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West Dereham Parish Council December Minutes

February 2020

1 Agreed as a true record of the Meeting: Signed ………………………………………….. Date ……………………… DRAFT MINUTES OF THE WEST DEREHAM PARISH COUNCIL MEETING ON THURSDAY 5th DECEMBER 2019 HELD AT WEST DEREHAM VILLAGE HALL AT 7.30 pm PRESENT (Five Councillors):- Tom Foy (TF), Stuart Glover (SB), Keith Gore (KG) and Lorraine Hunt (LH) Chair and Susan Pepper In attendance: Peter King, Parish Clerk, and 14 members of the public. The Chairman welcomed everyone present to the Parish Council Meeting. Guest Speakers – Mick George (Owner) and John Gough (Planning Director) From Mick George Ltd. John Gough - Mick George Ltd. acquired the Frimstone (the name continues to be used) site at Crimplesham in March 2018 and operations have continued generally as they were previously, it is not a high intensity quarry. The company are not aware of any issues raised from the local community. The main operations are currently taking place to the south of Crimplesham Main Road. The company want to move the mineral processing to the north side of the road where there is less extraction and can be easily screened and is further away from the village of West Dereham. This is something that the company will be progressing with the mineral planning authority in the near future and when the applications are ready, they will liaise with local Parish Councils. The company will be operating on the area at least until 2027. The company operate a community trust fund, (managed by an independent organisation, Grantscape) of which the finances are provided by the company’s other operations involving waste, as part of the land fill tax and communities are eligible to apply via an independent grant scheme for various projects, typically of between £10,000 and £30,000, but have funded much larger projects i.e. installing a road up to a church in a remote area. Any Parish Council situated within a 5 mile radius of the company’s operations can make an application. Mick George – The type of organisations that can apply for a grant are village halls, schools, churches for windows doors and heating, also, play equipment for children’s parks. The biggest problem that the company experience is getting villages to put together a scheme. The company have £800,000 to £900,000 to provide in grants per annum. In response to questions raised by a Parishioner, Mick commented that an awarded grant would cover the cost of labour and installation costs as well as any equipment and stated that applicants do not have to pay 11% towards the company’s charities. Mick noted that questions regarding a MGL Community Trust Fund application should be addressed to Stuart Costello, Marketing Director ( marketing@mickgeorge.co.uk 01480 499158). A Parishioner asked that if there are archaeological items discovered in a quarry, what becomes of them? In response John commented that the items would be sent to the County authority and discussed with the landowner. The company pay for archaeological surveys in new areas before extraction commences. In response to a Parishioner’s question, John commented that the company’s applications are similar to the WRENS (WRG?) grants system set up several years ago. Mick noted that Crimplesham Parish Council had made a successful grant application. He continued that the application process has 4 deadline dates throughout each year. In response to a Parishioner’s question, Mick confirmed that there would be no additional vehicles at the Crimplesham site. It was noted that the company are applying for a different type of permit to bring the landfill area back to its original levels, involving the lining (clay or sub-soil) of the quarry that would be difficult 2 Agreed as a true record of the Meeting: Signed ………………………………………….. Date ……………………… to manage due to its depth. The filling of the site would involve either transfer of material by dumper truck across the main road or possibly a conveyor beneath the road, from the other site. In response to a Parishioner’s question, Mick confirmed that Frimstone do not have any plans to purchase any other local land for development, including the land at the top of Lime Kiln Road. He noted a discussion that had been held with a local landowner regarding development of another piece of land, but that that was unlikely to go ahead and if it was, the local Parish Council would be informed. He added that within the site, there is still a small area that is to be extracted. He commented that vehicle wheel washers will be introduced to reduce any mud, etc. and in response to KG’s comments will bring in a road sweeper for deposits on Main Road. He commented that there operations would not affect the running of the NCC recycling site and noted that in some areas the boundaries’ screening hedges and trees needed to be increased. In response to a question from KG about extending the quarrying on the land between the Lime Kiln Road and Bath Road junctions at the A134, Mick did not confirm the company held an interest and stated that all they were doing was carrying forward the work that Frimstone had previously started. In response to a Parishioner’s question, Mick and John agreed to provide contact details for any concerns or complaints about the site operation for Parishioners to use (customerfeedback@mickgeorge.co.uk - 01480 498907). Mick commented that there were no plans to move extra vehicles to the site, but that at some point in the future the company would introduce a vehicle for local deliveries for small amounts of concrete mix. Mick offered to return to a future West Dereham Parish Council meeting if invited and would bring John Gough if it a matter involved a planning application. MINUTES FROM THE MEETING 1. Apologies for absence: Councillor Annie Barber 2. Declarations of interest on agenda items The Parish Councillors confirmed that they had no personal interests for items coming up on the agenda. 