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West Dereham Parish Council minutes of October meeting

November 2018


PRESENT (Five Councillors):- Pam Bullas (PB) Claire Cann (CC) - Chair, Lorraine Hunt (LH), Paula Kellingray (PK) and Pam Walker (PW) In attendance: Peter King, Parish Clerk, Richard Stimson, Compliance Officer Glazewing and 16 members of the public.

The Chairman welcomed everyone present to the Parish Council Meeting.

1. Apologies for absence Apologies were received from Parish Councillors Tom Foy and Claire Williams and District Borough and Norfolk County Councillor, Brian Long.

2. Declaration of Interest on agenda items No declarations were made.

3. Use of social media, audio recording of meeting and invitation for public contributions

CC asked “Will anyone present be filming, recording, blogging, or tweeting during this meeting?” There was no response from the members of the public present. CC advised members of the public that if they wished to comment on any item, before a decision was made, they should raise their hand and they would be invited to speak.

4. Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 6 September 2018

CC confirmed all Councillors had seen the minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 6 September 2018. The Councillors agreed that they were content that the minutes should be signed as a true record. CC as Chair of the meeting on the 6 September signed the minutes.

5. Minutes of the Extraordinary Parish Council meeting held on 6 October 2018

CC confirmed all Councillors had seen the minutes of the Extraordinary Parish Council meeting held on 6 October 2018. CC explained that the meeting had been called at short notice to consider an urgent planning application. The Councillors agreed that they were content that the minutes should be signed as a true record. CC as Chair of the meeting on the 6 October signed the minutes.

6. Matters Arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 6 September 2018

6.1 Norfolk County Council Highways Department (NCC-HD) - Footpath Noticeboard - The Parish Clerk reported that he had received a message from NCC-HD that they proposed to visit the village on 15th October to re-install the Footpath Noticeboard.

6.2 War Memorial - The Parish Clerk reported that he was still waiting on two stonemasons to provide quotes to carry out the repairs and amendments to the War Memorial lettering.

6.3 Overgrown brambles growing adjacent to 10 Ryston Road - The Parish Clerk reported that he had received a message from Operations Manager of the Southern Grounds Team from Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk (BCKLWN) Parks and Open Spaces Department that the remedial work was due to be carried out today and he was waiting to hear from the householder affected to confirm this was the case.

6.4 Speed Monitor - The Parish Clerk reported that he had contacted NCC-HD for further advice on speed limits and the placing of an additional post for the Speed Monitor in Station Road and raised the matter of a 30-mile limit sign hidden within growing roadside foliage.

6.5 GDPR - The Parish Clerk reported that he had made some further amendments to the drafts of the Staff and Parish Councillors’ Privacy Notices that he would circulate to Councillors.

6.6 Ditches - The Parish Clerk reported that he attended a meeting with members of staff from Norfolk County Council Local Flood Authority NCC (NCC-LFA) and NCC-HD and looked primarily at the problems in Church Road where a Parishioner had complained of sewage flowing into the open ditch at the front of her property assumed to be an overflow from a nearby septic tank. The Parish Clerk noted that NCC-LFA considered that there might be a blockage further along Church Road where there are a number of properties with filled in ditches and where underground pipework had been installed. The Parish Clerk added that NCC-LFA were trying to identify the original landlords of these properties and therefore the ditches and have approached both BCKLWN and Freebridge Housing. The pipework will then be jetted and possibly cameras will be used if a blockage is still suspected. The Parish Clerk noted that he had been advised that Anglian Water had been contacted to establish which householders were connected to the foul mains and in turn help narrow down the source of sewage. The combination of this and any survey results will be passed to the environmental health team at BCKLWN for investigation.

The Parish Clerk commented that he had also discussed the ongoing problem of the ditches at the bottom of Lime Kiln Road and the NCC staff considered that their might be a connection with Church Road ditches and so were going to look into the two problems together.

The Parish Clerk noted that he had also discussed the drainage of the ditch running alongside the Village Hall, flowing from The Row, Ryston Road. The NCC staff advised to consider obtaining a contract with a drainage company to undertake some investigations to review the outfall pipe in relation to the level of the ditch. It was noted that the ditch was actually the responsibility of the farmer who owned the adjoining field.

