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A cricket match took place in the first week of September against a ‘select 12’ and a team from Dave Hawkins cabins on the pitch at Boughton.
The ‘select 12’ won the toss and chose to bat. Wickets fell very cheaply in the early order: batting order Hugh Jenkins, Barry Ovel, Tom Roberts, Kevin Fisher and Geoff Proctor all went for 11 runs. It all looked very glum but the youngsters rallied round and put on a wonderful display of batting and accumulated a very respectable score. Brothers Jonny and Brynmor Jenkins started the fight back, then Bertie and Arthur Cox put on over 40, followed by father and son Phil and William Richardson who put on 6 and 42 respectively. So after a very poor start we ended with 152 off 30 overs.
Dave’s team took to the crease. Jack, Will, Gary, Ian and Tom went cheaply, but some aggressive batting from Ian W, Stuart, Chris (24) Luke, Geoff and Dave got the score along, but just not enough to better the ‘select 12’. Some wonderful bowling took place from Arthur and Bertie Cox, taking six wickets between them, Jonny Jenkins taking two and William Richardson also taking two.
Many thanks to Clare, who sorted out all the refreshments and to Boughton Cricket Club for the facilities. We must not forget David Cooper, the long-suffering umpire who always turns up for this event.
Geoff Proctor

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Boughton News July

Boughton CC: Season 2017 Update
Exciting things have been happening down at Boughton Cricket Club this season! Fresh from our spectacular fundraising efforts to construct our new pavilion, we are now officially playing in the Norfolk Cricket League. We now have teams playing three formats: a 1st XI playing League matches most Saturdays, a Sunday XI playing selected friendly fixtures, and a midweek T20 side playing our extremely popular 20 over friendlies for a hit and a giggle.
Our big move this season into League Cricket saw us enter the Norfolk Division 4 West, after a very successful recruitment drive in the winter attracted some talented new players into the club. The new 1st XI, captained by Ash Legge, is off to a flyer and has already recorded 3 wins from the first 6 games. We are now ominously poised mid-table, ready to make our play for league leadership in the second half of the season!
The Sunday XI plays a more ‘relaxed’ brand of cricket on, you guessed it… Sundays, allowing youngsters to combine with our seasoned veterans to enjoy and develop their cricket. Fixtures include local teams such as Castle Rising and Gooderstone, with a prestige fixture against the dons of Jesus College, Cambridge! Amongst our biggest successes have been our midweek T20 games, playing fixtures against sides as exotic as Downham Curry Club, The President’s XI (what, The Donald?), Albanwise and Fawcett Fen Farmers. Young and oldsters alike love this exciting fast-moving format played out on a summer’s evening – followed by cheeky beers all round (for the adults) while the sun sets.
Of course, none of this could happen without the efforts of key people behind the scenes. The players owe a lot to the efforts of David Cooper and Steve Short for turning what was a ploughed field a few years ago into a stunning cricket ground – our “Theatre of Dreams” as we like to call it! Also our Club Patrons Rosemary, and the late Alan Wilkinson, without whose generosity and support we would not have been able to build the club, its fine new pavilion and our beautiful ground. Lastly, our illustrious committee that keeps the club rolling, raises the vital funding, decorates the new pavilion and puts lovely teas on the table at all our matches. Look out for our cricket ‘event’ fundraiser coming later in the season – you won’t want to miss it!
Boughton CC is keen to attract new players, young and old, and spectators too! Our ground can be found halfway down the Wretton Road, through the gate on the left. We also have regular Net practice most Tuesday evenings from 6pm. If you would like to play, or just start with some practice, please contact Club Chairman Steve Short on 07768 807534 or email us at – we would love to have you on the team!

Boughton News – May

Boughton – A beautiful village and a conservation area as well
I enjoy, as I am sure do many other readers, living in Boughton which I regard as one of the most attractive villages in West Norfolk. We no longer have any shops or pubs but to my mind that adds to its attraction. We have a hard core of volunteers who work hard to maintain such assets as the village green, the village pond, the children’s playground and of course our fen.
Looking through some papers recently I was reminded that this year is the 40th anniversary of Boughton’s designation as a conservation area, In this context a Conservation Area is defined as “An area of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance”. For readers interested to learn more King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council (KL&WN BC) have a very good leaflet which gives the full background to Boughton’s designation as a conservation area. It can be found on the web at:
Of course as well as the benefits that Conservation area designation brings it also means that there are extra planning considerations that may come into play. For example new buildings and changes to existing buildings may require special consideration. Even the removal (or cutting back) of trees or hedges can require formal approval from the planning authority. The rules are sometimes complex and if in doubt I would strongly encourage checking directly with KL&WN BC.
The first fourty years of conservation area designation has I think been a great success and I hope our successors will look back in another fourty years and still appreciate the beauty of our village.
I mentioned above that we have a small group of volunteers who work hard to maintain our village assets and if you would like to be involved then do give me a call (my number is 500957) or come round to see me at Church View in Wretton Road.

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Guarding Boughton’s Bottle

Following the terrible experience of the Bottle being kidnapped
we realised we had to change our approach to security. The safety of this very valuable asset could no longer be taken for granted. Christmas and New Year celebrations would introduce a period of considerable vulnerability.
Consultation with some of our countries top security experts, New Scotland Yard, Westminster and a group of people based in Hereford provided us with a robust strategy.
MI6 & MI5 were particularly helpful. They secretly surveyed Boughton and it’s surrounds, All saints Church, and where in the Church the bottle was kept. Contrary to their initial advice, we stated that we refuse to put the bottle under lock & Key; it has to be on open display to encourage vital contribution to our funds.
In addition a high level favour was called in.
“It’s payback time Mr President! Our bottle helped you raise dollars during your Whitehouse charity functions and we also let your Astronaughts take it to the moon. Now Boughton needs your help. Can we borrow a group of your Navy Seals as back up for our MI6 Black ops team?”
President (at the time Elect) Trump also supported our operations, now
that he knows where Boughton is. He is however still having trouble with
the location of Norfolk, there being one in Virginia, causing him some considerable confusion.
All our requests were granted. A number of field agents were positioned
around the village. The US Navy Seals were concealed in the stand of reeds at the Mill Hill road side of the pond.
Geoff’s piglets were charged with forward observations, providing our crack units with vital information regarding the approach of any known villains or suspicious activity.
We are very pleased to report that our covert operations were entirely successful; the bottle was safe all through the festive season.
We wish to thank Father Christmas, MI6, MI5, US Navy Seals, and Geoff’s piglets for keeping the Bottle safe over Christmas and the New Year. We were denied permission to take photographs of the covert operatives, but they did send us a picture of them training with the bottle.
Perhaps our Parish Council will consider granting Geoff’s Piglets
the freedom of Boughton.? They pretty much go where they like anyway.
If any of our readers has any information please call
Whitehall 1212.

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