3. Notice regarding use of social media, audio recording of Parish Council meeting and invitation for public contributions. LH asked “Will anyone present be filming, recording, blogging, or tweeting during this meeting?” There was no response from the members of the public present. LH advised members of the public that if they wished to comment on any item, before a decision was made, they should raise their hand and they would be invited to speak. 4. Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 7th November 2019 LH confirmed that all Councillors had seen the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 7th November 2019. The Councillors agreed that they were content that the minutes should be signed as a true record correcting two typographical errors. LH as Chair signed the minutes. 5. Matters Arising 5.1 War Memorial, St Andrew’s Churchyard - The Parish Clerk reported that he had further inspected the War Memorial and noted that following a discussion with the village handyman that should there be any future problems with loose name lettering that it should be possible to carry out repairs. 5.2 Ditches, Church Road - The Parish Clerk reported that he received a message from NCC Flood Department (NCC-FD) noting that they had commissioned a specialist company to carry out a recent major survey of the ditches’ pipework in the vicinity of Church Road and at the junctions of Bath Road 3 Agreed as a true record of the Meeting: Signed ………………………………………….. Date ……………………… and Lime Kiln Road. The Parish Clerk noted that the survey included a couple of road plans and a report of 97 pages. The Parish Clerk added that he understood that the report confirmed that there were points in the pipework where different sized pipes were not properly connected causing blockage problems. The Parish Clerk commented that he understood that NCC-FD would be devising a plan of work and that affected parishioners in Church Road would be contacted. 5.3 Grass strips, Silver Birch Tree, Recreation Ground area – The Parish Clerk reported that he had identified some correspondence from Freebridge Housing stating that they were not responsible for the ownership and therefore the cutting of a strip of grass in St Andrews Close. The Parish Clerk noted that he would continue to pursue the ownership by contacting the BCKLWN local authority. The Parish Clerk added that he would clarify whether BCKLWN were also responsible for the maintenance of a silver birch tree reported by a Parishioner at the last Parish Council meeting as a cause for concern. 5.4 Local Roads, Muddy Conditions - The Parish Clerk reported that following the last meeting, when concern was raised of mud deposited by farm vehicles on local roads and particularly, Basil Road that rainfall over the following days had cleared some sections of mud. The Parish Clerk noted that other sections of Basil Road still need to be addressed. 5.5 Parish Cemetery, boundary trees – The Parish Clerk reported that he had written to the company who provide the Parish Council with grounds maintenance concerning the need to cut back the trees on the boundary of the cemetery. 6. Reports 6.1 Chair’s Report LH had no report to make. LH noted that at the past 2 Parish Council meetings that speakers had attended and provided both interesting and useful information and that if anyone had a suggestion of further organisations that could attend and provide a talk to advise the Parish Clerk. 6.2 Parish Clerk’s Report 6.2.1 Local Bus Service to West Dereham – The Parish Clerk reported that he had received correspondence from NCC regarding the cessation of a number of local bus services including the West Dereham market day service (Coach service 12). The Parish Clerk noted that this came into effect of 24th December 2019 and apologised that the recent December village newsletter reported incorrectly the date of 24th February 2020. The Parish Clerk added that there had been several items of correspondence from NCC on the service changes and that whilst the NCC had named a number of possible alternative service providers to approach, the problem appeared to be new legislation coming into effect in January 2020 that stipulated the need to comply with new regulations (Public Service Vehicle Accessibility Regulations), particularly with regard to disabled access. The Parish Clerk noted that he understood that local service providers were not willing to invest in fleets of new compliant buses. KG observed that most of the local bus users were able-bodied people and suggested that concerns were raised with Councillor Brian Long, leader of BCKLWN and mentioned the irony of having bus passes but not having a service to use them on. 6.2.2. A134 Tottenhill to Thetford Local Safety Scheme – The Parish Clerk reported receipt of correspondence from NCC concerning information of a series safety schemes along the A134 commencing on 3rd March 2020, including speed reductions. The Parish Clerk noted that over a period of the past 6 years, it was reported that there had been 108 accidents including 5 fatalities in a variety of weather conditions along the stretch of road in question. The Parish Clerk commented that the scheme includes a proposal to carry out some form of improvement at the junction of Lime Kiln Road and the A134. KG commented that he had been made aware of a planned roundabout being sited at the Stradsett/Foldgate junction of the A134. 