Northwold Parish Council – September meeting

Councillors present:  Cllr R Crisp (Chair); Cllr C Anderson; Cllr F Eglington; Cllr G Gillett; Cllr S Gillett; Cllr A Jenkinson; Cllr S Leet; Cllr A Muir; Cllr M Peake; Cllr C Pointeer

Others Present:  Judith Taylor, Clerk; five members of the public





















































































































































































































Public Forum

A resident queried whether it would be possible to house a village shop in a portacabin type building, perhaps on an empty allotment.  Cllr Crisp commented that planning permission was not likely to be granted for that, but the idea would be explored as part of the Parish Wish List.

A resident informed the Council that footpath 6, behind Normandy Close, was impassable.  Clerk to contact Highways.


At the request of the Chair, Item 18vii was brought forward in the Agenda to allow for the participation of younger members of the public.

Finance and Policies

vii.  2016/17 Wish List Update:  Proposed skateboard park

Three members of the group of young residents who had requested provision of a skateboard park were present to represent their views.  The group explained that, although the younger children had been well catered for at Northwold Recreation Ground, their age-group was less well served.  They pointed out that skateboarding had positive benefits for younger people, particularly in encouraging them to exercise.  The group did, however, appreciate how expensive the skateboard park design sent to them by the PC was, so had done more research into designs which would be cheaper.  They suggested that they could hold fundraising events to contribute to the cost, and it was suggested that charitable funding could be available for groups such as theirs.  A discussion took place about siting of the park, with members of the public pointing out that the current proposed site could cause noise disruption for residents.  The representatives commented that the designs they had sourced were specifically engineered to reduce noise.  Further discussion would be needed on siting, which must be safe, away from traffic, and eligible under Planning regulations.  It was agreed that the Clerk would liaise further with the group, with the aim of producing specific proposals for the next meeting.


Public Forum continued

Carparking in Normandy Close:  a resident commented that the problem still existed.  Councillors had talked with residents and established that residents believed they were parking on their own land.  The problem of identifying land ownership within Normandy Close was mentioned, and the Council asked the resident to send a copy of the plan accompanying their house deeds to the Clerk to help in that identification.  The resident agreed.


Local Authority Reports

i.  Norfolk County Council:  none, councillor not present.

ii. BCKLWN:  nothing to report from Cllr Peake.


Accepted apologies for absence (LGA 1972, Section 85(1) & (2))

Cllr Collins (on holiday).


Members’ declaration of interests

Cllr Muir declared on Item 17iv: Planning.  Cllr Jenkinson declared on Item 10, as a member of his family now works for CGM Ltd.


To approve and sign the Minutes of the meeting held on 5th July 2016 (LGA 1972, Schedule 12, para 41(2))

The Minutes of the meeting held on 5th July 2016 were adopted as a true statement and signed by the Chair.

To approve and sign the Minutes of the meeting held on 26th July 2016 (LGA 1972, Schedule 12, para 41(2))

The Minutes of the meeting held on 26th July 2016 were adopted as a true statement and signed by the Chair.

Reports and Matters arising from Minutes of last meetings (for info only)

i.  Chair’s report:  BT Faster Broadband.  The Chair had received information that the relevant Methwold Cabinet is planned to be upgraded six to eight months after the relevant BT survey had been done.  Clerk agreed to write to the relevant Norfolk County Council contact to check on progress.

Common Drove bridge:  Chair had talked with the maintenance firm responsible for the electricity supply across the Common, which needs constant access.  They will push for improvements.

Site Allocation and Development Management Policies Document:  Chair had reviewed allocation of housing to Northwold within the document.  She commented that the village was only allocated infill plots rather than any significant additions.  Cllr Peake agreed to investigate from the Borough Council perspective regarding the mechanism for requesting more development.

Chair expressed the Council’s thanks to David Campbell of de-Signs, who had donated three signs to the village.

ii.  Clerk’s report:  RoSPA Inspection of Northwold Recreation Ground: now delayed until end of September.

Closure of Whittington Churchyard:  no further information.

Walls identified as potentially dangerous in High Street:  Clerk had written to occupants but received no response.  Cllr Eglington reported that, although the walls were dilapidated, they did not seem to be in imminent danger of collapse.

