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Stroke Ferry Parish Council June Meeting

August 2019

STOKE FERRY PARISH COUNCIL Draft Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting held on Wednesday 5 June 2019 at 7.00pm in Stoke Ferry Village Hall

Present: Cllr Jim McNeill (Vice Chair) Cllr Daphne Clements Cllr Kit Hesketh-Harvey Cllr Trudy Mann Cllr Gail Reeve Cllr Janet Taylor Helen Richardson (Parish Clerk and Financial Responsible Person)

Public: 2 Also, in attendance: None

135/19 Emergency Evacuation Procedures was read by the Vice Chair.

136/19Openness and Transparency Notice - The Parish Council record the meeting. The Vice Chair notified the public of this.

137/19Apologies for Absence Apologies were accepted for Cllr Sue Lintern, Cllr Donna Stocking and Cllr Mandy Leamon (all personal reasons).

Apologies were also received from Cllr Martin Storey, Norfolk County Council.

138/19 To receive Declarations of Interest from Members on any item to be discussed The following was declared as an interest: • Cllr Janet Stocking due to a payment to Thomas B Bonnett’s. • Cllr Trudy Mann as she lives close to the Bluebell Public House due to be discussed.

139/19 To approve the Minutes of the Annual Meeting on 15 May 2019 and Extraordinary Meeting held on 30 May 2019 The Minutes of the 15 May 2019 Annual Meeting of the Parish Council were agreed as a true record and approved, as were the minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting held on the 30 May 2019.

140/19 Matters Arising from the Minutes of the Last PC Meeting

15th May 2019 - Cllr Kit Hesketh-Harvey advised that the precautionary measure explained by the mill and detailed in the May meeting minutes was not satisfactory in his opinion. He believed that there had been four fire crews attend the mill and there had been no alarm system within the village sounded, and people were not aware what had been occurring. He added that people were therefore not given the choice to evacuate, especially those who border the mill as he felt they were in more danger. Cllr Jim McNeill shared that the fire crews attended and had to return as they believed initially it had gone out. Cllr Gail Reeve shared that the Fire Chief in charge would have been responsible for evacuation should it have been required. Cllr Trudy Mann advised that she had telephoned the Fire Safety Officer in Kings Lynn and referred to the recent newspaper articles querying concerns about dust explosions. She advised that she asked if the fire brigade had dealt with a fire were there risk of dust explosions, which the Fire Safety Officer advised that the incidents that had occurred were as a result where there could be no fault of the company and was such a set of circumstances to the reasons why there had been fire. The Fire Safety officer further advised that they were satisfied the fire was not as a result of something that the mill was or was not doing. Cllr Trudy Mann advised that she had queried if particles of dust in the air could cause a dust explosion and the Fire Safety Officer advised that the area in the factory where the fire had occurred, benefited from measures put in place as a result of advice from the Fire Brigade and the Health and Safety Executive, plus measures the Mill had installed themselves. The fire had not occurred where dust explosions could occur. Cllr Trudy Mann advised the public needs to be able to assume that Environmental Health, the Fire Brigade, Health and Safety Executive are carrying out what is expected from their role. The Fire Safety Officer also advised that no one could rule out of any occurrence ever happening, but they were satisfied that the mill was doing everything that they needed to do plus the additional measures they had chosen to take themselves. Cllr Jim McNeill advised that the recording of the concern by Cllr Kit Hesketh-Harvey would be noted that the mill had ‘underplayed’ the two fires (a double one) and issues with alarms that had occurred recently. Cllr Jim McNeill advised that the concern would be raised for discussion at the next Mill Liaison Committee.

- Cllr Daphne Clements would be telephoning Post Office Ltd again about bringing their mobile post office van to the village.

- The Clerk had emailed the developer of the Indigo Road Site about its untidiness and the need to clear the site up and was yet to receive a response.

