Runnin’ On

Christmas is coming

Boxer the carthorse had a good old snuffle around his manger, not one grain of corn left, his hay net was empty and his little pal had vanished. The little pal was a mouse who cleared up all the food that Boxer had left, sometimes he started to clear it before Boxer had eaten what he wanted. Boxer soon stopped him, he’d snort so hard the mouse would be blown into the corner of the manger. Despite all this the two animals were pals and kept each other company.

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Not Another AGM

Are you candidate?

All of this of course reminds me of years gone by; now just a minute let me remind disconcerting readers that you don’t become as boring as I am just by chance, an element of skill is, believe you me, required. Anyway years ago I too was elected to ‘high office’ on one or two of our village organisations. I was for some 15 years Treasurer of our Village Social Club for which I received a small remuneration; our Editor may wish to spend sometime reflecting on this observation! I digress, but every year there was no opposition to my re-election, which initially I knew was due to the fact that they recognised a good man when they saw one. It later dawned on me, I think it was one morning, that the reason they kept on re-electing me was because they darned well couldn’t get anyone else to do it. After some 15 years in the same job I decided to let it be known that a new Chairman was required, the present one was old and past it and I was just what was needed to lead our Club to the Promised Land. You see, even in those days I had Religious Tendencies.

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Money Under False Pretences

Earning a good wage doing a bad job

We live in an age when it is very easy to earn a good living by being bad at one’s job. I could quote so many people but let me suffice with: Gerald Corbett, ex-Railtrack and Kingfisher; Lord Simpson, ex-Marconi; Sir Peter Bonfield, ex-BT; and of course professional footballers – let’s face it, if the average person made so many mistakes each week as they do, hardly anybody would be employable.

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