Letters to the Editor

A bumper mailbag this month

Dear Ray,

Regarding your editorial in October on the subject of road works. Surely, you must have seen the Great Depression in the verge just outside Crimplesham?

No doubt to rectify this the Council, having some spare time and money, thoughtfully used this in order to clear a few spaces alongside the A134. These spaces to be used by tractors to give them a few places to pull into and so allow the faster traffic an easier passage.

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Just Talking

Tell people how much you give, as well as how much you spend

I was in conversation with a friend of mine the other day and it’s quite remarkable how you get round from one subject to the other. We got on about Joseph Luns, who was for 19 years the Dutch Foreign Minister. He was also for some 13 years Secretary General of NATO; he was once asked, ‘how many people work there?’ Possessing the type of humour that appeals to me, he replied, ‘about half of them’. We then moved on to talk about people in general and one of the things that amaze me is some of the secrets some people have from each other.

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Just Neighbours

Just Julia’s Jacuzzi

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day. Yes, you are quite right! I never do any work; I spend all my time talking. Anyway, he was telling me about his neighbours and how he wishes they would all move. It appears that his Wife spends all her evenings watching such TV programmes as Emmerdale Farm, Coronation Street, Eastenders, and of course Home and Away; that’s the one that Alf is in and what’s more my friend understands Alf gets paid for it as well, lucky Alf.

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Food For Thought

We enter the world as we leave, with nothing!

A letter in a village newsletter caught my eye recently. It was from a lady who wrote about her history and politics master when she was at school. She wrote about how he use to come into class 10 minutes late and, to use her own words, ‘stinking of fags’. How jealous I became reading her letter. Never did I have a teacher like that. By the way, there was more to this teacher than what I have just said but I won’t bother you with the details.

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Ambition – It’s A Must

Les sings you more of his thoughts

I have always considered that I have got a good singing voice and would have made it in the entertainment world if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m scared of singing in public. A lot of people I understand are the same as me but they apparently spend their time singing in the bath, which is something I never do. I find having a bath doesn’t make me want to sing. In fact, it rather depresses me; which was a matter I took up with my Doctor many years ago and as it so happened quite a charming Lady Doctor. She never did tell me what was wrong but it was while I was putting my clothes back on that she remarked that something too at that moment made her feel depressed so really she wasn’t much help.

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