Wesdt Dereham Parish Council minutes of September meeting

PRESENT (Seven Councillors):- Pam Bullas (PB) Claire Cann (CC) – Chair, Lorraine Hunt (LH), Paula
Kellingray (PK) Tom Foy (TF), Pam Walker and Claire Williams (CW).
In attendance: Peter King, Parish Clerk, and 3 members of the public.
The Chairman welcomed everyone present to the Parish Council Meeting.
Councillor’s Surgery
Ben Taylor of Taylor & Sons attended the meeting to confirm the requirements for the plaques and benches
to be placed in the natural burial area of the cemetery. It was agreed that the benches should be made of
oak, be designed so that they can be secured to the ground by a retaining metal bracket secured into
concrete, be approximately 72 inches in length, 18 inches in width and 18 inches height. It was agreed that
the plaques should be made of oak, be of reasonable thickness with lettering carved out showing the
person’s name, birth and death dates, but no other wording is to be added. The plaque might be
rectangular or round in shape and would be secured with a hanging chain and a rubber fitting to protect the
tree. Mr. Taylor agreed to provide a quotation for the cost of a bench and a plaque.
1. Apologies for absence
Apologies were received from Borough Councillors Brian Long, Sandra Squire and 3 Parishioners.
2. Declaration of Interest on agenda items
No declarations were made.
3. Use of social media, audio recording of meeting and invitation for public contributions
CC asked “Will anyone present be filming, recording, blogging, or tweeting during this meeting?” There was
no response from the members of the public present. CC advised members of the public that if they wished
to comment on any item, before a decision was made, they should raise their hand and they would be
invited to speak.
4. Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 2 August 2018
CC confirmed all Councillors had seen the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 2 August 2018. The
Councillors agreed that they were content that the minutes should be signed as a true record. PB as Chair of
the meeting on the 2 August signed the minutes.
5. Matters Arising from the Minutes
5.1 Planning Application – Ryston Road. The Parish Clerk confirmed that he had written a statement of
support from the Parish Council in respect of the application and this had been received and acknowledged
by the applicant.
5.2 Norfolk County Council Highways Department (NCC-HD) – Footpath Noticeboard – The Parish Clerk
reported that the Footpath Noticeboard had been moved from outside a house in Station Road to the
Village Hall compound until it is eventually re-installed.
5.3 Barclays Banking – The Parish Clerk reported that he had returned to the King’s Lynn Barclays branch to
discuss the retention of the Allotments Account and received confirmation that as he was not a signatory to
the Parish Council accounts, he was not accepted to present a letter signed by two mandated Parish
Councillors. The Parish Clerk added that he relayed this position to PB who then rang Barclays Bank and
confirmed the requirement to retain the Allotments Account. This was accepted and PB additionally carried
out a transfer of £42.20 from the Community Account into the Allotments Account.
5.4 War Memorial – The Parish Clerk reported that he had contacted two stonemasons who agreed to
provide quotes to carry out the repairs to the War Memorial lettering. CC and PB confirmed that one of the
World War One names on the memorial was misspelt and required correcting. CC and PB also noted that
the three names of those fallen soldiers from World War Two, currently added to a smaller stone plaque
should be added to the reverse side of the War Memorial.
5.4 Overgrown brambles growing adjacent to 10 Ryston Road – The Parish Clerk reported that he was not
aware of any further actions taken by the Cleanup department employed by the Borough Council of King’s
Lynn and West Norfolk (BCKLWN) Parks and Open Spaces Department, but that they might be now carrying
out their autumn schedule of work on hedging.
5.5 Insurance Premium Renewal – The Parish Clerk reported that he received items of correspondence from
the insurance brokers. The Parish Clerk noted that one confirmed the addition of the recreation ground
goalpost to the list of assets insured against damage and theft, noting that there was no increase to the
annual premium. The Parish Clerk noted the other confirmed that the policy does not cover cyber liability
and that a separate policy would be required at a premium in the region of £1,000 and read out the details
relating to GDPR; ‘I can confirm that the Legal Expenses cover currently provided within the Aviva policy
provides a legal defence and will meet compensation costs for a civil claim made against the Parish Council
for compensation under the new GDPR Act. There is a limit payable of £100,000 in respect of any one claim.
