River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Village Kitchen

November 2001


20 prunes, soaked over night1 stick of celeryLiver of the bird325 grams/ 12 oz peeled and sliced apple, or leftover apple sauce50 grams/2 oz cooked brown rice1 dessertspoon finely chopped parsleyGrated rind and juice of half lemonA grating of nutmegSalt and pepperPinch of brown sugar1 lightly beaten egg

1. Stew prunes gently until tender and leave them to cool.

2. Meanwhile, slice the celery finely.

3. Chop up the liver.

4. Cut prunes in halves and remove stones.

5. Mix prunes, apples and rice.

6. Add celery and liver.

7. Blend in parsley, lemon rind and juice.

8. Season with nutmeg, salt, pepper and brown sugar (sugar not necessary if using apple sauce).

9. Bind together with egg.

125 grams/4 oz finely chopped onion50 grams/2 oz butter175 grams/4 oz fresh wholemeal or white breadcrumbs125 grams/4 oz finely chopped apricots50 grams/2 oz finely chopped salted peanuts1 tablespoon chopped parsleyGrated rind and juice of 1 orange1 level teaspoon of salt and pepper mix1 small beaten egg

1. Combine crumbs, apricots, peanuts, parsley and finely grated orange rind in mixing bowl.

2. Fry onions in butter to soften.

3. Add onion and any butter to the mix.

4. Mix in orange juice.

5. Mix in egg to bind.

6. Season to taste.

225 grams/8 oz bacon rashers225 grams/8 oz leftover chicken or turkey225 grams/8 oz pork sausage meat50 ml/2 fl oz stock from boiling chicken or turkey carcassLeft-over stuffing

1. De-rind bacon, lay rashers on a board and, using a knife with a wide blade, press out rashers to stretch and widen them.

2. Line a deep pie dish with the stretched bacon rashers, saving 1 or 2 for later.

3. Add chicken or turkey cut up into bite-sized pieces.

4. Cover with a layer of pork sausage meat.

5. Pour the stock over the layers.

6. Bake in a warm oven, Gas 3, 325 deg F, 160 deg C for 10 to 15 minutes. Then remove pie from the oven and press stuffing over the top. Cover with remaining bacon and bake for a further 20 minutes.

Can be eaten hot from the dish or cold, turned out and sliced.

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