River Wissey Lovell Fuller

You Never Know What's Around the Corner -

February 2020

Why a Dog? See next month 2020 hasn't got off to a very good start has it? Australia facing raging fires, America & Iran facing up to each other with missiles in their back pockets, kids still killing each other with knives, the environment suffering from our own greed and thoughtlessness and then the debacle of Harry and Megan's total disregard and disrespect to the Queen. One hopes that one of our concerns, Brexit, is well on it's way and can be put to one side until the arguing starts over who, what, when and where.

What to do? Well, I know that many do not regard our Creator God as relevant or, for some that He exists at all. We need help- not just the good old UK but the whole world as we seem to be going to hell in a hand cart. No more than 80 years ago at the start of the Second World War things were looking very bleak indeed with Churchill advising folk to prepare for the worst - a miracle was needed. A miracle is needed now to save our planet from the dreadful abuse we have all inflicted on it.

What to do? Take a leaf out of Parliament's book 80 years ago when they, and King George the V1, called a National Day of Prayer. Did the nation respond? Yes, indeed they did and nearly everyone went into churches and halls filled to overflowing, with more outside praying than there were inside. I believe that a Global Day of Prayer is needed now.

The Result of that National Day of Prayer? A miracle happened when over 300,000 men were evacuated from the beaches of Dunkirk. There were other miracles too that you can read about. Miracles do happen if we only have eyes to see them and hearts that are open to God.

What to do? There is climate change everywhere, conflict everywhere, lack of love for one another everywhere and we never know what is around the corner. We cannot deal with life on our own even when we think we can. We need God's strength and God's loving grace to get us through. I have written to Boris Johnson and Prince William (to him because of his own environmental prize to protect the planet in the next decade) to call for a Global Day of Prayer. If you do nothing else I urge you to do the same. Jesus Christ was called Emmanuel - God with us. He is with us still and will answer our call if we pray with one heart and mind together. Rev Carol Nicholas-Letch

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