe box project. Next year the boxes will be collected on 1st November. Why not start collecting small items for them in the January sales!

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