4 Agreed as a true record of the Meeting: Signed ………………………………………….. Date ……………………… 6.2.3. Basil Road, Vehicles Speeding – The Parish Clerk reported that a Parishioner had raised a concern of vehicles travelling at speed at the first bend in Basil Road (Station Road end), where there is poor visibility of traffic approaching from the opposite direction. The Parishioner had offered to provide one or two concave traffic mirrors if agreement could be obtained from either NCC or the local landowner to install them. A Parishioner raised the concern of a low sun effect with a mirror in place. The Parish Clerk noted that if the mirror was installed, its positioning should not be affected by the sun. It was agreed that the Parish Clerk would thank the Parishioner and approach NCC for further advice. 6.3 Handyman’s Report 6.3.1 Moved the speed monitor from The Row to Lime Kiln Road and changing the battery before the move to the next site. 6.3.2 Cleared the pathway of weeds to the War Memorial in St Andrew’s Churchyard in preparation for the Remembrance Sunday service, including the pruning back of an overhanging tree and clearing some undergrowth. 6.3.3 Attended the cemetery to trim back the perimeter hedging. Unfortunately, the Handyman had reported that on two occasions he had been thwarted in achieving much progress due to problems with a mobile power generator. A further plan to complete the work was being considered with the Parish Clerk. 6.4 Police Report The Parish Clerk noted he had no information to report. In response to a question from a Parishioner, LH commented that the local police do not have a liaison officer, but do hold occasional surgeries in local villages. The Parish Clerk noted that when he receives local police information, he adds the details to the Parish website. 6.5 Village Hall Report The Parish Clerk commented that he had received an update that there is currently a ‘pro tem’ Village Hall Management Committee. The Parish Clerk noted that these details had been circulated in the recent village newsletter and that the latest information received was that the committee was pleased to receive three nominated new members appointed to the ‘pro tem’ committee, Tom Foy, representing the West Dereham Parish Council, Juliet King and Pam Bullas representing the West Dereham Heritage Group. 6.6 Glazewing Report The Parish Clerk reported the proposed liaison meeting with Glazewing management was set for 12th December. KG noted that due to work commitments he was now unable to attend. A Parishioner commented that he was still encountering lorries bound for the Glazewing site on Bath Road. SP noted that she was ringing Glazewing on the occasions when she observed their vehicles in Church Road. TF requested that if Parishioners observe Glazewing vehicles in the Church Road area to report them to the Glazewing office. 7. Finance Report 7.1 Accounts for October 2019 – Payments LH noted that although Councillors would note and approve the planned payments, the signing of cheques would have to be deferred. 7.1.1 Cash Flow October 2019 – The Parish Clerk distributed copies of the Cash Flow to the meeting. 5 Agreed as a true record of the Meeting: Signed ………………………………………….. Date ……………………… The Parish Clerk noted income of £150.00 received for a cemetery fee. The Parish Clerk reported that the October expenditure aggregated to a total of £1450.38 and that this included the advanced December salary for the Parish Clerk and the Village Handyman’s monthly allowance payment, as a result of the Parish Council not meeting in January 2010. 7.1.2 Cheque Payments for Approval for October 2019 – The Parish Clerk displayed the itemised pending payments on the overhead projector. The Parish Clerk noted the following payments that were due. Payee Cheque No Net VAT Gross Remarks Norfolk Association of Local Councils 101128 £23.94 £0.00 £23.94 Purchase of Councillors Finance Guides R. Poole £84.47 £0.00 £84.47 Handyman's Payment. Expenses &Travel - Nov 19 R. Poole 101129 £10.00 £0.00 £10.00 Handyman's Advanced Allowance Payment - Dec19 Norfolk Parish Training & Support 101130 £10.00 £0.00 £10.00 Chair Networking Session Peter King £587.56 £0.00 £587.56 Parish Clerk's salary & expenses - Nov 19 Peter King 101131 £605.41 £0.00 £605.41 Parish Clerk's advanced salary - Dec19 HMRC £0.40 £0.00 £0.40 Parish Clerk's PAYE&NIC - Nov 19 HMRC 101132 £6.60 £0.00 £6.60 Parish Clerk's Advanced PAYE&NIC - Dec 19 Society for Local Council Clerks 101133 £122.00 £0.00 £122.00 Clerk's Annual Subscription Total £1,450.38 £0.00 £1,450.38 7.1.3 LH asked Councillors present if they were content with the payments. All Councillors noted that they were content. LH noted that the cheques and control processes would be signed off as soon as possible. 