Wereham News – April

Dear Community Members,

I am a concerned parent of a child that must cross the A134 at Church road daily to arrive at his bus stop for school. I am reaching out to you to find out the best way to open up a new dialogue with you and our neighbourhood of concerned parents and community members. I fear for the life of my child and the lives of each individual that must cross this intersection, as I am sure others must also possess the same trepidation.
As many of you are already aware, a blind spot exists at the crossing on the Church road side of the crossing, as the road bends just before Church Rd. making the ability to safely navigate the crossing even more dangerous. The hazard of the crossing is increased, due to the speed and amount of continual traffic on this road. The posted speed limit is 30 mph, yet many vehicles vastly exceed this speed limit.
I would like to work together to make our community safer for our children. I strongly support the need for the installation of a lit crosswalk, stop sign, traffic light, and/or enforced reduction of speed at this intersection. If anyone has any ideas or information as to how to make this crossing safer for our community please contact me at brianna.bonner@rocketmail.com
Brianna Bonner

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