A Parishioner noted that the ditches had been surveyed 2 years ago using cameras and asked if there was a report available. The Parish Clerk responded that such a report had not been mentioned, but would make enquiries.

6.7 Cemetery Grave Spoil - The Parish Clerk commented that grave spoil had been left on one corner of the Cemetery and noted that there had been two recent funerals. The Parish Clerk noted that he had approached one funeral director who had insisted that his gravedigger was not responsible for the problem and that he would contact the other funeral director to discuss the matter. CC suggested that the letters of instruction to Funeral Directors regarding their responsibilities at the West Dereham cemetery needed to be re-issued

7. Reports 7.1 Chairman’s Report -

7.1.1 Natural Burial Trees - CC reported that the Parish Council had planted 20 trees in the Natural Burial area that had been affected by the extreme variations in weather during the spring and summer. CC added that the tree nursery provider had been to inspect the trees and noted that inspite of a programme of regular watering during the drought 9 silver birch and 5 of the flowering cherry trees had died. CC noted that the nursery had agreed to replace the silver birch trees and the Parish Council would pay to replace the flowering cherry trees and this would take place as soon as the soil had received sufficient rain to lift them.

7.1.2 Village Signs - CC reported that she had been in contact with a company to start to draft design plans.

7.1.3 Brazier, Cemetery - CC reported that a brazier had been erected in the Cemetery and would be lit on Remembrance Day on 11th November, but could then be lit for village events. In response to a question from a Parishioner, CC confirmed that whilst purchased by the Royal British Legion, the Parish Council would provide insurance cover for the brazier and add it to its Assets Register. A Parishioner advised caution that the brazier should not be lit for a period of 3 months from the end of June until the end of September due to surrounding crops. CC commented that the Parish Council had approached the Norfolk Fire & Rescue Service for their views on the placement of the brazier and on the basis that the fire bowl is quite small, its position in the cemetery and the location of the nearest water supply together with the undertaking of being present and the extinguishing any residual flames, both they and the BCKLWN Planners were content with its placement.

7.2 Parish Clerk’s Report -

7.2.1 Complaint received The Parish Clerk reported he had received a message of complaint from a Parishioner living in Church Road of a nearby neighbours’ hedge and brambles overhanging onto the pedestrian footpath. The Parish Clerk noted that he was following the matter up with the hedge owner.

7.3 Handyman’s Report – The Parish Clerk provided Roy Poole, the Handyman’s Report of work carried out during September 2018, noting the following actions:- 7.3.1. Speeding Monitor - Moved the speed monitor twice, from The Row, Ryston Road to Lime Kiln Road and then three weeks later onto Church Road. Changed the battery, twice. 7.3.2. Grass Management - Strimmed the grass verges at the 10 bridges and around the phone boxes and the safety signs. Picked litter. 7.3.3 Church Road Planters - Weeded the planters in Church Road and added purchased spring bulbs 7.3.4 Cemetery and Remembrance Garden - Worked on last border in Cemetery Remembrance Garden.

The Parish Clerk noted that the Handyman had worked 10 hours during September, a decrease in hours as a result of increased hours worked during August.

7.4 Police Report - PK reported that there had been an incident in the village concerning an elderly couple that had unnerved them involving the leaving of a note by children, daring others to come remove apples from their orchard.

CC circulated a community safety leaflet that had originated in Wales that provided advice regarding securing sheds and outbuildings. The Parish Clerk was asked to add the details to the West Dereham Parish Council (WDPC) website.

7.5 Village Hall Report - PK commented that the Village Hall continues to do well, although bookings had reduced slightly. PK noted that several bookings had been placed to hold functions in 2019. PK reported that from the last Village Hall Management Committee (VHMC) meeting, it noted that it had been offered an external letterbox to be used as a suggestion box. The VHMC wanted to ask the WDPC if it had any objections in siting the letterbox on the side of the bus shelter, to avoid it being used for postal mail. The Parish Councillors agreed to the proposal. PK also noted that the VHMC wanted to consider the erection of brown direction signs pointing towards the village hall. The Parish Clerk was asked to contact NCC-HD to request information on the price and process for obtaining such signs. PK stated that the Village Hall had created its own website and requested that the Parish Clerk set up a link from the WDPC website.