With regard to data breach fines levied by the Information Commissioner or any other regulatory authority;
the policy will not respond to meet such costs which was also the case with the previous Data Protection Act.
Insurers will not provide compensation cover for such fines. Only civil claims are insured.”
Councillor Tom Foy (TF) joined the meeting
5.6 Speed Monitor – The Parish Clerk reported that he had met with a Westcotec director to discuss the
placing of the speed monitor in a second position along Station Road, but the question of existing speed
limits had been raised. The Parish Clerk was asked to raise the matter NCC-HD for further advice. PB
requested that one of the 30-mile limit signs was hidden within growing roadside foliage and should also be
raised with NCCHD.
5.7 Village Signs – The Parish Clerk reported that the information noting the Parish Council were working
towards the replacement of the village signs had been added to the July and August Parish Notices asking
for Parishioners ideas, but had not produced any feedback. It was agreed that CC should approach a village
sign company. PB handed the Parish Clerk a file with a number of historic photographs, coats of arms and a
list of village buildings that could be added to the new signs.
5.8 GDPR – The Parish Clerk reported that he had drafted the Staff and Parish Councillors Privacy Notices
that he would circulate to Councillors.
5.9 Lime Kiln Road – Ditches
The Parish Clerk reported that he had spoken with a Flood Risk Officer, NCC (NCC-FRO) who had recently
visited and inspected the ditches at the bottom of Lime Kiln Road together with those on both sides of
Church Road to the outflow point beside the garage. The Parish Clerk added that staff members from NCCFRO
and NCC-HD were due to meet in the next week to look at all the ditch related problems noted in the
area, including the ditch alongside the village hall. The Parish Clerk added that NCC-FRO had stated that
NCC were considering sending in a team of staff to check for blockages and jet clean some of the ditches
and carry out checks with camera equipment. PW noted that the ditch alongside The Row, Ryston Road was
still deteriorating and observed that a large amount of potatoes had been left on one side, together with
cut grass and ashes. PW added that the local farmers help in the process of keeping the ditches clear was
variable. The Councillors agreed to include an item in the next Parish Magazine on the matter. The Parish
Clerk noted that he had been in contact with a BCKLWN Environmental Health Officer (BCKLWN-EH), who
had stated that she was waiting for some drainage information from NCC-FRO.
5.10 Riverside Nurseries
The Parish Clerk noted that he had circulated the meeting dates provided by Josh Hoopes, manager of
Riverside Nurseries but had been unable to set an agreed time for a visit. The Parish Clerk would contact
Josh Hoopes and obtain some further dates in October.
6. Reports
6.1 Chairman’s Report –
CC noted that there was no Chairman’s report.
6.2 Parish Clerk’s Report –
6.2.1 Farm Tenancy
The Parish Clerk reported that he had been in contact with the farm tenant regarding the condition of the
retaining posts that form a pathway boundary, alongside the inside of the hedging that borders Hilgay Road.
The Parish Clerk added that the tenant had commented that he would attend and take action to knock in
those existing posts that are currently out of the ground but was not willing to replace either rotten or
missing posts, citing that they were in poor condition when he originally took on the tenancy agreement. CC
commented that when the tenant took on the original agreement, it stated that he would be required to
take on the posts and joining wires and that by leaving them for the length of the first 3-year tenancy, the
additionally agreed year up to the present time, that the deterioration had worsened by the lack of
attention. CC added that the Councillors have carried out annual asset reviews and had not noted the posts
poor condition until the past couple of years. The Parish Clerk also noted that the tenant had also expressed
concern and reported an encroachment of 1.5 metres of a footpath boundary at another point into the field
area. CC requested that the Parish Clerk contact the tenant to identify the encroached land.
6.2.2 – Alive Leisure
The Parish Clerk reported that he had received an enquiry from the Sports Development Manager of Sports
Leisure enquiring about any regular sporting activities taking place in the Parish for the purposes of a village
audit. The Parish Clerk reported that he had responded with details about the Recreation Ground goalpost
and the Village Hall’s weekly yoga class, fortnightly bowls club and the availability of table tennis facilities.
