River Wissey Lovell Fuller

The Contributor

November 2001

Where would the editor be without this diverse class of person?

Back to the Articles if we may. In spite of the fact that in some of my more opinionated moments I might just consider myself a literary figure of some note, and take my word for it modesty gets you nowhere, I have to confess that my talents have yet to come to the attention of the Editor of the Daily Telegraph. In fact, and this has not done my confidence any good at all, even the Editor of Comic Cuts hasn't bothered to pick the phone up. That's as maybe; the question has to be addressed, 'What is a good Article?' The answer is I believe every article is a good one as far as our Editor is concerned. After all it's his job to fill the blank pages and lets not forget that's what our Village Pump is at the start a number of blank pages.

Where indeed would our Editor be without his Contributors? Our readers approach in my view is quite different. One article may interest one person but have absolutely no appeal to half dozen others. It follows, therefore, that for our Village Pump to maintain it's interest to all of it's readers then the more diversified the articles our Editor has at his disposal the better. The question could then be asked which contributor has the easiest task when compiling his or her articles and in my view the answer is I do. Most of my articles have one single thread running right through them; namely they are complete rubbish. This is in complete contrast to such as Ron Watts. His articles are peppered with facts and figures which I would never have the sense to assemble. And yet the remarkable thing is, and I hope our Editor will agree, there has always to be room for articles such as like what I write in order to balance the intellect, which pours from the pen of such as Ron Watts. Whilst we continue to maintain this balance then the future of our Village Pump is assured.

Les Lawrence

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