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West Dereham Parish Council - minutes of November meeting

November 2018


PRESENT (Six Councillors):- Pam Bullas (PB) Claire Cann (CC) - Chair, Lorraine Hunt (LH), Paula Kellingray (PK), Pam Walker (PW) and Claire Williams (CW) In attendance: Peter King, Parish Clerk, and 12 members of the public.

The Chairman welcomed everyone present to the Parish Council Meeting.

1. Apologies for absence Apologies were received from Parish Councillor Tom Foy.

2. Declaration of Interest on agenda items No declarations were made.

3. Use of social media, audio recording of meeting and invitation for public contributions

CC asked “Will anyone present be filming, recording, blogging, or tweeting during this meeting?” There was no response from the members of the public present. CC advised members of the public that if they wished to comment on any item, before a decision was made, they should raise their hand and they would be invited to speak.

4. Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on 11 October 2018

CC commented that the Parish Clerk had received notices from both the Compliance Manager of Glazewing and the Team Leader, Ely Waste Team of the Environment Agency (EA) commenting on the accuracy of several statements recorded in the draft minutes posted on the Parish Council website. The Parish Clerk added that he had not been able to check recorded information that had been raised before the meeting. CC confirmed that the minutes would therefore not be approved until statements had been checked.

5. Matters Arising from the Minutes of the meeting held on 11 October 2018

5.1 Norfolk County Council Highways Department (NCC-HD) - Footpath Noticeboard - The Parish Clerk reported that the Footpath Noticeboard had been re-installed and was now sited next to the general noticeboard at the southern end of Church Road.

5.2 War Memorial - The Parish Clerk reported that he had now had a conversation with one of the stonemason companies he had contacted to carry out the repairs and amendments to the War Memorial lettering, but was still waiting for a quotation and still waiting to hear from the second company.

5.3 Overgrown brambles growing adjacent to 10 Ryston Road - PW confirmed that the work had now taken place to cut back the brambles along the footpath. CC requested that the Parish Clerk contact the Southern Grounds Team from Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk (BCKLWN) Parks and Open Spaces Department to seek their confirmation that they would agree to continue to implement any remedial work in the future.

5.4 Speed Monitor - The Parish Clerk reported that NCC-HD had noted that they would visit the southern end of Station Road and advise on the speed limits for placing an additional speed monitor post. 5.5 GDPR - The Parish Clerk reported that he just circulated one of the draft Privacy Notices to Councillors. The Parish Clerk added that he would identify and circulate a second draft privacy notice.

5.6 Ditches - The Parish Clerk reported that following a meeting he attended with members of staff from Norfolk County Council Local Flood Authority NCC (NCC-LFA) and NCC-HD looking at the problems in Church Road where a complaint had been received from a Parishioner concerning sewage flowing into the open ditch at the front of her property he had received the following communication “At the moment we are currently waiting on a quote for the costs of a CCTV investigation for the extents of the water course at this location with the aim of detecting the exact location of blockage(s), once we get the prices back we can look to action the work. I will chase this up with the contractors this week and will let you know as soon as we are ready to proceed with the investigation.” PK noted that staff from Anglian Water had been seen looking at the water courses in Church Road earlier in the week.

5.7 Village Hall Road Sign - The Parish Clerk noted that still had to contact NCC-HD to request information on the price and process for obtaining a direction sign to the Village Hall.

5.8 Electoral Services - The Parish Clerk reported that he had received a letter from Elizabeth Truss’ office stating that the Parish Council’s letter raising concerns regarding future electoral charges had been forwarded to James Brokenshire MP, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government for comment.

5.9 Footpath - Farm Tenancy - The Parish Clerk confirmed that he had contacted the NCC Footpaths Department regarding the footpath that is situated on one side of the Parish Council’s area of farm tenancy.

5.10 Riverside Nursery visit - The Parish Clerk noted that Riverside Nursery had agreed to offer a site visit to Parish Councillors and villagers on 12th November to see their latest extraction equipment.

6. Reports 6.1 Chairman’s Report -

6.1.1 Remembrance Service, Sunday 11th November 2018 - CC commented that the Parish Council would be laying a wreath at the War Memorial in the St Andrews Churchyard at the Remembrance Service on 11th November and that details of the lighting of the Beacon in the West Dereham Parish Council Cemetery had been circulated in the Village magazine and were on the Parish Council website.

6.2 Parish Clerk’s Report -

The Parish Clerk noted that all items were covered in Matters Arising or under other agenda items.

