War Memorial Gary Trouton

Glad that I live am I - that the Sky is Blue

September 2020

. I am sure, like me, you have good days and bad days. Worry about a loved ones health, looming unemployment, staying away from loved ones and friends- you name it someone is experiencing it somewhere and one never knows when it will strike or on whom. The other day a navy blue cloud descended on me - not black I must say, but dark navy blue. Where did it come from? I had no idea. Things were looking up - our eldest daughter had just heard that her cancer had not returned, surely that was enough to keep the tiniest grey cloud at bay for the rest of my life. But no, there it was hanging over my head like a heavy, mind numbing blob.

Then two things happened - on the 2nd August we had our first church service in All Saints Wretton since lockdown. What a joy to meet face to face rather than on Zoom - not everyone, some were still in isolation- and we couldn't have a cup of coffee and a chat afterwards like we normally do and yes, we had to wear face masks but what a lift to the spirit!! No hymns but Chris Young playing the organ was enough to make our prayers and praise rise up to the heavens and I am convinced God smiled at us.

Then, a few days after the service, I was driving into Fincham to see our Rural Dean and as I drove through Boughton and down Fincham Road I was overcome with happiness by the bright blue sky and fluffy white clouds overhead, and the glorious countryside on either side of me.

I started to sing, I am no singer, but I just had to let my bubbling spirit burst our somehow. The navy blue cloud lifted in one fail swoop and I rejoiced in what a wonderful world we live in, especially in our part of Norfolk!

God Bless Rev carol

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