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All Saints Academy March Newsletter

March 2020

Headteacher: Mrs K Howe March 2020 Deputy Headteacher: Mrs R Beasley Email: office@allsaintsacademy.norfolk.sch.uk Website: www.allsaintsacademynorfolk.com Twitter: @AllSaints_SF¬ Phone: 01366 501050 Dates for the Diary 5th March World Book Day 9th March Science Week starts 12th March Quidditch sports event 2nd April Easter Holidays begin 20th April Summer Term begins

Celebration of World Religions Day All Saints Academy celebrated World Religions Day on Friday 24th January by holding a special assembly with parents. During the celebration, children from all classes shared their knowledge and work about different religions which they had been learning about. Children described the main beliefs for their focus religion, described and explained religious symbols, places of worship and about where in the world people followed these different religions. The children really did shine with all of the knowledge they had found out about.

Chinese New Year Celebrations To celebrate and understand Chinese New Year, All Saints welcomed professional actors and dancers into our school to help us to develop an understanding of Chinese culture and traditions. Each class had a workshop where they watched a cultural performance and danced with a Chinese dragon. All of the children had a fantastic day!

Reading Shed Saturn Class have really enjoyed turning their outdoor play shed into a brand new Reading Shed. The new Reading Shed provides a quiet, comfy space to sit down and enjoy a book whilst still being outdoors. The Reading Shed has been stocked with a wide range of lovely texts and genres to help to develop children’s imagination, independence and reading skills. Our aim is to foster a life-long love of reading and a love for books with all of the children in our school and to show that reading really can happen anywhere!

Vacancy at St Martin We are currently advertising for a Year 6 teacher in our Partnership school at St Martin. This post is to start in September 2020. Please help us to spread the news by making sure this reaches as wide an audience as possible. Thank you. Thank you for all the support you provide for our academy.

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