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March 2020

STOKE FERRY PARISH COUNCIL Draft (until approved at the next meeting) Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on Wednesday 4 March 2020 at 7.00 pm in Stoke Ferry Village Hall Present: Cllr Sue Lintern (Chair) Cllr Kit Hesketh-Harvey Cllr Mandy Leamon Cllr Trudy Mann Cllr Gail Reeve Cllr Donna Stocking Cllr Janet Taylor Helen Richardson (Parish Clerk and Financial Responsible Person) Also, in attendance: Cllr Colin Sampson, BCKLWN Cllr Martin Storey, NCC Chris Philpott, Footpath Warden Public: 2 63/20 Emergency Evacuation Procedures was read by the Chair. 64/20 Openness and Transparency Notice - The Parish Council record the meeting. The Chair notified the public of this. The Chair also advised that any aggressive or abusive behaviour towards members of the Parish Council, staff or members of the public will not be tolerated. If this happens you will be asked to leave and if necessary, the meeting will be suspended. 65/20 To receive and accept apologies for absence – Cllr Jim McNeill (Vice Chair) (illness). 66/20 To receive Declarations of Interest from Members on any item to be discussed - Cllr Janet Taylor declared an interest on the payments for approval item and it was agreed that she would not vote (minute 84/20). Cllr Trudy Mann declared an interest on the item regarding the Bluebell and declared that she wished to abstain from voting (minute 69/20). 67/20 To approve the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting 5 February 2020 – The minutes of the ordinary meeting held on 5 February 2020 were proposed for approval as a correct record by Cllr Gail Reeve, seconded by Cllr Janet Taylor, five were in favour and two abstained due to be absent from the meeting. 68/20 Matters Arising (and Clerk’s Report) Buckenham Drive Land Transfer – The Clerk recently chased them for a response, and they acknowledged and responded to say they would respond as soon as possible. The Chair asked that for the Clerk share with the BCKLWN a concern of attachment to the Mill and request a response. Mill Liaison Committee – The Clerk emailed the Mill Manager with the Term of Reference for the Committee regarding it continuation and awaits a response. Indigo Streetlights – There was no update currently, but it is progressing via Norfolk County Council. There were also sewage considerations also in the road the BCKLWN and NCC needed to work on. Village Gates – Had been installed at Bridge Road and Lynn Road. Cllr Trudy Mann wished to compliment Steve and Dave for their great work on the day in helping the Clerk and Cllr Trudy Mann in the siting of the gates and the installation. The Clerk agreed to pass the thanks to the Norfolk County Council. A discussion took place regarding the signage for the gates and this will be worked on during the month for approval at the next meeting. Recovery Plan – The Clerk had sent the Recovery Plan to the Emergency Planning team as a tool for them to use as the authority on recovering following any incident. Leaflets had been provided to residents from BCKLWN in 2019.

Dukes Head – The Clerk agreed to follow up on loose pane tiles and ridge tiles with the Borough Council. The Chair advised that a response had been received from Elizabeth Truss MP regarding the Village Hall car park which would be covered in the Chairman’s Urgent items. The Clerk agreed to continue to chase Highways regarding Bridge Road defects. 69/20 To Discuss and Approve any Further Response to a Planning Appeal Received for Consultation: 19/01772/F Bluebell Inn Lynn Road Stoke Ferry King's Lynn - Change of use from public house to single detached residential dwelling The Chair shared and read a suggested response for the Council to consider for approval. The Chair agreed to forward to the Clerk to make the return regarding the appeal to the Planning Inspectorate by the deadline of 20th March. The Chair agreed to add words to highlight that the Council were aware of other premises the owner had applied to change the public house status of elsewhere. The Council were in favour of the response presented, all were in favour except for Cllr Trudy Mann who decided to abstain as a neighbouring property. The Chair advised that there had been a second public meeting on 19th February, the Chair read the minutes from that meeting. There was a mailing list if any Councillor wished to be added to let the Chair know. 70/20 To Receive: Update from the Neighbourhood Plan Working Group The Chair read the following update: Stoke Ferry Neighbourhood Plan Working Group Monthly report to Stoke Ferry Parish Council Date: 04.03.2020 1. Work over the past month • Despite many members of the group coming down with various winter ailments we achieved a great deal. • Our Project Plan and Timeline have been updated and agreed by the Group. • The first NP Consultation Day was held on Saturday 15th Feb at the Village Hall. o The day focussed on establishing themes and ideas for our DRAFT objectives, and to test to the DRAFT aims and vision of the Plan o We collected information about what people love about SF, and what would make SF an amazing place o 38 people came and aired their views on the future of our village o We also set up an on-line consultation document to enable others to participate in the process o Our thanks to all who participated • An excellent, in-depth, 68-page Data Profile of our Parish has been created by consultant, Emma Harrison. Available on our website (www.stokeferryplan.co.uk) it contains data on: o Community & Services o Housing and the Built Environment o Natural Environment o Business and Employment • The Working Group met on 24th February to reflect on the Consultation Day and plan for the Second Stage of Consultation: Stakeholder Consultation. We also planned for the forthcoming Village Character Assessment which will inform NP policy and be a reference point for any subsequent design statements. • Funding: The second funding application to Locality will now not take place until early April