7.2 Setting of the Precept 2020/21 LH asked if there had been any comments received from Parishioners regarding the Precept. The Parish Clerk responded that he had not received any comments. The Parish Clerk displayed on the overhead projector a budget showing the items of Income and Expenditure for the setting of the 2020/21 and noted that the document used was the standard format applied by Parish Councils. The Parish Clerk commented that his projection for the current financial year is that there will be an approximate surplus of £4,229, but that it must be assumed that this is subject to change between now and 31st March 2020. The Parish Clerk spoke to each item of Expenditure noting either a proposed increase or decrease in the budget and highlighting the following items: Parish Clerk’s salary and HMRC payments – The Parish Clerk is currently on a lower pay scale point than should be and that will reflect on next year’s budget. Secondly that It is unclear at what level to set next year’s local authority pay scales as they have not been agreed yet at a national level. LH commented that she had received local authority advice that a 3% increase would be appropriate at this time. 6 Agreed as a true record of the Meeting: Signed ………………………………………….. Date ……………………… Grounds Maintenance – Noted whilst the expenditure is fixed at £3,900 plus VAT per annum, that when the work resumes in the new year that will be the third year of a three year agreement. Cemetery – Noted that the budget has been considerably reduced to just cover the cost of the water stand pipe as other items of expenditure are not anticipated. Subscriptions – Noted that there are three subscriptions; National Association of Local Councils are not increasing their rates for 2020/21; the Information Commissioner and the Society of Local Council Clerks. These accrue to £328.00. Training – The Parish Clerk noted that the Training budget had been increased to £700.00 cover the cost of additional sessions required for new Parish Councillors. Open Spaces – Noted that this budget line has decreased over several years but is now being set to £25.00 to cover the charges made by the Environment Agency for the farm tenancy and allotments land and by BCKLWN for the rental of the recreation area. Village Handyman – Noted that the budget has been set on the basis of a review of his hours and the separation of the incidental items required to maintain the village work i.e. paint, repair items. The working payment has been budget at £2,017.00 and for incidentals at £60.00. Village Signs, Village Green and Parish Improvements - Noted all been reduced respectively to £375.00, £250.00 and £300.00. Recruitment – A new budget line has been set of £100.00 for the recruitment of new staff. Allotment Deposits – A new budget line has been set of £75.00 as these have not been previously accounted for as an expenditure item. Election Fees – Noted expenditure for the May 2019 elections was only £47.63, however it is necessary to continue to accumulate an Election Fee reserve for the future, set this coming year at a lower budget of £300.00. The Parish Clerk noted that the proposed expenditure budget comes to a total of £21,657.09. The Parish Clerk commented on the Items of Income. Precept – The Parish Clerk noted that the Parish Council intended to hold the Precept at £17,403.74 That was the same rate as for the current year, 2019/20. Farm Tenancy – The Parish Clerk noted that the farm tenancy was in its third year and due for renewal in October 2020, in which case, the new agreement might be lower or higher than the current rate of £3,000 per annum, but that for the sake of the budget would be held at that rate. Grant - Noted that West Dereham Parish Council had recently been advised by BCKLWN that they could claim a grant of £70.00 in addition to its Precept. The Parish Clerk confirmed that this now meant that a balanced budget had been proposed. A Parishioner complained that there was little work carried out in Basil Road financed from the Parish Council budget and that he had previously mentioned the painting of a bridge. The Parish Clerk responded by noting that the bridge at the junction of Basil and Hilgay Roads had been the last bridge to be painted. The Parishioner noted that he had taken photographs of the condition of the bridges in Basil Road and that their painting was the only thing he considered he could obtain of value from by paying his share of the Precept. The Parish Councillors agreed to accept the budget and set the Precept as discussed for the 2020/21 financial year. 8. Defibrillators in the Village Councillors had no updates to report. LH acknowledged that some information had been received from the Village Hall Committee that Councillors would look at. LH requested that if anybody had any views as to the siting of a Defibrillator to contact the Parish Clerk. 7 Agreed as a true record of the Meeting: Signed ………………………………………….. Date ……………………… 9. Farm Tenancy, Posts and Bordering Hedges KG commented that the post and wire fence on the edge of the farm tenancy is in bad repair and the allotment hedge on the road side and along the footpath is overgrown. KG noted that he thinks that some posts should be purchased and placed alongside the existing posts and staple to the wiring. KG added that the farm tenant should cut back the hedges as soon as possible. KG commented that he had recently carried out an inspection of the farm tenancy and allotment area and noticed that a small strip of grass had also been left along the edge of the border fence and added that the farm tenant should be asked to cut or strim the strip. KG noted that the Parish Councillors were due to carry out another allotment inspection at the beginning of January. 