Wereham Sign Gary Trouton

Are You Sure It's You?

December 2001

Take a closer look

The more I think of this the more appeal it has. Can we from now on take people as face value? Are they indeed who we think they are? How often do you meet some people and you get the impression they think they are full of their own importance? Well, they may well be justified in thinking that. The next time you are in your local Supermarket take a much closer look at the Manager. No wonder he looks a little bit like Tony Blair; for all you know it may well be him. After all, a lot of people go moonlighting; why shouldn't he.

Walk into Wereham Post Office and there is a good chance you will come face to face with someone you seem to know, namely Ken English. Well I have news for you more disconcerting readers. Ken English doesn't exist; he is merely a figment of you imagination. What you see is none other than King Abdullah dressed up as Ken English. To prove the point the next time you draw your family allowance or old age pension ask who is top of the pops in Jordan not only will you be told but if your luck is out you will get a rendition as well. Of course you could play safe draw your pension then scarper out as quickly as possible.

All of this has made me search desperately for my birth certificate which unfortunately I haven't yet found. Could I in fact be the person I think I am? Possessing as I do, a certain charm, good looks, a stunning figure. Just a minute, who's writing this? If you don't like it go and watch 'Home and Away' And what about my fish net stockings, and the 4" high heels? Could I in reality be none other than the delicious Ava Gardner?

Just a thought if Ken English is really King Abdullah of Jordan and I'm Ava Gardner, how come we have both got Norfolk accents? I put this point to our Esteemed Editor and what a waste of time that was. He thinks he's the Lone Ranger and, for the last time, no I haven't seen a 'B' white horse. Men in white coats heading in my direction, but that's all.

Les Lawrence

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