2. Work ahead, over the next month • Next ‘open to the public’ NPWG Monthly Progress Meeting 1st April at 6pm, SF Village Hall • Prepare and write up a Village Character Assessment • Prepare costings for the second funding application 3. Expenditure update - Invoice from consultant, Emma Harrison (Data Profile) 16 hours @ £40/hour = £640.00 - Invoice for hire of the Village Hall for First Consultation Day = £70.00 - Invoice from Andy Hayward for cost of Banner for Consultation Days, Easier print, Cost £15.63 plus £3.13 VAT. Total £18.76. - Refreshments for First Consultation Day. Total £66.18 Total: £794.94 – £3.13 Vat = £791.81to be paid from the NP Locality Grant The Chair proposed that the Neighbourhood Plan Working Party be allowed to use social media and local advertising outlets to promote the plan without having to wait for each Parish Council meeting, seconded by Cllr Donna Stocking, all were in favour. The Chair agreed to raise at the next Neighbourhood Working Party a physical place to display information for the Neighbourhood Plan, such as the corner shop, Bonnetts and a separate notice board. 71/20 To Approve: Neighbourhood Plan Privacy Policy Cllr Kit Hesketh-Harvey proposed approval of the Neighbourhood Plan Privacy Policy to be used whilst the plan was in progress and for the Neighbourhood Plan website up to a year after, Cllr Janet Taylor seconded, all were in favour. 72/20 To Approve: Any further Solicitor or Other Costs Relating Investigations into the Ownership of Footpath 17 and actions to be taken Cllr Sue Lintern and the Footpath Warden attended the record office to take copies of anything to do with footpaths. The Chair agreed to continue investigations and it was agreed to add to the April agenda for further discussion. 73/20 To Discuss: Footpaths in General The Chair shared that bridleway 8 along the river near Bridge Road is going to closed from 16th March to the 13th April, Norfolk County Council was going to scrape the top off and put down plainings. This is a clay bank and a flood defence and with having trees either side it becomes a mud bath in winter. It will take a while to bed but will improve the condition for future winters. It may be possible for them to do the same on the start of footpath 9. The Chair noted a footpath from Furlong Drove and Boughton Road which was muddy should there be excess plainings to distribute in this area. The Chair shared that NCC was working on getting the footpath mapping resolved. The Public Right of Way Officer was hoping there may be excess budget for resolving overgrown brambles and clearing out a portion of FP5. The Chair agreed to discuss with the Right of Way Officer, NCC the footpath near Bradfield Place. 74/20 To Approve: A Parish Council Assets Inspection Cllr Gail Reeve, Cllr Sue Lintern, Cllr Trudy Mann and Cllr Mandy Leamon agreed to review the Council assets. The Clerk agreed to email them to assets list. Cllr Kit Hesketh-Harvey wished to express his gratitude to the Councillors for agreeing to carry out this work. 75/20 To Approve: Amendment to Village Gates Project The Council agreed to continue with the purchase of the gates for Furlong Drove. The Clerk agreed to find out if the Stoke Ferry sign could be removed. It was agreed to draft a sign up and discuss further at the April meeting. 76/20 To Discuss and Approve any Response to Planning Consultation Received - 20/00204/F Garage extension to dwelling at The Old School House High Street Stoke Ferry King's Lynn Norfolk PE33 9SF Cllr Sue Lintern proposed approval of the application, seconded by Cllr Mandy Leamon, four were in favour and three abstained. The Council wished to add that the extension needed to be tied into the appearance of the street scene in that location.

