River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Staying Indoors and Staying Alive

May 2020

How are you all coping? Me, well the picture above could say it all, however, so far I have kept the axe in the shed! I am usually out and about quite a bit but, like a lot of you folks, I am having to stay at home most of the time and only venturing out in emergencies, can't get a delivery slot for groceries or there is a funeral to take - that really puts all that is going on into perspective! I can always find lots to do at home, like most women- sorry chaps but that's a fact. Hubby however usually gravitates to his beloved radio, which is fine when I'm out most of the day but I have to tell you hearing gibberish - oh sorry radio ham speak- all day can be somewhat ---annoying. Our saving grace has been our little bundle of trouble who looks just like Dobby out of Harry Potter. Re-doing the garden has been much more fun for us with her trying to paddle in the fountain, eat the bird seed and chase the blackbirds- the pigeons couldn't care less. As for me, I've been tidying my study and now can't find anything! I also can't find 1. A lone grey glove. 2. A pretty book mark. 3. One of hubbies Christmas socks 4. Lots of things I'm sure I know nothing about. I think I know who has them, but where has she hidden them? One day we will look back on this strange, difficult and worrying time and realise we are part of history: A time of greed and selfishness by some and a time of great sacrifice and love by others. Who can ever forget the doctors, nurses and other front line heroes putting their lives at risk and yes, even dying, to save others? This is the message of Christ - Love one another as I have loved you. That is all we need to know and all we need do. God bless you all. Stay safe and alive. Rev Carol Nicholas-Letch

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