River Wissey Lovell Fuller

It Could Be The 4th of July!

November 2001

Stories of patriotism from the US

Flags fly everywhere, on houses, at businesses, on cars. People of all ages wear them too; on t-shirts, shoes and on hats. Many of the older men sport nifty hats and shirts proclaiming they are "Proud to be American." Some younger males have even dyed their hair. Painted pavements and walls appeared overnight, often against the city ordinance, but few object.

Radio stations play patriotic songs all day long, old and young sing-along. Schoolchildren wear red, white and blue outfits (few school uniforms here) and it is rumoured that prayers have been offered around the flagpoles.

Television has resumed normal programming but "Breaking News" constantly interrupts them. Diehards watch all day coverage on the cable network; there are many channels to choose from.

Almost 50% of my emails offer, or solicit, testimonies and/or the opportunity to view more pictures. I read them all, and some I send on.

People appear to be friendlier. Motorists don't honk their horns so loudly or seem quite as impatient when stopped at road signs. They look toward you and, slowly, a small hint of recognition appears. People, in the stores, ask, "How are you, today?" and wait for an answer. You reply and ask after them and their families. We all need to know someone cares. Neighbours check up on each other. Friends and family, from near and far, pick up the telephone, just needing to hear a familiar voice.

We pray for the families and friends who have lost loved ones.

We thank those brave and dedicated people who went, so willingly, to help in the rescue efforts.

We pray for guidance for our world leaders.

We pray for the men and women in the military, especially those who will be embarking on unknown missions.

We pray for their families.

We pray for our firemen, our policemen, our nurses, our doctors and our educators.

We are deeply touched by the love and support from around the world.

We prepare for the worst but hope for the best.

We wait.

We are united.

We pray for each other.

We pray for peace.

Brenda Moe

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