- Cllr Trudy Mann advised that there was a comment on the planning portal querying why the Parish Council did not want open space as part of the comments on the 2Agriculture planning applications. But she wished to correct the point that the Parish Council didn’t want to duplicate play areas, but it did indeed support open space. The Clerk shared that the Planning Committee deferral for 2Agriculture outline planning application to 1st July, but with the caveat that it depended on the site’s viability. The Clerk agreed to clarify what was meant by ‘viability’ of the site, and email Councillors with the response as soon as it is received. The Clerk also agreed to check if the 1st July Planning Committee was for both sites, the stores and the mill. Cllr Trudy Mann advised that the access to the playing field was still on the planning portal. The Clerk agreed to ask them if there would be any amended plans added to the portal before the Planning Committee. The Clerk advised that planning had confirmed green space provision didn’t have to play equipment and there were many other options such as benches, sensory gardens etc. The Parish Council noted this information and agreed that any further discussion specifically of what could be on the open space of the development would depend on the outcome of the outline planning application.

- Dog Bin Bridge Road – Cllr Trudy Mann and Cllr Jim McNeil had surveyed the area and were unable to find a suitable place for a dog bin that wasn’t either private or in front of someone’s property. However, they felt there may be a new opportunity when the new development at the old railway is in place in the future. They also inspected the hedgerows and there were no used dog-poop bags found. Cllr Jim McNeill agreed to report back to the resident who had requested the dog bin.

- Cllr Jim McNeill advised that the three community garden beds near the old village sign bed were now fully planted (with the exception of 10-12 small lavender plants). The paths around the beds and road were now weed free. The War Memorial and bus stop areas had also been weeded. A herb bed had been created and he would be doing a plan for the village school. Wood chippings had also been put in place where needed. Cllr Kit Hesketh-Harvey advised that it looked fantastic and he was very grateful. The Vice Chair thanked those who had been involved in the work. Cllr Jim McNeill would be storing the weeding tool costing £10.80 and it would be added to the assets register. In total, he had spent £166.70 (including £25.10 VAT).

30 May 2019 The Clerk agreed to investigate event insurance with the insurer for the Mid-Summer Fayre. It was noted that no insurance for Inflatables was required.

141/19 To Discuss and Approve Working Parties

The following working parties were listed for approval as per the extraordinary meeting on 30 May:

• Electronic Cemetery Records Working Party – Cllr Janet Taylor to take the lead on the Cemetery and Cllr Daphne Clements to do the Garden Remembrance electronic plan.

• Recovery Plan Working Party – Cllr Jim McNeill advised that he take the lead on finalising the document for approval by the Parish Council to send to the Emergency Planning Team. Cllr Trudy Mann agreed to work with Cllr Jim McNeill. They agreed to review whether the document should be circulated in the village and make a recommendation to the Parish Council for approval.

• Village ‘Fixtures and Fittings’ Register Working Party – Cllr Trudy Mann and Cllr Gail Reeve agreed they would take part and advise that Cllr Mandy Leamon and Cllr Sue Lintern would most probably wish to join them. They would be creating a map and pictures would be taken where needed.

The Parish Council unanimously agreed to the three working parties and noted that once work was finalised, they would become defunct and there may be others set up in time as required.

142/19 To Note: Asset of Community Value Application Approved Cllr Jim McNeill advised that the Parish Council had been notified on email by the Borough Council on 28 May that the application to register the Bluebell Public House as an Asset of Community Value had been approved. Cllr Jim McNeill advised that the application meant that there was an opportunity to safeguard it as a building for community use. The Clerk agreed to add the letter to the website.

143/19 To Discuss: Feedback Requested from a Business Interested in the Bluebell Public House A member of public had contacted the Clerk advising that they were looking at the Bluebell Pub as being a potential place for their Leather Craft Working business and gave permission to the Clerk to share the details of their idea to enable the Parish Council to feedback their views on this at their request. The had advised that they run Craft Workshops specialising in traditional leather work and they were looking for larger premises to meet the growing demand and have been looking for live/work type properties to run not only our Leather Craft Workshops, but also hopefully add ceramics and woodwork.