77/20 To Approve: Costs and Any Actions in Relation to the Organisation of the Summer Fayre A programme from the Stoke Ferry Playing Field opening in 1970 had been discovered and it was agreed to include an anniversary element to this year’s Mid-Summer Fayre in commemoration of this. The Parish Council were in favour of approving the following and associated costs: • Children entertainment at a cost of £225. • Ed and his band used in 2019 at a cost of £250. • DJ was pending a response • Four advertisement banners £20 each at a total of £80 There will be games from the 1970 programme but no inflatables this year. The Bluebell Campaign had agreed to do a pop-up bar and they will keep the money they make. There will be a raffle, tombola and cake stall. The playing field were providing a BBQ. Communications were being arranged with Little Oaks nursery, school, church and youth club for their possible involvement. The Chair advised that she understood there were some members of public who were having difficulty in understanding why she had paid for the inflatables etc for the 2019 summer fayre. The Chair wished to provide clarity that the Parish Council received emails with the agreed prices paid for the items that were part of the summer fayre prior to the event. Furthermore, payment was either due on the day or prior to the event, and therefore to manage risk we choose not to pay in advance in case there were changes or cancellation. The Chair advised that she therefore made the payment on the day and claimed the amount back. The Chair added that as there were over a hundred people at the fayre it was quite easy to see the items that were purchased and claimed for, in order to prove they did exist and were present on the day. The Chair shared that those persons who were making the accusations were already aware of these facts but had chosen to sadly continue with their accusations. The Chair suggested that perhaps those persons should therefore declare an apology for the unfounded accusations. Cllr Trudy Mann wished to add to the matter clarity regarding the bill costing exactly £1500, which was actually because the costs of the fayre items had come to more than this amount and which the Chair had covered personally from her own money, and which the Council and parish should be thankful for. The Chair shared that therefore the same process of paying for items on the day and being reclaimed after for the 2020 summer fayre will be followed again. 78/20 To Approve: Councillor Attendance to the NALC Annual Conference and Neighbourhood Working Group Member Attendance The request for attendance had been withdrawn. 79/20 To Discuss Co-option The Chair shared that two applications for the one Councillor vacancy had been received. She added that one application was from a person the Council had interviewed before and the other application was from someone the Council hadn’t met. The Council’s co-option policy stated that ‘Candidates will be invited to a private meeting to introduce themselves and provide councillors the opportunity to ask questions of them, or the council can decide to rely on the written submissions alone’. The Chair therefore advised that the Council needed to decide whether to rely on written submissions alone. The Chair proposed that a written submission alone for the person the Council had interviewed before be accepted and for the person the Council hadn’t met before a private meeting would be arranged, seconded by Cllr Donna Stocking, all were in favour. The Clerk agreed to resend the person’s application form whom the Council hadn’t met to the Councillors. The Clerk agreed to arrange communication to both applicants. 80/20 To Approve: Payroll Administration Procedure The Council were in favour of approval of the Payroll Administration Procedure, proposed by Cllr Mandy Leamon, seconded by Cllr Gail Reeve, all were in favour. 81/20 To Approve: Annual Audit Administration Procedure The Council were in favour of approval of the procedure, proposed by Cllr Gail Reeve, seconded by Cllr Trudy Mann, all were in favour. 82/20 To Approve: Risk Management Scheme Cllr Gail Reeve proposed approval of the Risk Management Scheme, seconded by Cllr Mandy Leamon, all were in favour.

