River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Rain and Sun make Rainbows

August 2019

Isn't it funny, or maybe not, how we can have spells of joy and happiness & then others of gloom or sorrow? All of us, I am sure, have experienced times of great heartache or anguish when everything in ones life goes wrong or awry. Other times we sit on a cloud of happiness and contentment - 'All's Right with the World'. Last year I experienced great sadness, and yes loss, when both my sister and her husband succumbed to Dementia- it was not an easy time made worse by having to dismantle their lives together of 65 years whilst they were still alive. Over the last six months I have experienced great joy culminating in my ordination as Priest in Ely Cathedral in June surrounded by my family and friends. Mid July, both hubby and myself were invited to attend the Summer Play put on by the pupils of All Saints Academy Stoke Ferry. Oh what a joy it was to watch and listen to the acting and singing of those children. They put their hearts and souls into the production and I am sure there were some budding super stars in the cast. Yes, as life continues to run it's course, I am sure there will be more ups and downs but that is the way it is. It is my faith in a loving God, my family, and all my dear friends, including those in my church family, who keep me going when life is tough and who laugh with me when joyful. My door is always open if you need someone to cry with or to laugh with . Revd Carol Nicholas- Letch

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