What does the Doctor think this month – November

Usually, when I sit down to write the monthly offering, I have some sort of idea of the intended content of the article. Sometimes, like now, I just do not have a clue! Life is fairly quiet, the bluebells are all resting underground, spreading sideways and building their energy for the Spring onslaught, the moles in the lawn have all been sorted out by Phil Ashman, the rat feeding stations in the barns are all full and being inspected daily, the lawn moss has been treated, the Boat Club treasurer work is up to date, the Churchwarden work is up to date, my appraisal study and revalidation paperwork is well on track and Management is fully occupied knitting two jumpers for Imogen and Maggie, the Liverpool twins. This matter of the jumpers has developed a sense of urgency as their father, our son Duncan, has been appointed to a position in Gibraltar and is taking his wife and the twins to live in Spain, leaving in two weeks time! Angus, another of our sons, is also moving to Spain for a job in Gibraltar and will be taking his wife and three children, Oliver and the twins Sam and Milo. He will be going in December and the family will follow in March. They both assure us that we have done nothing to upset them and that this is a good career move. Give me a few weeks and I shall be an expert on flights to Spain. I know, I’ll talk about WD-40.

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Bad Government 4

Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown was one of Tony Blair’s rivals for leadership of the Labour Party and at one time was seen as the obvious choice to follow John Smith.  When Labour was in opposition Tony Blair appointed him Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, and he was highly regarded in that role.  After the election in 1997 he was appointed Chancellor and served in that role for 10years, the longest time of any Chancellor.

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