The Parish Clerk added that the correspondence had also included the funding of £300 for recruiting Village
Sports Co-ordinators, together with possible funds for some sports projects, including “entry into the Rural
Community Games, co-ordination of loan equipment to start up new activities, act as a focal point for
sporting information in the village, act as a ‘Champion for Sport’ for the village and liaise with village
organisations and co-ordinate a Village Come-and-try or Activity Day to encourage more people to take part
in sport.” It was agreed that Parish Clerk should add the recruitment of a Village Sports Co-ordinator
information into the next Parish Magazine.
6.2.3 – Cemetery
The Parish Clerk reported that there had been a burial in the main cemetery since the last Parish Council
meeting and that he had received two recent enquiries about the interment of ashes in the Remembrance
6.2.4 – CiLCa
The Parish Clerk noted that he was commencing the Cilca training the following day.
6.3 Handyman’s Report –
The Parish Clerk provided Roy Poole, the Handyman’s Report of work carried out during August 2018,
noting the following actions:-
6.3.1. Speeding Monitor – Moved the speed monitor from Hilgay Road to The Row, Ryston Road and
changed the battery, twice. Attended with the Parish Clerk to alter the speed settings. Trimmed the hedging
from around the speed monitor when it was positioned in Hilgay Road that was blocking the screen.
6.3.2. Telephone Box Station Road – Made several attempts to remove the door from the Station Road
telephone box, to enable the carrying out of repairs. Purchased an impact driver to release the hinge pins
and eventually succeeded and moved the door to the Village Hall compound.
6.3.3 Village Footpath sign – Moved the village footpath sign from Station Road to the Village Hall
6.3.4 Grass Management – Strimmed the grass verges at the 10 bridges and around the phone boxes and
the safety signs.
6.3.5 Church Road Planters – Removed broken and rotten wood sections from planters in Station Road,
purchased new timbers, stained twice and replaced.
6.3.6 Cemetery and Remembrance Garden – Held meeting with the Parish Clerk to discuss Remembrance
Garden new requirements. Purchased timbers and extended ends to two existing burial strips. Created new
burial strip and transferred stone chippings into new strip. Created new border edges around the
Remembrance garden strips. Removed, straightened and replaced letter ‘G’ metal row marker in the Burial
area of the Cemetery.
The Parish Clerk noted that the Handyman had worked 26 hours during August, an increase in hours to
cover for leave to be taken during September.
6.4 Police Report –
PK noted that the local Police were warning to watch out for garden and shed thefts. LH and PK noted that a
driver of a Jeep Cherokee was recently seen at different times watching some properties around West
Dereham village.
6.5 Village Hall Report –
PK commented that the Village Hall Management Committee had applied for several grants to replace the
septic tank but did not expect to hear any outcomes until later in the year. PK reported that three recent
outside bar events had raised £1500 and a cheque for a £400 grant had been received, both towards Village
Hall funds. The Village Hall had raised £400 towards the local branch of the British Legion and a further
cheque was imminent for the local Scouts group. PK noted the AGM of the Village Hall would be held on
Wednesday 12th September at 7.00pm.
6.6 Glazewing Report –
PB reported that she had been recently contacted by two parishioners who had both commented that they
had considered that the Station Road traffic had been quieter since the food management contract had
been transferred from Glazewing to Veolia.
The Parish Clerk reported that he had received a message from parishioners living in Station Road that he
read out to the meeting; “We apologise but unfortunately we cannot attend tonight’s meeting due to family
commitments. Recently we have had a few issues regarding the transport vehicles of Glazewing, which we
consider to be driving dangerously by some of their drivers. On numerous occasions we found that some of
their lorries (Glazewing) have come so close to our property that they have demolished the cones which are
on the edge of our property for prevention of damage. We have now found that in the last couple of weeks
some of the lorries have been mounting the grass embankment on the front of our property, which is
causing ruts and damage to the same. This grass verge is at least a foot higher than the public roadway.