7.6 Glazewing Report - CC introduced Richard Stimson (RS), Compliance Officer for Glazewing and welcomed him to the meeting.

The Parish Clerk reported that he had received an email from Jonathan Miles (JM), Director of Glazewing message and read it out to the meeting; “I note from the draft notes of the last meeting a letter presented about Glazewing drivers. For the record we didn't see these pictures described in the letter so have been unable to assist in any remedy action required. We would agree we have met with the residents of Station House and are very happy to keep doing so to hear any issues they have regarding the transport operation. Also Joe our transport manager is frequently by the house and in dialog with the residents.

We will continue to investigate any valid complainant to ensure our transport operation has as little impact to the village as is possible. The village I am sure will agree there has been a large reduction in vehicle movements since the sale our waste management operations. We remain committed to working with the village for the reduction of environment impact of our operations.”

One of the Parishioners from Station House, present, commented that there had not been any contact with Joe of Glazewing since May 13th who on occasions since, had passed and ignored family members. He went on to add that the family still had issues and concerns about the behavior of drivers, including a few of them visibly urinating in the skip holding area; driving over the verge outside of Station House, noting that one had stopped and apologised for knocking over a cone outside of the property. The Parishioner commented that the family had not met with JM since May 2018, who had then promised to resolve any issues and also that emails to Glazewing had not been answered, including messages to Joe. RS apologized that there were several Glazewing IT system changes taking place and that this may have affected the receipt of emails and offered to provide his email address and an email address for Joe.

The Parishioner read out an email that had been sent to Glazewing complaining about cones positioned to protect the verge outside of their property being run over and dragged away by vehicles. He noted that the Norfolk Constabulary had advised the family to log any vehicle incidents they considered to be dangerous. In response to a question from LH, RS commented that a majority of the drivers using Glazewing vehicles are self-employed, with some recruited via an agency. The Parishioner raised the question of articulated lorries using the lorry park area behind their property after meeting with JM, when it was agreed they would not use that parking area. The Parishioner related incidents of drivers of lorries attempting dangerous driving manoeuvres in trying to enter the lorry park area, adding that not all of the lorries were from Glazewing. RS commented that instructions are given out to drivers on the routes they should take onto the site and apologized if some drivers did not adhere to the instructions.

The Parishioner noted that he had spoken with a previous Glazewing manager regarding speeding lorries and had requested to see tachometer readings, but expressed concern that the information had not been available. RS confirmed that all the drivers were requested to drive through the village at 20mph in the 30mph area and at 30mph along the rest of the Station Road approach to the waste management site. The Parishioner complained about the noise levels of revving and music in vehicles arriving from 4am onwards. Other Parishioners complained about the noise and speeding of Glazewing staff travelling through the village early in the morning, singling out the user of a motorbike. A Parishioner expressed concern at some occasions when Glazewing container-type lorries have carried out dangerous reversing manoeuvres at the junction of Church, Hilgay and Station Roads. In response to several of the concerns raised, RS commented that there is now a portaloo positioned in the station yard, he would send out a reminder to all drivers to respect noise levels when travelling in the early morning and look at all other matters and provide a report for the next Parish meeting. In response to a comments made in respect of the standard of cleanliness of the portaloo in the lorry park, RS noted that it is serviced by an external company.

A Parishioner raised the question of whether the Tachometers of the lorries could be checked for speed along the last 200 metres of Station Road? The Parishioner noted that the Vehicle and Operator Agency (VOSA) carry out random checks and might be approached for advice. RS commented that he was unsure of the frequency that Glazewing carry out their Tachometer checks, that they were being carried out, but not necessarily to monitor speed levels and that some sanctions are imposed upon drivers for too many hours driven. RS added that he will confirm if the speed limit over the suggested 200 metres of Station Road can be checked. RS noted that the drivers would not be breaking the law by driving through the village at 30mph and more than 30mph on the Station Road approach stretch to the waste management site and if Glazewing were to instruct their drivers to keep to these reduced speeds, they would have to write it into their company policy. A Parishioner noted that he had stopped 4 vehicles on Bath Road, whereby the drivers had complained that their sat navs had taken them on the wrong route. CC noted that the Parish Council had over a period of years tried to request a number of road and speed restriction measures, but had been unsuccessful.