The following comments were made by Councillors individually: • The Bluebell had failed as a pub in recent attempts; • It was fair to seek the Parish Council’s views before going ahead on their part; • It was a brilliant idea and feared that if the Parish Council objected to it the building may be left empty for longer. If there had been viable use for it to be a pub people would have used it when it was open. There were low numbers when the building was open as a pub. It takes a lot to get a business going and whilst a place such as this is shut the public will go elsewhere and hard then to get them to return. • It was felt that it was better for there to be something there than nothing. • It may put Stoke Ferry on the map as a place to visit. • They might consider running a café too. • In its initial stages it would be warmly received to save the building being empty, and it hadn’t worked as a pub. • It was felt the community would welcome a use for the building.

The Clerk agreed to extend an invite to them should they wish to attend a Parish Council meeting anytime and share the above views and the Parish Council would widely publicise their attendance at any meeting.

144/19 To Discuss Neighbourhood Plan and Working Group Cllr Jim McNeill advised that the Parish Council were setting up a new working group for the Neighbourhood Plan as the previous group had become defunct. There needed to be at least three councillors on the Working Group and Cllr Jim McNeill had a draft Terms of Reference which would be further reviewed by the Working Group and then approved by the Parish Council. Cllr Jim McNeill advised that there was a view that the working group would work to recruit its members through an agreed process. Cllr Jim McNeill advised that he would be happy to be on the working group and stated Cllr Sue Lintern’s interest to be on it. Cllr Kit Hesketh-Harvey advised that he would be happy to be on the Working Group. The Parish Council noted that should anyone wish to come on o the group later that would be fine, and could also to be involved in an ad hoc way. Cllr Jim McNeill advised that they set up an initial meeting to discuss first steps and arrange to meet with the Senior Planning Officer as requested by him. There was funding available that also would be investigated also by the working group.

145/19 To Discuss: Request from the Scope Charity to Site a Clothing Bin in Stoke Ferry There had been a parish council-wide email, it was noted that the village school had a clothing bank and therefore the village didn’t require another one. The school received money for the clothing deposited. The Clerk agreed to feed back to Scope.

146/19 To Discuss Application for Comment Partial lowering of front side garden wall at Holly Cottage Oxborough Road Stoke Ferry Norfolk PE33 9SY The Parish Council had no objections or comments.

147/19 To Discuss Application for Comment Proposed rear single storey flat roof extension with glazed lantern at Lodge House Oxborough Road Stoke Ferry King's Lynn Norfolk PE33 9TA The Parish Council had no objections or comments.

148/19 To Approve: Payments and Accounts Reconciliation to Date The following payments were presented for approval:

The payments were agreed, Cllr Janet Taylor abstained.

149/19 To Receive items of concern & matters to be included on the next agenda from the Parish Council and note forward items • Following a query Cllr Trudy Mann advised that there was an air quality Borough Council website and readings from monitors were on freely available. Cllr Janet agreed to let the resident know who had queried it with her. • Cllr Jim McNeill advised that the slates on the roof of the Old Duke had been replaced and the chimnnies had been repointed . There was now no for sale board up. The Clerk had it on her action list to update with the Borough Council. • Cllr Trudy Mann advised that she had reported a bent sign on Oxborough Road and an overhanging tree branch to Highways. • The Clerk agreed to add the July agenda ‘Village Sign Design’ on the next agenda. Cllr Janet Taylor agreed to seek prices on possible options for improving the back of the four metal images. • The Parish Council discussed reports of further fly tipping of garden waste on the land behind bungalows at Buckenham Drive and adjoining the mill land. Cllr Jim McNeill proposed that a site visit be requested to that area with Freebridge, Cllr Martin Storey, Cllr Colin Sampson and the Borough Council senior to Nathan Johnson who had previously attended within the next month. There was concern it may attract another fly tipping. • The Clerk agreed to add to the July meeting agenda Indigo Development Update, Site Cleanliness and the Village Hall Car Park.

150/19 Cllr Colin Sampson (BCKLWN) and Cllr Martin Storey (NCC), if in attendance There was no update as they were not in attendance.

151/19 Adjourn the meeting to allow for public comments The meeting was adjourned for public comments, and reconvened.

152/19 Confirm the Date of the Next Meeting – Wednesday 3 July 2019 at 7 pm, Ordinary Meeting of the Stoke Ferry Parish Council This was noted.

Meeting Closed 8.30 pm

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