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Draft Minutes of Stoke Ferry PC Minutes October 2020

November 2020

STOKE FERRY PARISH COUNCIL Draft (until approved at the next meeting) Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on Wednesday 7 October 2020 at 7.05 pm, Virtually online via Zoom

Present: Cllr Sue Lintern (Chair) Cllr Kit Hesketh-Harvey (Vice-Chair) (From 133/20 to end) Cllr Andrew Hayward Cllr Trudy Mann Cllr Janet Taylor Cllr Donna Stocking Cllr Gail Reeve Helen Richardson (Parish Clerk and Financial Responsible Person)

Also, in Attendance Public – 2 Cllr Colin Sampson, Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk Cllr Martin Storey, Norfolk County Council Stephen Ward, Chair of the Bluebell Pub Campaign

173/20 Openness and Transparency Notice The Chair read the notice.

174/20 Aggressive and Abusive Behaviour The Chair read the notice.

175/20 To Receive and Consider Acceptance for Apologies of Absence Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr Stuart Collins and Cllr Mandy Leamon (both personal reasons).

176/20 To Receive Declarations of Interest from Members Cllr Sue Lintern declared an interest regarding Planning Application for tree maintenance detailed within the Clerks report at item 178/20 and Parish Partnership fund badges at item 183/20. Cllr Trudy Mann declared an interest regarding the Bluebell public house at item 179/20. Cllr Janet Taylor also declared an interest regarding the Bluebell public house at item 179/20 and an interest in items 182/20 and 183/20 Parish Partnership fund perches and badges and payments for approval at item 189/20.

177/20 To Approve the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on 9 September 2020 RESOLVED: That the minutes of the Ordinary meeting held on 9 September 2020 be approved as a correct record. (Cllr Andrew Hayward proposed, Cllr Trudy Mann seconded, all were in favour, two abstained as they were not in attendance).

178/20 To Note Matters Arising from the Minutes of the Last Meeting. Matters arising and the Clerk’s report was noted as follows:

Indigo Road Streetlights –The Clerk emailed the Borough Council Planning team mid-August who agreed to investigate, chased early September and again on 29 September and awaits a response. Old Railway Development – The developer is hoping for additional board and has advised as follows: The Clerk has asked if they are able to keep them up to date when possible.

We have been awaiting some signage for the site for a considerable amount of time now (apparently it’s been sent once and lost in transit), and when we have received we are going to remove the damaged boards at the front and replace. We will also look to see if we can erect some additional screening but I will point out that the land at the front is a building site and the land and at the rear is industrial land and will remain so until the road design is completed and then the site is scheduled into our development plan.

It was confirmed that it was a conservation area. The developer anticipated that it would be another 12 months until work could begin as there were issues with the soil that needed to be worked through and planned in with building works and finances. The Clerk agreed to contact him again to share that it was noted that the site had been burning plastic and the smoke was still lingering. Bin for Common – Arrived and placement confirmed. Cemetery Neighbouring Trees – A resident of nearby property informed the Clerk mid-September that they were undertaking work to trees that overhung the cemetery. They would be removing their own fence temporarily to cut them, and tethers would be used where needed. This will result in no branches overhanging the cemetery. Their contractor was fully insured, and the resident agreed to let the Clerk know the date of the work in advance. Car Skidding/Racing at the Common and School Lane – This issue was reported by the Clerk to the Local Police for them to note and attend evenings and weekends when the activity by cars was taking place causing a nuisance. Buckenham Drive End FP17 – The Handyman agreed to cut back the bushes and anything effecting use of footpath 17 using his Handyman hours. Village Gates – Artwork was to be printed on paper for checking and then prices would be agreed at the November meeting. Planning Applications Received for Comment 20/01218F Conversion of Garage at Holly Cottage, Oxborough Road to Dwelling – The Council returned no comment on 15.09.20 Planning Application – Decisions 20/00155/TREECA Stoke Ferry the Old Bull Bridge Road Stoke Ferry King's Lynn Norfolk PE33 9TB - Trees in a Conservation Area: T 1,2,3. Mixed Cypress. Dismantle, process and remove. These trees are oppressive, permission is sought to remove and replace them with something ornamental and more in keeping with the ambience of the immediate locale. Tree Application - No objection 18 September 2020 Delegated Decision.

