Stoke Ferry & District Ladies’ Group

Report of Christmas Celebration

Wednesday 7th December saw twenty members of the group at The Jolly Brewers for their Christmas Dinner. This was hailed as a huge success (unless you happen to be a vegetarian as is so often the case!) The service was good and prompt and the food was hot and plentiful with crackers and festive cheer. The pub had several more large groups to deal with so it was impressive how they managed so well.

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Martin’s Wedding from Anne Brown

I went to a wedding in a Disco Bus….

Nothing is ever dull in my life…Martin, my son, and Maya invited me to their Dallas.

Just a 10 hour flight from Heathrow and I was met by my son, who said “you are not tired are you Mum?” as we are going to a bar to meet all our friends….this meeting lasted till the early hours, when the bridesmaids said, they must go to a store to buy flowers to make the bouquets, for the wedding; later that day. Every one else retired to their hotel rooms for a very few hours sleep.

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What Does the Doctor Think this month?

I am afraid that I might have been ungallant recently – “Most unusual!” I hear you shout. Well, it went like this: Deannie and I had met our daughter and son-in-law inLondonand we were travelling by tube to theWest End. We got on and I was sort of strap hanging with brain in neutral when I became aware that a young lady was trying to attract my attention from somewhere near the top of my legs, ie in her seat. Hello, I thought, what does she want? I nearly fell over when she made it clear that she was offering me her seat! WOT??!! I am only young(ish) in the prime of health and this came like a bolt from the blue. Do I really look that decrepit? (Watch it, dear reader!). Gathering my wits, I thanked her profusely but declined her offer, telling her that I had been sitting all day and was glad to stand. However, I do have to admit that the experience has rattled me a bit. I was brought up in a very Victorian fashion with respect to how to treat a lady (Deannie insists that I enter a room before her as I “protect” from the perils therein by doing so – I feel uncomfortable every time as the protocol is to open the door and usher her through!). I can still hear my father “Hold your dance partner gently with the side of your hand in her back and don’t pump the other arm! Never talk to an adult or superior while eating or drinking” etc. He never prepared me for the above scenario. Would it have been more polite to accept? Answers on a postcard, please.

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