A parishioner noted that he had seen a vehicle heading towards the Glazewing site with an overladen load, with an exhaust pipe falling off the back and noted that another driver, rather than putting it back onto the vehicle, threw it onto nearby verge where it remained for 3 weeks. RS in reply to the question, noted that if materials on a lorry are at risk of flying off the back, then it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure they are netted. RS confirmed that Veolia has no part of the Glazewing site and they take all the food waste to another site, whereas Glazewing takes in all the pre-incineration scrap, including household cans that the public put in their dustbins.

8. Fly Infestation The Parish Clerk noted that the Parish Council had sent the recent EA newsletter to Councillor Brian Long (Leader of BCKLWN and NCC) and Councillor Sandra Squire, local ward councillor (BCKLWN) and also a NCC councillor and had conversations and emails with the local manager of the Ely team for Waste Management for the Environment Agency (EA), with whom two phone messages had been received and a Environment Agency newsletter that is dated 09 October 2018 issued to all parishioners who had made a complaint to the EA national helpline. Paper copies of the newsletter were circulated to the meeting.

CC noted that the newsletter statement that “We feel that the fly situation is now under control. We would expect any impacts on the local area to reduce as a consequence” is contrary to her personal experience and she had contacted the EA hotline twice to register a fly infestation complaint. CC noted that the EA has been asked to investigate where the source is. Parishioners related their experiences. A Parishioner who very recently visited the Glazewing site noted that the tops of the stacked piles had been covered up and questioned why the spraying of insecticide could not have taken place from the top of a cherrypicker and was advised that this was the cheapest option. PB expressed concern that the EA had handled the situation very badly, noting that this is the third year that Glazewing has had a fly infestation problem and wonders why the company has not taken action until the EA have become involved? RS commented that the company were spraying with insecticide once a day during the summertime and then increased to 3 times a day, noting that the sprays, similar to fruit tree sprays, will reach up to 14 metres high, however he noted that the EA requested that the top of the piles were covered up with tarpaulins. RS noted that Glazewing increase the strength of their insecticide (Vulcan-C) in the evenings. CC commented that the question of why the piles should be covered if Glazewing are capable of spraying up to 14metres high should be put to the EA. RS confirmed that what is confusing both Glazewing and the EA this year that source of larvae cannot be identified, whereas in the past 2 years, there were sources located on the site.

Parishioners raised a number of questions. A Parishioner asked if the reason for covering the piles was to cut back on the costs of spraying? RS responded that this was not the case, but that Glazewing was taking the advice of the EA. A parishioner noted from the EA newsletter the sentence that stated “We will continue to investigate sources away from the site where the flies may be breeding.” And commented that the source was not necessarily the Glazewing site. CC responded that further information was being sought from the EA as to what exactly was being investigated. A Parishioner commented that the summer had been very hot and there had not been a problem with flies, but once the shredding machine broke down on the Glazewing site, then the problem started. A Parishioner asked if Glazewing was processing factory food waste. RS responded that Glazewing was not. A Parishioner asked how much material could be processed a day when all the equipment is functioning correctly and how much waste was currently being removed from the site? RS responded that 1200 tonnes a day could be processed and around 50 tonnes was currently being removed.

A Parishioner stated that there was no question that the flies were coming from the Glazewing site. Another Parishioner noted that there appeared to be a fly problem in several parts of the country. CC noted that LH had looked into a number of other waste management sites around the UK, noting stringent fines and penalties being awarded by the EA in many areas. In response to LH’s question, RS responded that the spraying cannot penetrate the covers that have been applied to the stock piles. CC commented that the EA should be asked whether it is better to leave the piles uncovered and spray them, rather than leaving them covered and the spray not getting fully into them. A Parishioner noted that Glazewing had miscalculated their storage quantities in that they held 7,000 tonnes of waste in 2016, 3,000 tonnes in 2017 and 1,200 tonnes this year and expressed concern at the timescale of catching up with the processing, once the machine was fully functioning again. RS commented that the machine was being maintained a fault was discovered with the drive shaft motor and this had to be sent to Italy for repair that has been carried out and should now be back on site on 15th October and hope to have it operational towards the end of next week. RS added that the plan agreed with the EA is to continue taking some materials off site until they are at a certain level and not to receive any new materials until the machine is fully operational.

