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August 2019


Present: Cllr David Llewellyn – Chairman, Cllr Mick Peake, Cllr Mandy Peake, Cllr Paul Williams, Cllr Peter Garnett.

Also present: Borough Councillor Colin Sampson 1 member of the public

1. Election of Chairman David Llewellyn was nominated and seconded as Chairman and with no further nominations duly accepted the role.

2. Chairman signed Declaration of Acceptance of Office

3. Apologies for Absence received and accepted from: Apologies for absence received from Cllr. Mack, Councillor Cann and County Councillor Martin Storey. It was agreed that Cllrs. Mack and Cann should either sign their Acceptance of Office forms at the next meeting of the Parish Council or make arrangement to sign in front of the Chairman.

4. No declarations of Interest made

5. Election of Vice-Chairman Mick Peake was nominated and seconded as Vice-Chairman and with no further nominations duly accepted the role.

6. Approval of Minutes The minutes of the meeting held on 04.03.19 were confirmed as a true record. Minutes of the meetings held on 28.01.19 and 12.02.19 were also confirmed.

7. Reports

7.1 Chairman’s Report:  The Chairman had given a report during the Annual Parish meeting held prior to the Council meeting. The report is available as part of the minutes of that meeting.  Thanks were expressed to all those who have worked on the project to install a defibrillator in the village phone box.

7.2 Clerk’s Report:

Correspondence passed to Councillors: • Norfolk ALC Bulletins 08.03.19, 21.03.19, 29.03.19, • CPRE Rural Housing Conference 06.09.19 • E-mail received: “Having recently visited the Children’s Play Area by Wretton’s village green with our son and our 15 month old granddaughter, we were dismayed to find the “baby swings” were filthy with pigeon pooh. This meant that they were totally unsuitable to be used by a small child, which is a great shame considering how well made and designed the wooden seats are. What is the point of having such good facilities when they can’t be used and who, if anyone, is employed by the Parish Council to maintain the cleanliness of the play area.? Our son has suggested that a row of spikes be installed across the top of the swing beam to deter the pigeons from landing there. Two other concerns with the play area were (a) the sliding bolt on the gate is not aligned with the socket and therefore can’t be shut properly, (b) there is no wire mesh across the entrance gate to prevent stay animals from entering and defaecating on the grass.” • Norwich Western Link Update 11.05.19 • SNAP Meeting 11.05.19 and Police Newsletter 24.04.19 • NCF Funding News • Councillors reminded to return completed Election Expenses Forms to the Clerk.

7.3 Risk Assessment Update • In response to the correspondence received regarding problems with pigeons sitting on the play equipment the Parish Council will look to fit spikes to the top rail of the swings and an ex-Councillor will be approached to see if he would be willing to monitor the situation. • The Parish Council will also look to attach mesh to the play area gate to deter animals from entering the area.

8. Update on Council Projects • Stumps in the “pond” left when the trees were felled have now been treated and should die. There is hope that soil can be obtained to fill the pond depression and Cllr. Williams continues to investigate possibilities. • The defibrillator has now been fitted in the village phone box and training how to use the device has been held. Volunteers have painted the phone box and signage will be added to indicate the defibrillator presence. Consideration will be given as to whether any more light is needed around the phone box at night.

9. Accounts were presented and accepted for payment. Cheques for approval of payment Clerk’s salary (April /May) £118.44 K & M Lighting Services x2 (street light maintenance) £35.04 BCKLWN (dog waste bin emptying) £247.10 HMRC £44.40 Maxey Grounds (annual fee for hire of play area) £107.00 Zurich Insurance £402.89 A Morgan (Internal Audit) £108.00 Top Garden Services (grounds maintenance) £452.56 CGM (grounds maintenance) £156.00 E.on (street light electric) £337.13 M Peake (signs) £24.00 P Williams (weed killer) £75.84

Finance – @ 30th April 2019: Community Account £8319.07 Business Premium Account £3460.74

10. 2018 Annual Governance Statement Councillors were presented with a copy of the Annual Governance Statement which was considered and approved.

11. 2018 Accounting Statement Councillors were provided with copies of the 2018 Accounting Statement and appropriate financial records including a bank reconciliation dated 31.03.19. The Internal Auditors comments were also noted. The Accounting Statement was agreed and signed by the Chairman and RFO.

The Council certified that it meets the exemption criteria and is thus exempt from review by the External Auditor and will submit an exemption certificate only. The Parish Community Infrastructure Levy of £2196 received during the past financial year has not been spent and this will be reported to the Borough Council as requested.

12. Street Lighting Maintenance Three quotes received for the street lighting maintenance, which is due for renewal this year, were considered and it was agreed further consideration will be given at the next Parish Council meeting when costs have been confirmed with the current contractor.

13. Planning Applications: No planning applications received for consultation.

It was noted that the ancient hedge which has been removed from land in Chequers Road is likely to be subject to an enforcement order to re-instate the hedge.

11. Other Reports – for information only: • A further request has been made to see if the speed limit past the new housing along Low Road can be reduced.

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