6.3 Handyman’s Report – The Parish Clerk provided Roy Poole, the Handyman’s Report of work carried out during October 2018, noting the following actions:- 6.3.1. Speeding Monitor - Moved the speed monitor from Church Road to Station Road. Changed the battery, twice. 6.3.2. Grass Management - Strimmed some of the bridges where the grass has grown on verges. 6.3.3 Hilgay Road Speed Sign - Cut back overgrown brambles and ivy by speed signs in Hilgay Road. 6.3.4 Parish Bridges - Cleaning down, preparing and painting of bridge in Hilgay Road with two coats of paint.

The Parish Clerk noted that the Handyman had worked 18 hours during October.

6.4 Police Report - PK reported that she would be attending a meeting at Downham Market Police Station to be held on Monday 26th November to discuss how new Local Policing Teams will fit into the day to day policing of the area. A Parishioner asked if it would be possible to have more Police presence in the village. PK commented that the cost of Policing in the area had increased in the past two years affecting the Precept and yet the Policing numbers were reducing and that this would be discussed at the meeting. CC noted that in the past the local Police had been able to send a representative to the Parish Council meeting, but that this position had changed and recently they had not even been able to send a short report for the meeting. CC added that the Parish Council constantly make representations about their concerns regarding the lack of communications.

6.5 Village Hall Report - PK reported that the Village Hall had made some progress with application for grants to replace and upgrade the Village Hall’s septic tank. PK commented that the Dalton Trust had agreed to provide a grant of 10% of the overall costs that would also support the Village Hall application to WREN for the balance (90%). PK noted that the village hall should hear from WREN during mid-December if it has been successful with its application. PK added that if the funding is then made available, work to replace the septic tank could take place early in 2019.

PK commented that between mid-November and January, the Village Hall will be extremely busy and all details of events will be advertised in the Village Magazine. PK added that the Village Hall now has its own website up and running and its address is westderehamvillagehall.co.uk and it holds all the information for events taking place at the hall. PW added that information can also be found from the Village Hall’s Facebook page.

6.6 Glazewing Report - PB reported that the Traffic Commissioner (TC) is holding a Public Inquiry into the Application of Glazewing Limited Goods Vehicles Operator’s Licence (OF2007885) on Tuesday 27th November at 11.00am in the Town Hall in Downham Market. PB noted that only certain members of the public would be allowed to speak at the Inquiry. A Parishioner commented that he understands that three sets of householders would be able to speak and put forward their concerns. The Parishioner noted he understood that Glazewing were due to have a visit from the TCs and observed that the parking yard behind Station House had been recently thoroughly cleaned over a period of three days, including the cleaning of verges and the placements of additional signs providing a false impression. The Parishioner questioned what was classified as 14 vehicles and 4 trailers as the picture was confusing given the configuration of Glazewing vehicles that were employed on the site and this was a question to raise at the Inquiry. PB commented that the TCs should be carrying out spot checks. The Parishioner questioned the suitability of Station Road as an access road to the waste management site and complained that there was a pot hole outside of their drive that was growing in size. CC noted that the TC had observed that there were plenty of passing places, but failed to acknowledge the dangers to pedestrians. PB commented that there is failure to acknowledge that Station Road is totally unsuitable for large lorries. PB observed that if anybody still wants to complain about the presence of large vehicles those complaints need to be sent to NCC-HD. CC noted that the date to submit information in respect of the Traffic Inquiry may have passed but that the TC could not fail to consider any ongoing information presented to them. In response to a question from a Parishioner, CC commented that the Parish Council were still trying to obtain details from the TC concerning the last Traffic Inquiry that was held in 2017. CC observed that the Parish Council were not able to voice its concerns and neither can the local County and Borough Councillors, although they could make their concerns known via the NCC-HD, who can make comments.

A Parishioner commented that he had complained to Glazewing regarding one of their drivers knocking down and squashing cones protecting the verge outside of his property. The Parishioner stated that he was advised that the Glazewing drivers are limited to driving at a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour, HGVs should be sheet covered or risk company disciplinary action and a number of other restrictions whilst on the site were mentioned. CC commented that according to the Environmental Report for the forthcoming Public Enquiry Glazewing’s interim authority for 14 vehicles and 4 trailers at the site were subject to the undertakings that they should not exceed 20 mph when travelling along the access road to the operating centre, that means the length of Station Road that is outside the 30 mph limit, something that Richard Stimson did not seem aware of. Also all vehicles & trailers should be sheeted to prevent debris falling which they certainly were not. The Parishioner mentioned that what was perceived to be a motorcycle arriving on the site early in the morning is actually a form of American truck. The Parishioner added that he approached the truck vehicle driver, on arrival one morning at 5.45am and advised him that his behavior was inconsiderate.

7. Fly Infestation

The Parish Clerk reported that Elizabeth Truss MP and several agencies had been invited to attend this evening’s meeting to discuss the problems of the fly infestation.