A Parishioner noted that the weather is a problem with the presence of the flies and that the EA may visit when the temperature drops below 16C, but should the weather warm up again, after a few days the flies will start to breed again. RS stated that as the pre-incinerated waste is being prepared for removal from the site, it has been inspected and fly larvae has not been identified. A Parishioner questioned whether planning permission had been granted for the Bano machine to be operating on the Glazewing site? RS commented that planning permission has been applied for and is awaiting validation. The Parishioner responded that the information has not been possible to validate as the Glazewing application has been so vague. A question arose as whether the machine should be in use. CC noted that NCC know exactly what the position is. RS commented that in response to the planning application, Glazewing were asked to respond to a number of steps and that these steps had taken longer than expected and the information is being provided as required. A Parishioner noted that the initial response from a junior EA staff member who had inspected the fly problem in his house, after visiting the Glazewing site commented that the problem when returning to his property did not seem to confirm what the EA newsletter related. CC questioned why the piles cannot be set out in lower stock piles? RS said that this was because of way the yard is set out with the amount of concrete surface and that the company is working to the EA schedule.

CC stated that the Parish Council needs a meeting with the EA to obtain answers to the questions raised. PK noted that the EA were invited to the meeting but were unable to send an officer. PB expressed her thanks to RS for taking away the concerns raised about the village roads and for trying to respond to the questions regarding the fly situation but added that the concerns still need to be posed to the EA. In response to a question RS confirmed that Glazewing put a programme to the EA whereby the company would stop bringing further waste in onto the site. A Parishioner questioned what Glazewing is going to do in the future, because if this type of waste is not processed and moved off the site within a shorter timescale, then it will attract flies. In response to a question from CC, RS confirmed that it is known within the waste management industry that the dirty ferrous is known to attract flies. CC stated that she feels strongly that a waste management site should never be sited near a village and that NCC should not have allowed the Glazewing site to grow, but the situation in place needs to be addressed. CC noted further that JM’s recent message had ended by stating “We remain committed to working with the village for the reduction of environment impact of our operation” and yet knows that the material being brought in the village has a terrible anti-social effect. CC added that this dirty ferrous has been taken on and is known to attract flies and yet the village is expected to live with it. RS responded that there is a lot of discussion at Glazewing and that JM is keen to deal with the issues and that the main problem is that Glazewing and the EA cannot find the source of the larvae. A Parishioner raised a concern from a comment made by an EA officer regarding Glazewing’s planned maintenance programme and questioned why it had taken so long for them to send off the part requiring repairs. RS responded that Glazewing had not anticipated the need to obtain new parts to the equipment and that was only identified when the machine was stripped down. In reply to a Parishioner’s question, RS confirmed that all the stockpiles are situated on concrete pads. RS confirmed that it was three years ago when Glazewing started to take in dirty ferrous waste and that the 50 tonnes a day that is being sent off site is being sent to a non-Glazewing site. CC stated that the Parish Council will be extending an invitation to JM to discuss the situation. A Parishioner commented that based on past experience, he anticipates this matter will not be easily resolved and that the fly problem will continue. A Parishioner noted that there is an on-line petition being circulated that is collecting signatures not just from West Dereham but also other local villages and it will be submitted to Liz Truss MP asking for a public meeting. In response to a question from a Parishioner, RS responded that when repaired, the machinery can process 70 tonnes of waste a day.

CC thanked RS for attending the meeting and he left.

In response to a question, the Parishioner who mentioned the petition added that it was accessible on the West Dereham Community website and also on a website titled 38 degrees by searching on ‘fly infestation West Dereham’ and that it could be downloaded into a paper version and passed to those without a internet connection. A Parishioner offered to take the petition around the West Dereham village. A Parishioner questioned whether Glazewing could be approached to provide a monetary contribution towards the village, for example to cover the village costs of fly deterrents? This suggestion was discussed and decided not to be pursued. A Parishioner raised concerns about the rate of catch-up that will take place when the Glazewing machinery is fully operational again and how the site may develop in the future.

