Minutes of the meeting held on Jan 4th 2017.
Mrs Armsby welcomed 19 members.
APOLOGIES were received from Carol Thulbourne, Gillian Smith, Pam Cann & Audrey Hudson.
Minutes of the two previous meetings were read & signed.
Members were reminded that subs of £10 are due for 2017, & Mrs Elsey will be collecting them.
Mrs Armsby thanked Mrs Cooper for preparing the new programme which contains a good variety to suit everyone. Mrs Cooper suggested that Feb should be an open meeting so that anyone who is interested in the history of Oxborough can come. Members agreed.
Birthday posies were presented to Rosemary White & Sheila Smith. Carol Thulbourne’s & Audrey Hudson’s would be delivered.
Mrs Horgen raised the idea that posies should perhaps be replaced by cards, as it was usually the same few people who offered to do flowers. A majority agreed to give cards a try, & Mrs Horgen said that she would get some.
ROTAS for Feb
TEAS Janet Cooper & Mavis smith
DOOR & RAFFLE Wendy Quadling & Janet Burns
VOT Anita Horgen
Mrs Quadling then read two funny poems that had been sent to her by some relations in Canada.
Mrs Armsby handed out a quiz in which we had to identify celebrity catchphrases. Jenny Elsey’s team won.
The raffle was then drawn, with each member providing and winning a wrapped prize.
The meeting ended at 9.15 pm
The open meeting will take place at Stoke ferry community centre at 7.30pm, when Kelvin Smith, a local historian, will give a talk about the history of Oxborough village. Visitors are welcome at £2.00 each.(including tea & biscuits).
Claire Lankfer (secretary)

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