The Parish Clerk noted that Elizabeth Truss’ office had replied and he read out the letter; “Thank you for the invitation to Elizabeth Truss MP to attend a meeting in West Dereham on 8th November. Regrettably due to existing commitments Elizabeth is unable to attend. Elizabeth has asked the Environment Agency and KLWNBC (BCKLWN) to work together to outline what measures will be put in place to prevent the fly infestation. Please be assured that as soon as she receives a response, she will be in contact again.”

The Parish Clerk commented that the EA had been invited to the previous meeting and this evening. The Parish Clerk noted that the EA had sent their apologies to both meetings and had written a response to the draft minutes of the 11th October meeting. It was agreed that the content could not be discussed until the draft minutes and statements recorded had been verified and agreed.

The Parish Clerk noted that he had received a letter from Jonathan Miles, Director of Glazewing that he read to the meeting; “Thank you for your letter and invite to the next Council Meeting, however I do not feel that I can add any more than Richard (Stimson) did at your last meeting on 11th October 2018. After reading the Draft Minutes there are several errors in them. Richard will respond separately to ask for these errors to be corrected at the next meeting. Should representatives of the Parish Council wish to visit us at our offices and talk through any concerns I am happy to do so, as always.”

The Parish Clerk noted that he had received a phone call from an officer of BCKLWN Environmental Health Department (BCKLWN-EH) tendering their apology to this evening’s meeting and forwarding the following emailed message;

The Borough Council (BC) have been in contact with the Environment Agency (EA) about the complaints regarding flies in the West Dereham area. Any complaints received to our team have been forwarded to the EA. The EA is the lead authority in terms of Glazewing as the processes that occur there are subject to a permit. The Environment Agency have taken action in response to the complaints specifically about Glazewing which they will update you on. In this case all those who have complained have referred to Glazewing as the source of an infestation and the EA have undertaken relevant action and monitoring in respect of the requirements of the permit. Our role has been to support the EA where necessary and the Borough Council will continue to work with the EA to ensure that regular monitoring takes place at Glazewing to ensure they are in constant compliance with the permit, particularly in relation to control of insects. If complaints are received by the BC in the future we will contact the EA as agreed and check whether the source of flies is Glazewing. It is important to note that if Glazewing is in compliance with its permit and it is confirmed by the EA that no breeding is taking place on the site there could be a large number of other breeding locations or food sources for flies in the surrounding area that Glazewing may not be responsible for. If that is the case in the future then the BC will investigate accordingly. This team would be happy to provide further information to the parish council about what the residents can do themselves to report the nuisance and also what can be done to prevent encouraging breeding of flies and to prevent providing a food source for flies. It is vital that the residents are aware that it may not always be Glazewing that are the source of any infestation in terms of breeding grounds for insects. If the residents understand that, they will be able to report the problem and make it clear that the source may be unknown or may be able to provide information about possible other sources near to their property so the correct owner or operator can be contacted and can be held accountable and the problem can be prevented or resolved. Please do contact me if you would like further information.

CC reflected that this was one of the points raised by the EA regarding the Parish Council minutes. CC stated that when she rang the EA, the second time, she was asked directly whether she considered the flies were dying down and coming from the Glazewing site?

CC reported that she told the EA she could not say where the flies were coming from – and thought it was the Agency’s job to find out – but she advised the EA that she had received representations that in the north part of West Dereham there had been spraying of a particularly noxious smelling substance on the fields & the Agency may want to follow this up. However, a later statement from the EA said they were not looking at anything else. LH complained that in her communications with BCKLWN-EH, she had not cited Glazewing as the responsible people for the fly infestation and was concerned that the inference of their comments was otherwise. CC commented that the Parish Council will respond to BCKLWN-EH regarding their response and their recording of complaints.

CC commented that the Parish Council is looking into a number of factors and taking advice from as many sources as possible to collate any information available relating to the stockpiling of waste and the breeding of flies and take any common denominators identified and present them to Elizabeth Truss MP and request that the concerns and the research is taken to the relevant Government Department and request scientific advice on the matter.

CC stated that she was uncomfortable that both the EA and subsequently the Borough Council appeared to be protecting Glazewing and suggesting that the residents of West Dereham had got it wrong and somehow were uninformed on environmental health within their own homes. In response to a Parishioner’s question CC responded that it has been a suggested that a lot of the dirty ferrous that is brought to the Glazewing site originated and travels from Kent. LH expressed concern that there appears to be a possible conflict of interest between the lead authorities who have granted local licenses for contracts with Glazewing to collect waste and those departments investigating and receiving complaints about the flies.

