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All Saints’ Church
It was a very busy fortnight for the church community. We decorated the church on Monday 16th and, as usual, it looked beautiful. Thanks to Tony, Angela and Sue, and many thanks to Karen Short and Elizabeth Hager for the wonderful greenery which helped so much. Thanks also to Geoff Proctor for providing a beautiful tree and to Wendy Roberts for the lovely Advent ring.
The annual Carol service took place on the 18th, although attendance was disappointing. We haven’t had it on a Wednesday recently, so there might have been other events which clashed. It’s always good to gather together and we shared party food and mulled wine afterwards, so those of us who were there were rewarded. We remembered those friends who could not join us: Mark, Sue and Janet, who had died during the year, and Frank, who has been in hospital so much. We wish him a better 2020. Thanks to the choir, to Tom and to the readers who did so well. It was good to include representatives from Beachamwell, whose church is out of action even for special services.
We had our normal Sunday service on the 22nd and then the real pressure began!! Crib service on Christmas Eve was lovely as usual, although the beautiful Hazel hadn’t quite grasped the idea that the donkey is supposed to be inside the church for this. It was her first time and she wasn’t keen on the step into the porch. Steve and Sandra also brought two of their beautiful alpacas along. Thanks to Pippa, Hannah-Lou and all who took part. After the service, it was all hands to the deck to rearrange the furniture and clear the straw to accommodate a Christmas Day service the next day. We welcomed a large contingent from Beachamwell and groups from Wereham and Fincham as well as many villagers. There were nearly fifty people in the church, which was wonderful and they did justice to Dom Rye’s playing as well. It was a lovely service taken by Brian Redgers and William Burke, with contribution from Robin, Carol and Pippa. The full works! I hope everyone who was there had as happy a Christmas as I did.
As if all that wasn’t hectic enough, for the first time we hosted the benefice service on the fifth Sunday of the month, where all the churches in the benefice are invited to gather at one service. Many of the churches were represented and refreshments were served afterwards. Thanks to Tom Golden for playing and to Sally Taylor of Fincham, who came to help me with the refreshments. Others also helped, but Sally came from outside the benefice, proving that links between Boughton and Fincham are still strong.
Happy New Year and good health to all.
Poppy Appeal 2019
The British Legion Poppy Appeal house-to-house collection in Boughton raised £187.76. Many thanks for your generosity.
Angela Faherty

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Boughton News

AT 7.30 PM
Following a request from Boughton church members, Fincham
Chorus will perform a concert in Boughton church on Friday
13th September at 7.30 pm, in aid of church funds. They will
be performing 15 songs, of a mixed repertoire, some sacred
and others of a secular nature.
Entrance will be £5 per person -to include light refreshments.
contact 01366 500429 to reserve a seat.
Come along for an enjoyable evening!

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Bouighton News

Boughton Fen over the past year

Quite a lot has happened during the course of the past year.

Most importantly, after all the concerns that there would be no funds, was the good news that Countryside Stewardship had been awarded to Boughton Fen for the next ten years, with just shy of £6000 per year to go towards work to maintain the habitat. Natural England are very prescriptive in what they expect to be done, and there are some significant changes in how we need to have some tasks carried out, so we must be mindful of that both during working parties and when engaging contractors.

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Open Gardens Day June 9th 2016
It’s probably impossible to thank everyone who was at all involved, as I’m sure there were many behind the scenes in the various ‘teams’ whose names I never knew. We were so fortunate to have a fine and dry day – as I write this, the rain is pouring down again, but I DON’T CARE!!
The catering team were brilliant. Everything was beautifully arranged and the lunches were excellent. I also had a very tasty piece of cake in the marquee at the end of the day, and another visit to the alpacas as they are so lovely. I think everyone fell for the black one and he knew it!! They’ve been sheared, and the fur looks ribbed, like the raked gravel in a Japanese garden.
There were ten gardens open in the end, with one willing participant forced to drop out because of illness. We send our very best wishes for a full recovery. The gardens range widely in size and style, reflecting the different people who make up our community. Everyone had worked really hard to get them into some sort of shape—my brown bin was literally crammed with goosegrass/cleavers, the bane of my life – and there were still plenty of flowers to come. Spring is best in my garden, but I seem to have been accumulating roses, so there is colour to come.

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William “Bill” Miller 1927-2019

Boughton Church was full on Jan 30 for a memorial service to a long time village resident Bill Miller. The service was led by Rev Ken Waters, whilst the eulogy was given by Bill’s son David, who spoke of his father’s early career in the Royal Navy, before the family move from Ten Mile Bank to Boughton in 1947, to start a life in farming. We were reminded that over the years his father had seen a huge change in farming methods, from horse drawn to mechanisation. David told the congregation of his parents’ affection for Boughton: he recalled that they had had to curtail one holiday and return home as Mum was so homesick. Finally retiring, his father had undergone major heart surgery at Papworth, before becoming a full time carer for his beloved wife Joan, who had suffered a stroke in 1999. His father, he said, with his military background (he always wore his RN veterans hat with pride) had been moved to fund restoration of the village War Memorial, even employing a forensics expert to decipher the inscriptions which time had rendered virtually illegible. The work was done so well that the Memorial is now listed.
Following Joan’s death, after 61 years of happy marriage, failing health in turn meant that Bill had finally to leave Boughton in 2016, for residential care in Ripon, close to his son.
The service over, everyone was able to mingle and share memories, whilst enjoying a nip of sherry and some delicious refreshments. A retiring collection raised, with Gift Aid, £185 each for the funds of the Church and Boughton Cricket Club, both which Bill had supported, in addition to Papworth Hospital and the Canaries – Norwich City Football Club.