83/20 To Approve: Exemption for the External Audit as a Smaller Authority 201920 Accounts The Chair proposed that we continue with an external auditor, Cllr Trudy Mann seconded, all were in favour. 84/20 To Approve: Payments and Accounts Reconciliation to Date Payee Payment for Net VAT Total Clerk Clerks Wages and Expenses -Feb 20 298.52 0.00 298.52 HMRC Mar-20 69.40 0.00 69.40 Westcotec Streetlight Maintenance (3 months) 46.32 9.27 55.59 NP Consultant NP Data Profile- grant funded 640.00 0.00 640.00 Thomas B Bonnetts HM items and Village Gates Bolts 14.08 2.82 16.90 BCKLWN Dog Waste Bins Annual Fee 230.88 46.18 277.06 EON Streetlights - January 80.60 4.03 84.63 SF Village Hall Village Hall Hire 85.00 0.00 85.00 Cllr Jim McNeill NP Refreshments Open Day Feb 20 66.18 0.00 66.18 Total 1530.98 62.30 1593.28 As at 3 Feb 2020 Business Account 36113.10 As at 3 Feb 2020 Community Account 2762.83 38875.93 Cllr Kit Hesketh-Harvey proposed payments for approval, seconded by Cllr Donna Stocking, six were in favour and one abstained due to declaration made. 85/20 Urgent Matters - Chairman The Chair shared the response from the Housing Minister regarding the Village Hall car park as a request from Elizabeth Truss MP for their input. The Planning Department had advised that they were going to try and contact the person responsible for the site but nothing more had occurred since. The Clerk agreed to ask the planning officer for an update and send the letter from the Housing Minister and copy Cllr Colin Sampson in. 86/20 To Receive items of concern & matters to be included on the next agenda from the Parish Council and note forward items • The litter pick was on the 26th April and the Clerk agreed to add to the next agenda. • This Friday there was a talk by the historic talk about Stoke Ferry and the tickets had sold out. Cllr Donna Stocking agreed to find out if they could repeat in Stoke Ferry. • The Clerk agreed to add to the April meeting display of old photos of the village. • The Clerk agreed to add to a future agenda discussion about the cemetery path. 87/20 Cllr Colin Sampson (BCKLWN) and Cllr Martin Storey (NCC), if in attendance Cllr Colin Sampson • Wider communication from BCKLWN on tree planting may come later in the year. Most of the trees were being supplied by the woodland trust. • There will be minutes on the BCKLWN website of the work the Council had carried out on climate change. The Borough had been active in the last 10 years on the matter and had reduced its carbon footprint by 25%. Cllr Martin Storey • All information on what allowances are paid to County Councillors were available on the website. • He advised that he had abstained last year on approval of the NCC Budget because of the cuts to the social care budget, and again he had done the same again this year as felt it was still unfair for those people affected. He was unable to abstain from the element alone and therefore had to abstain from the whole budget. He had made his points clear to the families who attended a meeting with them at County Hall held in 2019. • The three storms that had occurred in recent weeks had meant NCC had dealt with 350 incidents following the first storm alone.

• The Boundary commission had extended their consultation to 24th March to agree the number of the County Councillors per elector and were trying to allocate the same number of residents to each Councillor as much as possible. • He was a member of the Police and Crime Panel at County Hall; the Chief Inspector and Police and Crime Commissioner had attending a recent meeting. Norfolk Constabulary were within the top five most efficient police forces in the UK. The Chair of the Parish Council requested that Cllr Martin Storey ask that they do a drive through or speed watch at critical times in Stoke Ferry, the vandalism at the playing field was an issue and there was some speeding occurring. He shared that there was to be an increase in the Police force which may help the issue. • There was other information on the website and welcomed anyone to contact him if they needed to. 88/20 To Adjourn the meeting to allow for public comments – Resolved and was reconvened. 89/20 Confirm the Date of the Next Meeting – The Council agreed that the next meeting would continue to be held on 1 April as previously agreed and not 8th April as per on the agenda. Meeting closed: 9.20 pm

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