179/20 To Receive an update on the Bluebell Campaign Stephen Ward, the Chair of the Bluebell Campaign attended to provide an update. The Chair advised that a planning application had been submitted again to the BCKLWN by the owner which had been circulated within the Council, an Extraordinary meeting would be held to discuss on Wednesday 14th October at 7 pm virtually via Zoom. Cllr Colin Sampson confirmed he was available to attend.

Stephen advised that a survey had been carried out and the results were due early next week, and they would await the details before progressing further. He added that there was no information on the property price yet, but it was hoped there would be some progress on the conditions of the sale soon and he agreed to update the Council as soon as this was known.

The Chair thanked him for the update.

180/20 To Receive a Neighbourhood Planning Working Group Update Cllr Andy Hayward provided the following update:

• The last working group meeting had been held on 28th September and it was established that Stoke Ferry did not fit within the work as defined as an area of deprivation. • The Housing needs information was expected in draft by the end of this month from AECOM. • The working group had reviewed design codes and was discussing with Locality. • A survey was conducted around the village and 83 responses had been received which was 16% slightly below the expected average response rate. The Council wished to thank those who had returned their surveys. All answers have been compiled into a document, which had been provided to AECOM for the housing needs analysis. • There is a workshop planned on 17th October for the group itself regarding another consultation. • There is no date for a public consultation currently.

The Chair wished to express thanks to Bonnets and the Corner Shop for collecting the surveys which was a great help.

181/20 To Discuss and Approve Any Action Relating to ‘The Common’ Land Ownership (CL25) The Clerk received confirmation for the bin placement from the person with the registered title on the Commons Register. They added they would wish to provide the Common Land to the Village under the Parish Council’s ownership. The Commons Land Register was not the same as ownership which was covered by the Land Registry.

The Chair shared that response in the recent Neighbourhood Plan survey advised that the public wished for ‘The Common’ to be a piece of land that they were keen to have continued use.

It was agreed that in the village expanding through housing development it would be a good amount of green space to help secure with amenity value from visitors coming to the village. The Common was getting busier and traffic was becoming an issue where authority needed to be in place to oversee the area.

The Clerk agreed to discuss with private landowners nearby and send a plan of the area around the Council. Cllr Colin Sampson agreed to discuss with the Borough Council what assistance they could offer to the Parish Council in keeping the common tidy.

RESOLVED: That the Parish Council progress the issue further by investigation a first registration and report back the details to the Council. (Cllr Sue Lintern proposed, Cllr Kit Hesketh-Harvey seconded, all were in favour).

182/20 To Discuss and Approve Design for Parish Partnership Funding 2020/21 Perch Seating Project within The Hill Bus Stop Cllr Janet Stocking agreed to provide designs for the three perch seats within the bus sheltered that had been quoted at £395 plus VAT. Further quotes could be obtained when the designs were in place if required. It was agreed to discuss further in November.

183/20 To Discuss and Approve Badges for Parish Partnership Funding 2020/21 for Public Right of Ways A design for the badge was shared with the Parish Council that would be placed on the finger posts along the foot path walks around the village made from metal.

RESOLVED: That 85 badges costing £325 plus VAT be purchased split with Norfolk County Council through the Parish Partnership Funding 2020/21. (Cllr Donna Stocking proposed, Cllr Andy Hayward seconded, five were in favour and two abstained due to declaration of interest).

184/20 To Discuss a Streetlighting Review The Council had received a query from a Member of public asking that the Council consider turning off streetlighting in the village in respect of Hedgehog preservation and to enable the public to view the night sky.

Cllr Donna Stocking shared a link to the Council with a report of a study that had taken place on the issue of hedgehogs and streetlights, and it summarised that it did not affect them, and the report was available if required.

Cllr Kit Hesketh-Harvey shared that he would be in favour of keeping the village as dark as possible and where wildlife was breeding. Cllr Donna Stocking shared that most activity took place in the centre of the village and streetlighting provided safety for pedestrians and traffic, and in the winter months.

The Parish Council felt that if the public were asked about streetlighting it was likely that there would be requests for additional streetlighting and when lighting goes out the public have previously asked for them to be switched on.

The Council asked the Clerk to investigate options with the contractor and any amendment would be considered if it did not affect security or safety of traffic and pedestrians. The Council agreed to do a night walk to review streetlighting.

185/20 To Discuss/Review and Approve Any Action in Relation to the Grounds Maintenance Contract 2020/21 and Handyman Contract It was agreed to place purchase of new bins on the November agenda. The Clerk agreed to get costs from the current contractor for the next meeting including review of the contract and options for auditing the work. The Clerk agreed to add to December agenda.

