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Wretton Parish Council November Meeting Minutes

February 2020

1429/12/2019 MINUTES OF WRETTON PARISH COUNCIL MEETING HELD AT ALL SAINTS CHURCH WRETTON 4TH NOVEMBER 2019 Present: Cllr David Llewellyn – Chairman, Cllr Mick Peake, Cllr Mandy Peake, Cllr Martyn Cann, Cllr Peter Garnett, Cllr Paul Williams. Also present: Borough Councillor Colin Sampson and 1 member of the public Public Participation No matters raised 1. Apologies for Absence accepted from: Apologies for absence received from Cllr Ian Mack. 2. Declaration of Interest made: Cllr Paul Williams declared an interest in item 11. 3. Approval of Minutes: The minutes of the meeting held on 27.08.19 were confirmed as a true record. 4. Update on matters arising from previous meetings: • One battery for the Vehicle Activated Speed Sign is good but it is thought the other is in need of replacement. Cllr. Martyn Cann offered to investigate replacement. • It was noted that the grass cutting contractor has quoted £12.50 per occasion to add cutting the grass triangle at the entrance to Fen Drove and the grass verge at All Saints, opposite the triangle, to the ground’s maintenance contract. Highways will be approached to ensure this would be acceptable. • The signs for the defibrillator have been placed on the phone box and notice has been posted in the “Pump” stating that the defibrillator is operational. Cllr Ian Mack is to provide content for a village flyer to promote awareness of the defibrillator. • The Chairman hopes a village flyer can be compiled and delivered before Christmas. • It was noted that the Borough Council are aware of a mobile home at the Old Gatehouse, Wretton and it should be known by the next meeting whether planning enforcement action will be necessary. 5. Reports 5.1 Chairman’s Report • The new Wretton Parish Council website is now fully operational but content still needs to be updated and added to. The website is seen as a community website and All Saints Church will be asked if they would like a page on the site. • The Chairman has received a complaint about vehicles parking along Low Road causing visibility problems. 5.2 Clerk’s Report Correspondence passed to Councillors: • Norfolk ALC Bulletins 23.10.19 and 20.11.19. Norfolk ALC AGM to be held at County Hall 20.11.19 2429/12/2019 • Norfolk Minerals & Waste Local Plan - Preferred Options consultation 10.09.19 • Norfolk PTS Seminar 20.11.19 West Costessey Hall £60 per delegate • Norfolk PTS training 01.11.19 • Police Newsletters 17.09.19 and 26.10.19. Noted new Inspector for Downham Market area is Vicky Hebborn. Nearest Police drop-in is at Central Café Feltwell on 07.11.19 1-4pm • RAF Marham Community Information Event 30.10.19 - e-mail dated 25.09.19 • Local Plan Review 27.09.19 • NCF Grant Funding News 25.10.10 • NCC Budget Consultation 2020/21 23.10.19 • Norfolk Fire & Rescue Services Draft Integrated Risk Management Plan 29.10.19 • Digging up Norfolk 01.11.19 • CPRE Norfolk Voice Newsletter 01.11.19 Other correspondence: • New Highway Services Manager at Saddlebow. Karl Rands has moved on to be replaced by Jason Moorse • House name notification 10 Low Road to be named Paddock View • Donation request letter received from Citizens Advice Bureau • Norfolk ALC Seminar Community Well-being, Environment and Parish & Town Councils Update from previous meetings Replanting of hedge - Land at Chequers Road From BCKLWN “We have issued a formal Notice to secure the replanting of the hedge in Wretton. It specifies the type of species to be used, when they should be planted and distances between the individual plants. The Notice has a map which shows the area in which the plants are to be put, which is the area where the old hedgerow stood. We can be no more specific than that.” Play Area Lease A copy of the lease for the play area has been obtained from the Diocese. The lease is in place until 25.03.2028. Other Reports • Parish Paths Seminar I attended the Norfolk Local Access Parish Paths Seminar on 28.10.19 and copies of the presentations have been forwarded to Councillors. It is apparent that Norfolk County Council (NCC) is keen to stress to Town & Parish Councils that self-help is the way forward as NCC funding becomes more stretched. It is suggested that Parish Partnership funding is made use of and that CIL money could help fund works such as footpath maintenance. • Footpath from Peake Fitness to Stoke Ferry Highways have notified me that the hedges have been cut back along the footpath but there has been concern raised that the footpath is too narrow for use by a mobility scooter. This has been passed back to Highways who have responded to say that works will be completed when resources permit. 3429/12/2019 5.3 Risk Assessment Update The Annual play equipment inspection report has been received and considered under item 8. 6. Accounts were presented and accepted for payment. Cheques for approval of payment Clerk’s salary £118.44 K & M Lighting Services x2 (streetlight maintenance) £38.64 Poppy wreath donation £18.50 CGM grass cutting £156.00 CGM cutting of footpaths £144.00 Play Equipment Inspection £84.00 HMRC PAYE £44.40 Postage £9.06 Finance at 30.09.19 Community Account £5693.22 Business Premium Account £3464.20 Noted that CIL payment of £1441.01 was received 28.10.19 and is held within the community account, together with £2196 CIL received previously. 7. Weight Restriction Signage? The issue of heavy vehicles traversing through the village remains a concern and will continue to be monitored 8. Play Equipment Inspection Report 2019 Councillors had previously been presented with a copy of the Annual Play Equipment Inspection Report. No matters have been deemed to need immediate attention and a working party will undertake the minor works suggested, including trimming back of overhead branches. The equipment will be monitored for deterioration of the wood in particular and a slamming plate will be added to the gate. 9. Project Updates 9.1 Phone box defibrillator – all is felt to have gone well with the project to site a defibrillator in the village phone box. Signs for the defibrillator are now up and lighting of the box is felt to be adequate. 9.2 Wretton Green “pond” area – Cllr Paul Williams was thanked for clearing the “pond” area and he will continue to investigate ways to fill the depression. 10. Budget needs and precept request for 2020/21 Councillors were presented with a current budget position and asked to look at this in preparation for setting the budget and the precept request at the next Parish Council meeting on January 6th 2020. 4429/12/2019 11. Planning Applications: 11.1 Replacement roof with height increase and two storey extension to dwelling at Oak Tree, Chequers Road, Wretton, Norfolk PE33 9QS 19/01822/F No objections Overlooking on to other properties was considered but felt not to be an issue. It was noted that a non-material amendment to a planning proposal for Fairview related to the need to build a sewage treatment plant for the development as no connection could be made to the main sewer. 12. Other Reports – for information only: • Councillor Williams offered to fix spikes to the top of the frame of the small swings in the play area to deter pigeons. • Investigation will be undertaken as to how Wretton might be designated as a cold calling zone. Chairman’s Signature……………………………………… Date……………

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