BT telephone boxes:  Clerk had sent a reminder email to BT requesting the promised repaint – it was believed this was due in October.  Residents had offered to paint the boxes, but Chair would ask them not to do so until Clerk had established what BT was doing.

Publication of Minutes:  Minutes had been published in Northwold Village Life, and in The Pump (Stoke Ferry and surrounding areas).  Draft Minutes are published on the Parish Council website (

Common Drove bridge/flooding:  The Environment Agency confirmed that repairing the bridge was not within their remit.  Clerk to contact Highways.  Clerk had contacted the EA regarding flood abatement measures.

Broken stile, footpath behind Northwold Cemetery:  Highways sending inspector.

Dog fouling sign, footpath behind Northwold Cemetery: provided by de-Signs.


At the request of the Chair, Item 15 was brought forward in the Agenda.

Northwold Care Group/Car Scheme

A problem had been identified whereby the date of PC meetings was too early in the month for the Treasurer of the Car Scheme to have time to produce an invoice, and payments were thus delayed by up to two months.  This was causing cashflow problems for the Scheme.  Clerk suggested possible solutions.  It was proposed that the PC provide an additional float in the amount of £400, so that total float from the PC became £600.  Proposed:  Cllr Muir; seconded:  Cllr Eglington.  All in favour.  Resolved:  16/09/6/15.1



i.  Works update:  Cllr Collins absent; report to be provided at next meeting.

ii.  Quote for replacement/repair of railings.  It was proposed that the quote from Thomas B Bonnett be accepted.  Proposed:  Cllr Eglington; seconded: Cllr Leet.  All in favour.  Resolved 16/09/6/9.1


Review of CGM Ltd Grounds Maintenance Contract/Chafer Grubs

It was agreed that at least three quotes should be obtained, for a one-year contract as well as three years.  Items to be added – maintenance of Whittington Churchyard (once Churchyard is officially closed), same criteria as Cemetery; specify strimming (not mowing) only to take place around headstones.

Chafer Grubs:  item to be considered at March meeting.


Whittington Recreation Ground – Tree Survey

Clerk confirmed that CGM had done sufficient work to ensure no tree was an imminent danger to the public.  It was proposed that a quote from CGM for work on two trees be accepted.  Proposed:  Cllr Muir; seconded:  Cllr Pointeer.  9 for, 1 abstention.  Resolved 16/09/6/11.1


Appointment of Clerk/RFO

It was proposed that the Clerk/RFO be appointed on Local Council Payscale 1, Spinal Column Point 20, from 4 July 2016 at seven hours per week.  Proposed:  Cllr Eglington; seconded; Cllr Gillett.  All in favour.  Resolved 16/09/6/12.1

i.  Consideration of Clerk’s office allowance.  In recognition of additional office services provided by the previous Clerk, Mrs Bright, it was proposed that a further allowance of £75 be paid. Proposed:  Cllr Pointeer; seconded:  Cllr Muir.  All in favour.  Resolved 16/09/6/12.2

ii.  Consideration of insurance relating to Clerk.  Under the Council’s insurance policy relating to fidelity guarantees for the Clerk, cover is dependent on references from an employer covering the previous two years prior to employment by the Council.  The Clerk had queried this, and established that a reference from a charity for whom she had worked, but by which she was not employed, was acceptable for the purposes of providing cover.


Parish Noticeboards

Councillors reported that noticeboards were too small, and residents had complained that information could not be read.  Clerk to investigate costs for three new, larger noticeboards.  Cllr Peake agreed that the Whittington Garage forecourt could be used as the location for the main Whittington PC noticeboard.


New Streetlight at Glebe Close

Westcotec had provided the quote, which included extension of the electricity supply.  It was proposed that the quote be accepted.  Proposed:  Cllr Pointeer; seconded:  Cllr Eglington.  8 for, 2 against.  Resolved 16/09/6/14



i.  Normandy Close – Mr Brooker.  The ownership of the land remained unclear.  Clerk to request whether Mr Brooker could provide a copy of the plan accompanying his deeds to assist.  Cllr Muir to re-circulate estate plan, with the aim of identifying areas for a Land Registry information request.

ii.  CPRE Norfolk re devolution for Norfolk and Suffolk.  No PC comment.

iii.  Notice re Norfolk Family Walk at Holkham Hall.  Available if councillors wished.