Situated on this grass is a fire hydrant and is in danger of being damaged by these lorries. We have emailed
Glazewing on a number of occasions and they do not have the decency to reply or acknowledge. We last had
a meeting with Jonathan Miles over 2 months ago; where he made promises regarding lorries and speed
however these haven’t been acted upon. We have emailed the Police Community Officer regarding the
dangerous driving and asked for advice on this matter, to date we have not had a reply. I would like this to
be noted in the minutes and the Parish Council informed of this situation and if they can offer any advice
regarding this matter. Thank you very much and look forward to the Parish Councils response. Station
House.” The Parish Clerk displayed a number of photographs that had been attached to the message on the
overhead projector showing the condition of the grass embankment at the side entrance and front of
Station House The Parish Clerk was asked to contact NCC-HD regarding the embankment conditions, The
Police Service concerning their non-response and The Fire and Rescue service regarding the concern
expressed relating to the fire hydrant.
7. Finance
7.1 Accounts for August Advance payments.
7.1.1 Cash Flow and Cash Book August 2018 – The Parish Clerk displayed the Cash Flow on the overhead
projector, followed by the Cash Book noting that during August he had banked two £100.00 cheques from
recent burial service fees and that the outgoings for August to be agreed, totalled £1,740.62 (revised to
£1,500.62 see Minute 7.1.3).
7.1.2. Barclays Transactions – The Parish Clerk reported to the meeting that during August, Barclays Bank
repeated the transfer of £42.20 from the Community Account to the Allotments Account (see Minute 5.3),
this being a repeated transaction on the assumption the bank had in fact eventually responded to one of
the Clerk’s letters during June and July. The Councillors agreed that the Parish Clerk should take steps to
transfer £42.20 back to the Community Account.
7.1.3 Cheque Payments for Approval for August 2018 – The Parish Clerk displayed the itemised pending
payments on the overhead projector. The Councillors agreed to defer payment of the invoice for Pear
Technology whilst the Parish Clerk makes further enquiries regarding software updates and training costs.
Payee Cheque
Net VAT Gross Remarks
Holly Landscapes 101038 £487.50 £97.50 £585.00 Ground Maintenance – August 2018
R. Poole 101040 £290.46 £0.00 £290.46 Handyman Pay & Expenses – August 2018
P. King (Parish Clerk) 101041 £623.76 £0.00 £623.76 Staff Salary & Expenses – August 18
HMRC 101042 £1.40 £0.00 £1.40 Parish Clerk’s PAYE – August 2018
Total £1,403.12 £97.50 £1,500.62
7.1.4 Cheque Payments – CC asked the Councillors present if they were content with the payments with the
exception of from the invoice from Pear Technology. All Councillors noted that they were content. CC
concluded that the cheques and control processes would be signed off at the end of the meeting.
8. Electoral Services BCKLWN
The Parish Clerk recounted the receipt of a letter received from the BCKLWN Electoral Services Manager
regarding the decision by BCKLWN to re-charge the costs of contested and uncontested Parish Council
Elections to Parish Councils. CC questioned whether Norfolk Association of Local Council were pursuing the
legality of the position made by BCKLWN? The Parish Clerk responded that this was his understanding and
would contact them to clarify the latest position.
9. Natural Burial
The Parish Clerk reported that he had been in contact with ASSETtrac Ltd., the company offering a
microchip identity package to map burial plots regarding a system demonstration. The Parish Clerk noted
the company suggested either a webinar/video link or a visit to the Arbory Trust at Barton near Cambridge
to see a demonstration of an existing system. The Councillors asked the Parish Clerk to arrange a visit to the
Arbory Trust.
10. Allotments – Weed Suppressant
CW reported that she had been made aware of Marham Parish Council that had purchased a roll of weed
suppressant and pegs and applied it to their vacant allotments until the next tenancy commenced. The
Parish Clerk was asked to identify some suppliers and costs.
11. Parish Council Internal Affairs and Policies
11.1 Financial Regulations
The Parish Clerk reported that he had not been able to identify any posted updates from the Norfolk
Association of Local Council website since January 2016. PB raised the need for authority to be given for
Councillors to carry out telephone banking transactions and instructions in situations where the Parish Clerk
is not empowered to carry out such actions. Councillors agreed that such and transactions must be reported
to the following Parish council meeting. CC asked the Councillors present if they were content with the
revised Financial Regulations. All Councillors noted they were content. CC noted that the Financial
Regulations had been reviewed and revised.
