War Memorial Gary Trouton


February 2020

Minutes of the meeting held on Nov 6th Mrs Armsby welcomed 14 members & one visitor, Mrs Elaine Ford. APOLOGIES were received from Sheila Smith & Audrey Hudson. The minutes of the last meeting were read & signed. A birthday card was given to Joy Beckett. There will be two needed for Dec. Mrs Armsby said that because of time shortages, she & Hazel Hearne had visited Baytree, & decided to book the meal there for 1pm on Dec 4th. Two courses will cost £19.99, & three will be £24.99. A list of options will be passed round during refreshments, for members to make their choices, & Mrs Elsey will be happy to take payment tonight if possible. Jan rotas were decided to save doing business at the restaurant TEAS Jean Carter & Yvonne self. DOOR Wendy Quadling & Joy Beckett. Members were reminded to bring a wrapped parcel for the raffle, & everyone can buy one ticket for 50p. There being no other business, the AGM followed. TREASURER’S REPORT. Mrs Elsey had circulated copies of the annual accounts, & pointed out that once again we had made a loss. Members agreed that subs should rise from £15 to £20 per year, but teas & raffle tickets remain the same. SECRETARY’S REPORT. Mrs Lankfer said that in 2019 there were 17 members, with an average monthly attendance of 14. During the year, there had been a varied selection of speakers, 2 demonstrations, & 1 quiz. We also supported 2 charities with donations. The events committee had arranged 2 suppers & a mystery tour. Once again, a successful year, & we remain a small but happy band under the firm leadership of Doris Armsby. Mrs Armsby then thanked all the officers for their support during the year, & on behalf of the members Gillian Smith thanked Doris for all her hard work for the ladies group. ELECTION OF OFFICERS Chairman. Mrs Armsby agreed to stand again, & was unanimously elected. The remaining officers were persuaded to carry on in their posts, with Wendy Quadling joining them as assistant secretary. The programme for 2020 was discussed. Mrs Cooper had already arranged 3 speakers, & with suggestions from a few other members, the year was quickly filled. Mrs Cooper asked that as soon as the remaining bookings are confirmed, would members let her know, so that her husband, who had kindly agreed to print the programme again, will be able to have it ready for the Jan meeting. The raffle was won by Valerie Kirchen & Jenny Elsey. The meeting ended at 9pm. Claire Lankfer (secretary)

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