10. To consider Parish Council Internal Affairs and Policies 10.1 Standing Orders The Parish Clerk reported that as a result of the proposed amendments at the last Parish Council, it had been identified that to update the Standing Orders, an additional Retention Policy was required. The Parish Clerk noted that he had started drafting a Retention Policy but that the work was not yet completed. It was agreed to put the Standing Orders back on the Agenda of the next Parish Council meeting. 11. To comment on planning applications currently received – None received 12. Correspondence. The Parish Clerk reported that all correspondence had been covered by the agenda. 13. To receive further reports/items of business for the next agenda 13.1 TF requested the proposal to provide water butts to the allotments with possible equipment costs is added to the next Parish Council agenda. 13.2 KG requested that the Telephone boxes be added to the next agenda, as Parishioners had commented to him about their poor state of upkeep. 14. Date of next meeting LH noted that the next Parish Council Meeting is due to be held on Thursday 5th February 2020 at 7.30pm. 15. Open Forum 15.1 A Parishioner noted that in the village of Sporle, BT had renovated the village telephone box to a standard whereby it was able to be used as a library and wondered whether they would be willing to carry out the similar work in West Dereham. 15.2 A Parishioner asked if there had been any further feedback regarding the cutting back of the overhanging hedges in the Lime Kiln Area. The Parish Clerk replied that he had not heard anything further from NCC. The Parishioner also noted that the road line markings at the top of Bath Road at the junction with A134 were in a poor state and required some attention. 15.3 KG noted that there was a bad pothole in Bath Road opposite the entrance of the property, The Poplars. 15.4 A Parishioner asked what had happened about the blocking off to the entrance of the Lime Kilns area of Lime Kiln Road? LH replied that to the best of her knowledge the area had been filled with 8 Agreed as a true record of the Meeting: Signed ………………………………………….. Date ……………………… unwanted rubbish but had been asked to remove it. LH added that the land belonged to NCC but was let on a tenancy agreement. A Parishioner commented that the Environment Agency had become involved and requested that the tenant take steps to remove the rubbish. KG commented that the area had become run down and that there was nothing left in terms of interest or heritage value. 15.5 A Parishioner stated that he would like to make the following statement: I would like to propose vote of thanks and appreciation to the last Village Hall Committee, who resigned en bloc a few weeks ago The Village Hall structure that they inherited, left no one in doubt as to the work required to try and return our valuable village asset into a workable and viable proposition To name a few challenge’s they faced and completed: • Sorted out the Village Halls finances, which were in an abysmal state. This was done in a very professional and transparent manner • Upgrade repair or replace equipment, throughout the Village Hall, including redecoration of the bar area. Done by committee, volunteers and donations from third parties, including a grant from the Parish Council • Renegotiate and reconfirm contracts, in order to obtain the best financial deal for the Village Hall • Bring currency and co-ordination to the many processes and procedures required to facilitate the running of our Village Hall in a safe, legal, efficient and transparent manner • Raise the level of awareness of our Village Hall, throughout the village and surrounding areas, by holding various differing functions and events, and their associated publicity, including an updated Village Hall website • After several months of operation the committee realised a handsome profit from the Bar operation and the Kitchen function As advised, presently the Village Hall is being run by a Pro Tem Chair with an unnamed pro tem committee, it would seem transparency is not as strong as it should be. Hopefully the effort and actions of the last Village Hall Committee will be acted on and appreciated by the unnamed pro tem committee and any subsequent elected Village Hall Management Committee As a resident of West Dereham, a user of our Village Hall, and in some instances a volunteer at the Village Hall, I would ask the Parish Council to endorse the thanks to this committee, for their hard work during their tenure, and as a mark of appreciation! LH commented that on behalf of the Parish Council, it recognised the hard work of the outgoing Village Hall Committee and equally wished the new committee well and hope that it is successful in holding its election and whatever work is required in getting its functioning committee on board. 15 Close of Meeting. The Chair thanked everyone for attending, wished them a Happy Christmas and a safe winter. The final closure of the meeting was at 8.55pm Parish Clerk: Peter King – Email: clerk@westderehamparishcouncil.uk Telephone: 01366 502110

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