Letter to The Editor

Another reaction to the Grumpy Old Mans view on local councillors

Dear Ray

With so many critical observations flying around, on the positive side it must be worth mentioning that our Borough Councillor Sampson not only regularly attends the Parish Council Meetings, but is invaluable in giving ‘on-the-spot’ advice, information and help when it is required – which is often. He also made the effort to attend the Stoke Ferry Remembrance Sunday Service at the Memorial.

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Les wonders why so few people write for the Pump; a task he thoroughly enjoys.

Surely there can be no greater pleasure that to put pen to paper even if now-a-days it’s more likely to be keyboard to paper as we turn to our computer. And what a blessing the spell checker is? Where would I be without it as spelling was never my strongest subject? So if all of this is so, why do so few people write? In a so-called perfect world our Editor should be overwhelmed by contributors but this is hardly the case. If we take articles “like what I write” I would have thought these would have been an inspiration to others, not because of their content or quality in fact quite the opposite. Surely many a reader would say “well if I couldn’t write something more interesting than that” but they then finish it off by saying, “I wouldn’t bother” and that is precisely what people do, they don’t bother. I don’t get this. I don’t understand why people don’t say to themselves, “well if the Editor of the Village Pump can publish what he writes then my contributions are guaranteed to be accepted whatever their quality because it will certainly exceed his”. And yet so many people are reluctant to write and express an opinion. I sure don’t get it.

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The Editor looks at topical news stories and thanks all who helped keep the Pump running.

Hello again,

Well, we are almost at the end of yet another year; how quickly they pass as you get older. And what a year 2008 has been – the 30th Anniversary of The Village Pump, the election of the first black President of The United States and the Credit Crunch. I don’t know which is the most significant. What I do know is that if an individual runs in to debt he is courting disaster if he borrows wildly to seek to recover some form of financial stability. But our Government obviously has other views.

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A reply to the Grumpy Old Man’s

A Downham reader takes the Grumpy Old Man to task…

A reply to the Grumpy Old Man’s communication published in ‘The Pump’ October edition.

It seems to me, an old experienced businessman that we have heard this all before! May I say, at the outset of my response, that I would hardly describe the poorly punctuated, continuous, repetitive drivel, as an article as you yourself have done?

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