CC commented that NCC needs to be contacted to ascertain why planning permission has taken so long to be granted, noting that WDPC objected to it, when it was first proposed and state to them that this problem is being caused by a machine that still has not got planning permission and that objection towards it are even stronger. CC expressed concern as to how effective the local MP will be and that NCC and BCKLWN will have conflicts of interest as they need to have local waste managed. A Parishioner expressed his concern that if planning permission is agreed that the Bano equipment will be housed and the waste left in the yard, instead of reversing the situation, whereby the waste if stored undercover in a building can be better managed and sprayed, whereas if the machine should break down, the stock piles will be exposed in the open again. The Parishioner also challenged the effectiveness of spraying stockpiles on the fly population due to their ability to rapidly breed. CC commented why it is important to speak with the EA again. A Parishioner noted that in the past the processing of the food waste had not been a problem until different types of waste became mixed and then the fly problem returned. A Parishioner commented that when he had spoken with the EA team manager that he had been told that there is no problem and that Glazewing are the victims in this case. LH noted that the EA had been sent all sorts of picture and videos of the fly infestation.

PB questioned why Glazewing had not been closed down by the EA whilst the fly infestation was cleared? Parishioners questioned what had happened a year ago when they were contacted by telephone and there were discussions of making personal statements and of court action to be taken by the EA, but further actions did not materialize. CC noted that discussions with NCC should also consider anticipated and continued problems with the waste management site and resolve to put plans in place. A Parishioner commented that at present the size of the Glazewing presence had gradually reduced, but raised concerns at the storage of the scrap in the stock piles and he raised concerns at the possible training of EA staff in dealing with the fly infestation problem.

CC summarized that the WDPC will contact the EA and try and arrange a meeting with them and put all the question raised from this meeting, voice concerns to NCC Planners about the situation and the future of where things are going, try and arrange a meeting with Liz Truss MP and as many local people as possible.

CC noted that the meeting had now taken two hours and according to the Parish Council’s Standing Orders (SO 3w) required approval to continue with the meeting. All Councillors were content for the meeting to continue.

9. Finance 9.1 Accounts for September Advance payments. 9.1.1 Cash Flow and Cash Book September 2018 – The Parish Clerk displayed the Cash Flow on the overhead projector, followed by the Cash Book noting that during September, £0.81 was accrued in bank interest and expenditure totalled £2,179.02 subject to Councillor’s approval (revised to £1,899.02 see Minute 9.1.3). 9.1.2. Barclays Transactions - The Parish Clerk reported that he had raised a cheque for £42.20 that was an internal bank transfer from the Allotments Account to the Community Account following a duplication of a previous bank transaction transfer made by Barclays in August. 9.1.3 Cheque Payments for Approval for August 2018 – The Parish Clerk displayed the itemised pending payments on the overhead projector. The Councillors agreed to now pay the deferred payment of the invoice for Pear Technology following their explanation and that included an actual annual discount on normal charges. Parish Councillors agreed to defer payment (£40.00) to the Information Commissioner and requested confirmation that WDPC is still required to maintain a subscription and the payment (£240.00) to PKF Littlejohn LLB until they complete their external audit.

Payee Cheque No Net VAT Gross Remarks Pear Technology 101039 £200.00 £40.00 £240.00 Annual IT support costs - 2018/19 Holly Landscapes 101043 £487.50 £97.50 £585.00 Ground Maintenance - September 2018 R. Poole 101045 £129.40 £0.00 £129.40 Handyman Pay & Expenses - Sept 2018 P. King (Parish Clerk) 101047 £572.92 £0.00 £572.92 Staff Salary & Expenses - September 18 Anglian Water 101048 £11.70 £0.00 £11.70 Water Bill for Cemetery supply Norfolk Association of Local Councils 101049 £300.00 £60.00 £360.00 Cilca traing for Parish Clerk - 4 days provided by NALC

Total £1,701.52 £197.50 £1,899.02

9.1.4 Cheque Payments - CC asked the Councillors present if they were content with the payments with the exception of the invoices from the Information Commissioner and PKF Littlejohn LLB. All Councillors noted that they were content. CC concluded that the cheques and control processes would be signed off at the end of the meeting.

