War Memorial Gary Trouton


August 2019

Minutes of the meeting held on May 1st Mrs Armsby welcomed 14 members. APOLOGIES were received from Gillian Smith & Wendy Quadling. The minutes of the previous meeting were read & signed. CORRESPONDENCE. A letter from Ian Grimes thanked us for our donation to Norfolk Blood Bikes. Jenny Elsey had received an email inviting members to attend the launch of Richard L Coates new book called “A Farthing for the ferryman”. It takes place from 6.30-7.30pm on Thursday May 2nd. Anita Horgen gave birthday cards to Jean Carter & Yvonne Self. Jenny Elsey will deliver one to Gillian Smith. The June meeting will be a fish & chip supper. A list was passed around for everyone to order their meal, & to pay for it in advance if possible. Hazel Hearne offered to bring tablecloths, & members were reminded to bring their own drinks & condiments. Valerie Kirchen said that her daughters will kindly pick up the order & deliver it to the hall for us, as they had done last year. ROTAS Door/raffle Janet Cooper & Hazel Hearne There will be two birthdays. Mrs Armsby then handed over to Yvonne Self, who needed no formal introduction, as she has been a member for many years, & is an experienced flower arranger. Her first display was perched on top of a blue wine bottle, with a smaller posy at the base. Using greenery from her garden & a mixture of white flowers, she then added a few bluebells to match the bottle. The second arrangement was an oval basket containing a variety of yellow & gold flowers, which would have made a lovely gift for a golden wedding anniversary. The third was an unusual horizontal shape on top of a brown earthenware pot. Here, Yvonne used red & brown leaves & twigs, with a beautiful line of vivid pink roses. So as not to waste anything, she even managed to turn the leftover flowers & leaves into another rectangular display to finish. All arrangements were put into the raffle. Yvonne was thanked by Doris Armsby, & given a voucher to show our appreciation. The extended raffle was won by Anita Horgen, Jenny Elsey, Hazel Hearne, Claire Lankfer & Wendy Quadling. The meeting ended at 9.45pm. Claire Lankfer (secretary)

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