The Clerk agreed to ask the Grounds Maintenance Contractor to carry out the hedge cuts in the playing field in place of the costs agreed in contract for two grass cuts that will not be required.

186/20 To Approve the Register of Decisions Made on Email a. Application Fee for SIM Land Registry Form £4 and Purchase of Scaled Map £25 plus VAT in respect of Footpath 17 Eight Councillors confirmed agreed to the cost on email however it was not required in the end.

RESOLVED: That the Register of Decisions Made on Email be approved a) Application Fee for SIM Land Registry Form £4 and Purchase of Scaled Map £25 plus VAT in respect of Footpath 17. (Cllr Kit Hesketh-Harvey proposed, Cllr Sue Lintern seconded, all were in favour).

187/20 To Discuss Remembrance Sunday Arrangements It was felt that no decision could be made at this point, but it was likely to be socially distanced with masks and it was agreed to note the date in the pump but with a caveat that arrangements may change and the Parish Council would keep an eye on the government website. Cllr Martin Storey advised there would be advice nearer the time.

188/20 To Discuss and Approve Any Arrangements or Costs Associated with a Christmas Event and Santa Challenge The Santa Challenge was already advertised, and the Pump were sponsoring it. Cllr Janet Taylor agreed to discuss a tree with the Handyman and place in the churchyard again.

RESOLVED: That a budget of £75 be approved to purchase a Christmas tree. (Cllr Sue Lintern proposed, Cllr Janet Taylor seconded, all were in favour).

189/20 To Approve the Payments to date and Bank Reconciliation, and to Note the Draft Budget 2021/22 The draft budget for 2021/22 was circulated to the Council prior to the meeting and would be discussed at the subsequent meetings until its approval in January.

The payments were presented for approval as follows:

RESOLVED: That the payments for September 2020 as presented be approved. (Cllr Trudy Mann proposed, Cllr Andrew Hayward seconded, six were in favour with one abstained due to a declaration of interest).

190/20 Urgent Matters - Chairman The BCKLWN had advised that there had been approximately 100 responses to their consultation regarding Self-Build Development. And would be sharing further information when possible.

191/20 To Receive Urgent items of concern & matters to be included on the next agenda from the Parish Council and note forward items A Councillor shared that a local conservationist was involved at the Solar Farm in turning the solar panels into wildlife havens with planting. The Councillor wondering whether it would be okay to get people involved in the project to help and the Council felt that it was a good idea.

192/20 Cllr Colin Sampson (BCKLWN) and Cllr Martin Storey (NCC), if in attendance Cllr Colin Sampson The BCKLWN were setting about their response for redeployment in response to Covid-19 over the winter period, and they would be more responsible for contacting people during this time than earlier in the year. Any queries needed from officers would likely be severely delayed as they will no longer be doing their usual jobs and urged the Council to bare that in mind.

Cllr Martin Storey Regarding the Planning reforms he advised that itself looked to go towards a three-way direction with the local plan by growth, renewal, and protected areas. The Neighbourhood Plan would be particularly important when it came to planning considerations. There was nothing in the white paper about second homes currently. The Norfolk County Council (NCC) would likely put into the plan what is called a 'local connection' where there would be local homes for local people. As a result of working from home people living in the cities may feel they can live in the countryside. The NCC would continue to review the white paper and would keep all up to date as it progresses. More information was available on the NCC and BCKLWN website.

The independent body agreed a 2.75% pay increase for all local government staff and members and he had not taken his as felt it was morally wrong to take that increase as a member.

If there were any queries anyone had to please contact him, and he will raise on their behalf.

193/20 To Adjourn the meeting to allow for public comments The Chair adjoined the meeting to allow public comments. There was none. The Chair reconvened the meeting.

194/20 To Confirm the Date of the Next Ordinary Meeting – Wednesday 10 November 2020 at 7 pm virtually via Zoom. The date of the next meeting was noted, and it was one week later.

195/20 EXCLUSION OF PRESS AND PUBLIC The Council to pass a resolution excluding the press and public from the meeting in accordance with Section 1(2) of the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 by reason of the confidential nature of the business to be transacted. To Discuss and Approve a HR Related Matter.

That previously agreed issue which was a confidential HR Related Matter was discussed and the options discussed, it was agreed to accept option C as per the confidential notes to progress and report back to the Council.

Meeting Closed at 10.00 pm.

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