Planning Applications and Updates

i.              16/01319/F; 3 Church Lane Whittington; to note that PC made no comment

ii.             16/01159/RM; land south of Ashlee, Methwold Rd, Whittington, 5 dwellings; to note that PC made no comment

iii.            to note new property address:  The Vineyard, 69 West End, Northwold; formerly Westend Manor

iv.           16/01510/F; proposed construction of 2 single storey dwellings at Pooly Farm Barns, Northwold:  Cllr Muir left the meeting.  Cllr Peake took no part in the discussion.  There were no objections.  Cllr Muir returned to the meeting.

v.            16/01553/F: removal of condition 3 of planning permission 10/00005/F, land south of 6 Little London Lane, Northwold.  No PC comment.

vi.           Consideration of setting dates for additional Planning meetings.  Councillors felt this was not necessary.


Finance and Policies

i.  Parish Council bank balance and reconciliation from list of payments and receipts:  TSB Treasurers Account balance was confirmed as £61,878.64 as at 18th August 2016.

ii. Cheques for approval and signing and to authorise payment of outstanding invoices.

It was proposed that that bank balance and reconciliation were received and adopted and the payments be approved.  Proposed:  Cllr Leet; seconded Cllr Eglington.  All in favour.  Resolved 16/09/6/18.1.  The bank reconciliation was initialled by the Chair, and the cheques were signed by Chair and Cllr Eglington.


2029 SASC Donation re Queen’s 90th 250.00
2030 Northwold Care Group Car scheme/Jan-Mar 2016 281.45
S/Order V Bright June salary 294.76
2039 Westcotec Street lighting maintenance July 16 19.10
2040 CGM Group Grounds maintenance July 2016 301.92
2017 V Bright Clerk’s office allowance 2016 75.00
2041 Northwold Care Group Car scheme/Apr-Jun 2016 325.38
2042 CGM Group Tree survey/Whittington Rec 420.00
n/a CGM Group Emergency work/Whittington Rec 0.00
2043 Thomas B Bonnett Repair of swings/Northwold Rec 87.00
2044 Horsemat Installation of matting under play area/Northwold Rec 1494.14
2045 Eon Street lighting July 2016 67.85
2046 Westcotec Street lighting maintenance Aug 16 19.10
2047 Anglian Water Water charges, Cemetery, Northwold, May 2014 to 16/8/16 139.40
2048 CGM Group Grounds maintenance Aug 2016 301.92
2049 J Taylor Clerk expenses July 2016 50.83
2049 J Taylor Clerk expenses Aug 2016 25.00
2049 J Taylor Clerk salary July 2016 279.97
2049 J Taylor Clerk salary Aug 2016 279.97
2045 Eon Street lighting August 2016 67.85
2050 Northwold Care Group Additional float 400.00
Total 4354.43



iii.  On the instruction of the external auditor, the 2015/16 year end summary was recast to exclude the Constables Charity account, and signed by the Chair.

iv.  Consideration of changing name on the PC bank account.  It was proposed that the TSB Treasurers Account be renamed ‘Northwold and Whittington Parish Council’.  Proposed:  Cllr Muir; seconded Cllr Pointeer.  All in favour.  Resolved 16/9/6/18.2.

v.  Asset Register review.  Whittington Churchyard to be added once declared closed, subject to confirmation by legal process, otherwise Register was considered accurate.

vi.  Constables Charity Bank Account Transfer:  Cllr Eglington reported that no further income was expected for two years, so this was not a priority.  It was agreed to leave action on this for the moment.

vii.  2016/17 Wish List Update.  Clerk was requested to incorporate estimates received.


Parish Matters

i.  Play area matting Northwold Recreation Ground:  confirmed as installed by Cllr Collins.

ii.  Play area RoSPA inspection:  due by end September.  Request that Whittington Recreation Ground also have RoSPA inspection.

iii.  Lightsource. Clerk to check with installer re arrangements for a guarantee, and contact details should problems arise.

iv.  Sports and Social Club Roof Quote:  no progress so far; Clerk to pursue and add to next Agenda.

v.  BT Faster Broadband: dealt with at Item 7.



The next meeting is to be held on Tuesday 4th October 2016 at 7:30pm in Northwold Village Hall.


Items for the next meeting.

Budget 2017/18


The meeting closed at 9.30pm.



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