Passionate About Plants

Beginning a new series of gardening advice from Paul Narkwell of Quaymount Nurseries.

When someone suggested I write a gardening page for the Village Pump I wondered what to call it. Notes from the Nursery jumped to mind, but as I thought about what to write it became clear that I, along with all of the staff at Quaymount Nurseries, are passionate about the plants we grow.

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Norfolk Mistletoe Survey

An appeal for the locations of mistletoe in Norfolk

Norfolk Wildlife Trust would appreciate your help in promoting our Mistletoe survey. The survey will begin at the end of November 2007 and be completed by the end of December. If you feel able to include one of the articles below in your parish magazine/newsletter or website we would be very grateful. We have produced three different sized articles; hopefully one of these will be of suitable size for your newsletter.

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News from Boughton

Our monthly snippet from Boughton


As a relative newcomer to Boughton I still have a fair bit of ground to make up on the familiarisation front. Hopefully, as Boughton Home Watch administrator, that’s what I will be doing very shortly! I will be on ‘walkabout’ (with or without dog) so if I appear down your lane or at the end of your garden – don’t panic: I’ll be getting to know the lie of the land.

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Letter to the Editor 3

A heartfelt complaint from a local resident regarding inconsiderate dog owners.

Dear Ray,

My husband and I have been reading “The Pump” since we settled here over five years ago. Over that time there have been a wide variety of articles, letters, etc. referring to the behaviour of some of our “not so social” residents. It is with this in mind that I wish to address an issue that I find quite “disgusting!”

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