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March 2020

So how wet was February? Following all the reports in the news about February’s rainfall, I thought it would be interesting to see how our local rainfall readings compared with previous years. In February I measured 86.8mm during the month. Usu-ally, the rainfall for this month is quite low – around 40mm. When we started reading the rainfall in 1993, it was for the National River’s Authority, be-fore it was swallowed up by the Environment Agency. Looking back in Mark’s records, it quickly became clear that this was the wettest February that we have had during that time.

The next highest measure was in February 2010, which was about 1mm less. No other year came anywhere near this. The rainfall levels over the winter of 2009/2010 are very similar to that which we have ex-perienced this year. But there was one big difference. Much of it fell as snow. Sue Pogmore

Advice from the Bishops during the coronavirus threat. It is our view, in light of the continued increase of Covid-19 cases in the United Kingdom, that it is now necessary to suspend the administration of the chalice as well as physical contact during the sharing of the peace, bless-ing or "laying on of hands". We therefore advise that all priests should:- • Offer Communion in one kind only to all communicants i.e. the consecrated bread/wafer/host, with the priest alone taking the wine; • suspend handshaking or other direct physical contact during the sharing of the peace; • suspend direct physical contact as part of a blessing or ‘laying on of hands’. Pam

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