Fear of Diagnosis Puts Patients at Risk

Alzheimer’s – three years is far too long for someone to wait

On Monday, 8 July the Alzheimer’s Society unveiled the first results of their biggest ever research study into patient experience of diagnosis. The three-year research findings indicate that half of all carers delayed visiting their GP after first noticing something was wrong – the average delay was three years.

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The Continuing Story of an Evacuee

The concluding part

So my brother and I found ourselves in a depressed state. We were unhappy with the Foxes, our surrogate parents, and we had just seen, but failed to contact, our parents when they made their abortive attempt to find us. Things looked black during the following week, the weather was less clement but we were still encouraged/persuaded to stay out of the house at other than meal times and bedtime. We would go and call for our sister, as a way of breaking the monotony, and for me to have someone besides my six-year-old brother to play with and to commiserate with. Where she was staying there was another girl about our age, the daughter of the lady looking after my sister, so we were all able to play together and sometimes we were invited indoors. This woman was very nice to us all and did much to restore our spirits.

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Community Education Development

The Wissey Valley gets a new community worker

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself in my new position as community education development worker. My name is Chris Hollier; I have lived in Stoke Ferry for twelve years after having moved to the area from West London with my family. I inherited the job from John Preston who had been in post for nearly two years.

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The history of the lead up to the festive season

The Adventszeit are the four weeks (each concluded with an Adventssonntag) before Christmas. It is customary to display an Advent Wreath on a table instead of being hung on the door. Only the number of candles on the wreath is lit that correspond with the count of the Advent Sundays having passed. Consider the old nursery rhyme:

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