9.1.5 Precept CC commented that the Parish Council should approach Holly Landscapes to discuss the need for additional hedge cutting. A Parishioner complained that he had previously requested the painting of bridges in the Basil Road area and this had not occurred. CC commented that the bridges would be reviewed again for painting and a numbered plan created. The Parishioner also complained about large lorries travelling along the length of Basil Road and asked if signs could be added to either end of the road showing weight restrictions. The Parishioner also raised concerns about the increases in the annual Precept and questioned the benefits to those living in Basil Road.

10. Electoral Services

The Parish Clerk read out a letter he had received from the Norfolk Association of Local Councils in response to their request for information from the legal department of the National Association of Local Councils regarding advice on Parish Council charges for elections, “You have requested advice on whether principal authorities have the power to re-charge parish councils for the administrative costs associated with uncontested elections/by-elections.

Paragraph 28 of NALC’s Legal Topic Note 8 provides that the cost of holding a local election is paid by the local council if the principal authority so requires. 36 (5) of the Representation of the People Act 1983 provides that all expenditure properly incurred by a returning officer in relation to the holding of an election of a parish councillor shall, in so far as it does not, in cases where there is a scale fixed for the purposes of this section by the council of the district in which the parish is situated, exceed that scale, be paid by the district council, but any expenditure so incurred shall, if the district council so require, be repaid to that council by the council of the parish for which the election is held.

In my view there will be costs of an election even if it is uncontested and I think the above provision would enable a principal authority to recover costs where an election is uncontested. This would appear to be the position that has been adopted by West Norfolk Council.”

CC noted that WDPC may have to find up to £3,000 to hold a contested election.

11. Natural Burial

11.1 Burial oak benches and plaques - The Parish Clerk read out a quotation received from Ben Taylor and Sons to produce a green oak bench of two 6 x 6 inch timbers ½ inch apart and about 72 x 12 ½ x 18 inches, set in two small concrete pads and untreated so as to weather in with a price of £450.00 each or 3 for £1200.00 and hanging plaques to be made from seasoned oak, with name carved by hand, hung from a thin wire rope with a rubber - tree mount, a price of £100.00 each. The Parish Clerk was asked to obtain another quote to comply with Parish Council Financial Regulations.

11.2 Commemorative Plaque for brazier - Parish Councillors agreed that the event should be added on a plaque to be added to the brazier. CC and PB to agree on suitable wording.

12. Farm Tenancy

CC requested the Parish Clerk to contact NCC Footpaths Department regarding the footpath that is situated on the side of farm tenancy land to confirm the boundaries.

13. Allotment Inspection 06 October 2018

PB and CC carried out the inspection. CC commented that she was disappointed that none of the allotment holders were present and asked the Parish Clerk to contact the Handyman and make arrangements for 3 posts that required some attention. The Parish Clerk noted that he had one quote for the purchase of weed suppressant and was waiting for a second quotation.

14. To consider Parish Council Internal Affairs and Policies

14.1 Grant Awarding Policy

CC noted that there was a typographical error for correction. CC asked the Councillors present if they were content with the revised Grants Award Policy. All Councillors noted they were content. CC noted that the Grants Award Policy had been reviewed and revised.

14.2 Grants Award Application Form

CC asked the Councillors present if they were content with the revised Grants Award Application Form. All Councillors noted they were content. CC noted that the Grants Award Application Form had been reviewed.

15. To comment on Planning Applications or Decisions received

The Parish Clerk advised that there had been no new applications or decisions to report.

16. Correspondence

The Parish Clerk confirmed that all items of correspondence had been covered elsewhere on the meeting agenda. CC asked Parish Councillors if they had any comments to the draft letter to be sent to Liz Truss regarding conflicting financial instructions to Parish Councils from central and local government. Parish Councillors present had no comments to add.

17. To receive further reports/items of business for the next Agenda

PB suggested considering an Action Plan to tackle the fly problem.

18. Date of next Parish Council Meeting To note that the next Parish Council Meeting will be held on Thursday 8th November 2018 at 7.30pm in the West Dereham Village Hall. The meeting will be preceded with Councillors’ Surgery at 7.00pm

19. Open Forum No further items were raised by members of the public present.

Closure: The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and final closure of the meeting was at 9.59pm

Next meeting is the Parish Council Meeting on Thursday 8th November at 7.30pm with Councillor’s Surgery from 7.00pm Clerk: Peter King - Email; clerk@westderehamparishcouncil.uk Telephone: 01366 502110

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