11.2 Standing Orders
CC noted that there were a number of changes to the Standing Orders due to changes on information, as
suggested in the new National Association of Local Councils model including new sections on: (i)
Responsibilities to provide information (ii) Responsibilities under Data Protection Legislation, and (iii)
Relations with press/media CC itemised the suggested updates that included additions, amendments and
deletions for discussion. CC asked the Councillors present if they were content with the revised Standing
Orders. All Councillors noted they were content. CC noted that the Standing Orders had been reviewed and
CC noted that the meeting had now taken two hours and according to the Parish Council’s Standing
Orders (SO 3w) required approval to continue with the meeting. All Councillors were content for the
meeting to continue.
11.3 Data Protection Policy
PB noted that she had not identified any new changes added to the Norfolk Association of Local Council
website. CC noted a number of grammatical and typographical errors and the need for the Policy to be
cross- referenced against a GDPR Policy. CC asked the Councillors present if they were content with the
revised Data Protection Policy. All Councillors noted they were content. CC noted that the Data Protection
Policy had been reviewed and revised.
11.4 Risk Assessment
CC noted particular concern regarding the BCKLWN Electoral Services’ letter regarding the proposal to
charge Parish Councils for contested elections whereby Councils could face costs in the region of £2-3,000.
Councillors expressed concern at the position and questioned the plans of other local affected Parish
Councils to meet this level of expenditure and the role of Norfolk Association of Local Councils in
representing local Councils and obtaining any necessary legal advice. TF added that whilst information was
being collated that it might be necessary to consider setting the Precept later in January 2019 at an
extraordinary meeting until further advice was received. CC proposed that she with the Parish Clerk draft a
letter to be sent to the appropriate central government Secretary of State, via Liz Truss MP, if necessary,
asking for an explanation as to how Parish Councils having received information regarding their need to
restrict the setting of their precepts against the charging proposal of the Borough Council. The Parish Clerk
was asked to contact local Parish Councils to seek information as to how they proposed to meet the
possible increased charges. The Parish Clerk was asked to attend any Clerk’s forums to discuss and gain any
advice The Parish Clerk was asked to clarify the position of the Fidelity Guarantee under the Topic
‘Reporting and Auditing’. The Parish Clerk was asked to clarify the latest appropriate wording for the
Handyman’s schedule of work carried out for the Parish Council under the Topic ‘Salaries and associated
costs’. The Parish Clerk was requested to upgrade the perceived risk status for the Topic ‘Election costs’ to
High (H) and add to the Management/control of risk that the Parish Council’s concerns for upholding the
rights for election, be passed onto central Government.
CC asked the Councillors present if they were content with the revised Risk Assessment. All Councillors
noted they were content. CC noted that the Risk Assessment had been reviewed and revised.
12. To comment on Planning applications currently received.
The Parish Clerk reported that he had received a letter from Norfolk County Council Planning Department
regarding the collective retrospective applications at the Frimstone quarry site at Crimplesham confirming
that all decisions had now been formulated and put in place until 31st December 2022.
13. Correspondence
The Parish Clerk confirmed that all items of correspondence had been covered elsewhere on the meeting
14. To receive further reports/items of business for the next Agenda
PB requested that an item on grave spoil is added to the next Parish Council Agenda. The Parish Clerk was
asked to contact the undertakers recently involved with a burial in the Parish Cemetery to confirm the
conditions of the Cemetery Regulations and their responsibilities.
15. Date of next Parish Council Meeting
To note that the next Parish Council Meeting will be held on Thursday 11th October 2018 at 7.30pm in the
West Dereham Village Hall. The meeting will be preceded with Councillors Surgery at 7.00pm
Open Forum
No further items were raised by members of the public present.
Closure: The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and final closure of the meeting was at 10.13pm
Next meeting is the Parish Council Meeting on Thursday 11th 0ctober at 7.30pm with Councillor’s Surgery from 7.00pm
Clerk: Peter King – Email; clerk@westderehamparishcouncil.uk Telephone: 01366 502110

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