River Wissey Lovell Fuller

The Vanishing Cream

May 2020

I am writing this in the garden just before our Tea for Two (sorry pup you don't like Earl Grey) in the garden at 4pm to commemorate VE Day on the 8th May. Before I tell you the saga behind the scenes shenanigans of our tea party let me take you for a trip down the lane of a local vicar in lock down. What has been the hardest? Funerals. I, and many of the people I deal with when arranging funerals at this time, have been heart broken for the family and friends of those who have died as they cannot have a service where all of their friends and families can attend. We can, of course, have a service of thanksgiving and remembrance later but grief needs to be shared. The second hardest, like many people today, was when my sister went into hospital with a stroke. It was touch and go. The QE Hospital was getting ready to let me gown up and go to say goodbye. But, like our Granny Hearn (my Dad's Mum) my sister is a tough old Biddy and has now returned to her Care Home where she is loved and well looked after and I give thanks to God for her recovery and the staff there. I can't however, give her a hug or see her. It is hard as I haven't been able to see her since lockdown. Some good times though: Church Services via Zoom over the internet have been wonderful and I have enjoyed taking and participating in the services very much. We all thank Janet Tanton, of West Dereham Church, for her skill in setting them up for us every Sunday. Left to me we would still be waiting. The next little episode was when I was unwell myself. It went on and on, and so eventually hubby and I toddled off to Peterborough Showground for Covid 19 tests; after all I did not want to pass it on at funerals. The whole event took no time at all with no fuss or bother but my goodness how scary the scene was -white tents, masked and gowned staffers and regiment like order. It was like living in War of the Worlds! We were so impressed and grateful though at the kind helpful people running the testing station Next day both negative-phew! And now we come to VE Day morning. One person only, in each church parish, is now allowed to go into our churches. For the first time since lockdown I went to All Saints Wretton and locked myself in, as instructed, and rang the church bell to start the 11am two minutes silence for VE Day. Said prayers for us all including other nations and the world. It felt good and I hope soon we can all meet to have a celebration service when this is all over. At home I had promised our girls we would have tea in the front garden on VE Day at 4pm - just like they were doing in their respective homes- and we would see each other via zoom. Make a cake Mum. Me ? Yes you! Ok. I am not a cook as many will tell you. The WI in our previous village of Lavendon would never let me bake - Carol, you can wash up! I followed Jane Harwood's easy recipe for a sponge, she had given it to me years ago, but I had never dared try, and low and behold - a lovely risen sponge! Thank you Jane. I had no cream and no icing sugar!! Daughter number two found me a solution on the internet -place a tin of evaporated milk in the freezer for 30 minutes and then whip the life out of it. So that is what I did. Success! I spread it in the middle and I slapped it all over the top. No strawberry jam, only apricot. Grandson insisted you can't put apricot jam in a Victoria Sponge; I therefore used cranberry sauce. It looked magnificent until 4 o'clock came and I took it into the garden. The cream had been absorbed by the sponge. Hubby laughed, the girls laughed and the pup yapped for a slice. It tasted lovely! Never judge a book - or a cake - by its cover and always count your blessings every single day. The sun is still shining. Neighbours are helping neighbours and as we listened to Vera Lynn and drank our tea and ate the cake with no cream this echoed around the garden -We'll Meet Again ---Yes we will. God Bless Everyone. Take Care. Rev Carol

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