Down Memory Lane

The story of when the cinema came to Brandon

 We find ourselves sat amongst an audience inside the Church Institute on a freezing January evening in 1914 and at the front of that audience a certain Mr Frederick Gentle, Brandon Councillor and Butcher, is informing us about the incredible expedition of Amunsden at the South Pole. At various moments during the evening slides are projected onto a large screen to further illustrate the points he is making.  Now I haven’t brought us here to announce that these projections are the forerunner to Brandon’s cinema; that might be stretching it a bit far, but instead take a look at the young man who is operating the gas driven slide projector that evening.  He’s of slight build, and I can add that he is aged about 24, and the town knows him as the youngest son of the rather wealthy furrier Palmer Lingwood.  This young man’s name is Stanley Lingwood.  Stanley works with his father, who co-owns the family’s huge furrier business along London Road (where Tesco now stands) and his family live in a big house along the Avenue, aptly named Avenue House.  Stanley is the one who will bring cinema to the town.

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Boughton News November

Sunday September 29th was a momentous occasion for All Saints’ Church, Boughton. Not only was it the feast of St Michael and All Angels, it was the day the Bishop of Ely came to take a service. It is at least a quarter of a century since a Bishop of Ely came to Boughton and those of you who remember Audrey  Payne will have heard her tales of that day, when the Bishop took to a boat on the pond! This time, because it was the fifth Sunday in the month, the current Bishop came because it was a group service for the benefice and congregations from all eight parishes had a chance to worship together. It had to be at 6 pm, unfortunately, to fit into his busy schedule, so not everyone could get there. 

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November 2013

 The past month has been fairly quiet. Although a lot has happened, there is little to write about.We spent a very happy 10 days in Spain with two of our sons and their families who live over there. I asked one of my sons if I could borrow a newspaper. “Dad” he said “This is the 21st Century – use my Ipad” The fly never knew what hit it!  On October 8th, daughter Charlotte gave birth to a son, Leo, our 17th grandchild. Deannie was thrilled to be one of the “birthing partners” and was present throughout the entire labour and delivery.

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