Westminster Diary


Earlier in the month I took a very pleasant stroll along the River Wissey with the Norfolk Rivers Trust. I was shown how altering the river flow can create the right conditions for fish and bug life. We also spoke about the Trust’s work to encourage more children to become involved with conservation and the opportunities available for work and recreation in the countryside.

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Boughton Parish Council

Boughton Parish Council Meeting, 24th October 2014 – 19.00pm – All Saints Church
Draft Minutes
Frank Reid(FRE) Councillor/Chair
Mark Pogmore(MPO) Councillor
David Cooper (DCO) Councillor
Tom Roberts(TRO) Councillor
Andy Beeston (ABE) Councillor
Peter Agate (PAG) Councillor
Carole Woolnough (CWO) Councillor
Public Members: 4 number (Including Sue Pogmore who minuted the meeting)
County Cllr Martin Storey
KL & WN Borough Cllr Colin Sampson
Distribution: Boughton Parish Council, Group 4, Village Pump
No Item Action by/date
1 Apologies
2 Declarations of Interest
PAG, MPO, DCO and FRE are all members of Boughton Cricket Club, and declared
their interest with regard to the planning application to be discussed later in the
3 Minutes of Meeting 24.07.2014
Minutes of this meeting were presented and agreed by all councillors,
and signed by the Chairman as a true record.
4 Matters Arising
The speed gates will come up in the Highways report
5 Police Community Support
PCSO Jane Edwards did not attend the meeting

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Boughton News November

Boughton News


Benefice Choir

This is a choir formed of interested people from the parishes in the benefice, almost all of which are represented, to sing at group services, carol services, special church events, etc. We are looking for new members who may not have formal music training but are interested in singing in a friendly group to a high standard and have the enthusiasm and commitment to keep coming back for more. It isn’t necessary to read music or to have choral experience—just enthusiasm. We meet on Thursday afternoons from 2-3 pm, mostly during term time, so school pickups and visiting grandchildren should not be a problem. If you are interested, speak to Tom Golden on 01366 500 052 or to one of the choir..

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What Does The Doctor Think – November


Wellness: I spend a lot of time shouting “from” at the TV when people who should know better say “different to” and so on. The word “wellness” has been irritating me for 20 years or more. Until the early 1980’s none of us had ever heard the word. We have many dictionaries in our house, some dating back to the 1800’s; none of these contains that word. Our most recent dictionary (Collins 1990) contains 84 words and phrases starting with “well ‘, ranging from ‘well-accustomed’ to ‘well-written’ but it jumps from ‘well-motivated’ to ‘well-noted’ and, in another section, from ‘well-meaning’ to ‘well-nigh’ (which means nearly or almost, not near) There is no ‘wellness’. Suddenly, in the early eighties, BUPA started offering Wellness checks, factories offered their workers “employee wellness programmes”, one could relax in a “wellness spa”and so on. I had  forgotten to be irritated about the word for a time until a massive envelope arrived. It was from “Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation”. That same morning, the newspaper told me that Euromonitor International had announced that “Global Health and Wellness sales were to reach 774 billion US dollars in 2014. Apparently, these sales include milk formula, gluten-free products, health and energy drinks, healthy packaged food, etc. This amount does not include the service industry (wellness clinics, spas, etc.)             So, one way or another, Wellness has become a big deal!

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