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Feast or Famine!!

August 2020

The weather has continued to surprise us. After all the rain in February, March was relatively dry with only a little light rain, then absolutely nothing from 21st until 28th April. The weather was fine and bright, fortunately, with so many people being stuck at home. Just when the gardeners were beginning to fret, 20mm fell over the next three days.

Which was just as well. Not a single drop fell in May. People were beginning to be concerned that there could be a hosepipe ban, and a lot of unseasonal watering was necessary.

We need not have worried – before we knew it the rain started again and hardly stopped. Heavy showers were an almost daily occurrence, along with more persistent steady rain. On 17th June I recorded 43.5mm. I know that local farmers, only a matter of 2 or 3 miles away, recorded more. We were fortunate not to be in Downham where considerable flooding and damage was done to many properties. By now most people must have seen the photos of Arbuckles with a depth of water throughout the restaurant.

In total, 122.6mm fell between 4th and 27th. Next time you might be worried that it is too dry, I think we should say “Be careful what you wish for”

Sue Pogmore

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