A Parishioner asked if the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) had been approached for advice. Another Parishioner commented that he had approached the HSE and they had advised that it was an EA matter. PB commented that the EA and NCC Planning Department (NCC-PD) are the lead authorities in matters concerning Glazewing. Councillors agreed that they were not satisfied by the advice and comments made by the EA and now dissatisfied and offended by BCKLWN-EH comments.

CC concurred that Parishioners should continue to raise any concerns that they have with the relevant authorities. PB requested that any relevant information and concerns raised should be copied and sent to the Parish Council.

A Parishioner complained that he was aware that full skips are still being dropped and left in the parking yard but was unable to take photographs as he was under the impression it was taking place on private land. The meeting considered whether photographs could be taken of something considered to be illegal as long as they were not taken on the private land.

CC noted that Richard Stimson had added an additional note in his correspondence stating that “a drone was seen over the site last weekend, please can you remind parishioners they are required to have a suitable insurance to fly drones over private property.” CC commented that this was a matter that Glazewing should take up with the Police and the Parish Council has previously made this clear to Glazewing.

8. Finance 8.1 Accounts for September Advance payments. 8.1.1 Cash Flow and Cash Book October 2018 – The Parish Clerk displayed the Cash Flow on the overhead projector, followed by the Cash Book noting that during October, £1,830.59 income had accrued made up of £1,500 from the Farm Tenancy, £200.59 from Wayleaves (U.K. Power) and £130 from cemetery fees and subject to Councillor’s approval the expenditure of £1,904.59. 8.1.2 Cheque Payments for Approval for August 2018 – The Parish Clerk displayed the itemised pending payments on the overhead projector. The Councillors agreed to now pay the deferred payments of the invoices from PKF Littlejohn LLP (PKF) following their completion of the external audit of Parish Council accounts for the year 2017/18 and the Information Commissioner for the clarification of the need to continue with annual subscription explanation. The Parish Clerk added and confirmed that the PKF had sent him notice in the past few hours that the Parish Council had passed its external audit for 2017/18.

Payee Cheque No Net VAT Gross Remarks PKF Littlejohn LLP 101044 £200.00 £40.00 £240.00 External Audit - 2017/18 Information Commissioner 101046 £40.00 £0.00 £40.00 Data Protection Subscription 2018/19 Royal British Legion 101050 £25.00 £0.00 £25.00 Poppy Wreath Memorial West Dereham Village Hall 101051 £206.99 £0.00 £206.99 Meeting Hall hire July-September 2018 Holly Landscapes 101052 £487.50 £97.50 £585.00 Grounds Maintenance - October 18 R. Poole 101053 £187.15 £0.00 £187.15 Handyman's Payment and Travel - Oct 18 Peter King (Parish Clerk) 101054 £620.45 £0.00 £620.45 Staff Salary - October 2018

Total £1,767.09 £137.50 £1,904.59

8.1.3 Cheque Payments - CC asked the Councillors present if they were content with the payments. All Councillors noted that they were content. CC concluded that the cheques and control processes would be signed off at the end of the meeting.

8.1.4 Precept CC commented that the Parish Council has to set the Parish Precept in December and asked for any comments from Parishioners. A Parishioner expressed concern at the increase of the Precept from £7 set in 2005, to the current £82 in 2018 adding that the Parish Council should now consider cutting back on some expenditure. CC responded that during that period of time, there had been two large increases in the Parish Council Precept and the second one was to respond to moves by central government to cap Precepts and allow Parish Councils to have just a percentage increase, without holding a referendum, which would prove to be costly to the Parish. CC noted that at the time most Parish and Town Councils did raise the Precept at a higher than usual level. CC added that in other years, the Parish Council has kept its increases to levels at or just below the rate of inflation. CC stated that the Parish Council Precept share of the Council Tax bill is 3% of the total bill, the remaining 97% being shared between the County and Borough Councils. CC commented that the Parish Council has canvassed every year to try and identify what Parishioners want. CC continued that Parishioners have said that they want the grass cut, the cemetery looking decent, to be able to walk on the foot paths, the introduction of dog mess bins and emptied. CC noted that one of the biggest expenditures is on the grounds maintenance, that is the hedge cutting and the problem that BCKLWN have had their own funding cut and the Parish Council have recruited a Handyman to carry out tasks that in the past would have been performed by the Borough Council that they no longer agree to do. CC commented that nearly every year, the cost of grounds maintenance increases and the Parish Council had to cut back on the grass cutting at the St Andrew’s Church graveyard to save money. CC continued that the level of grass cutting has also had to be reduced in terms of frequency. CC concluded that there have been some years when the Precept has not been increased but that it is very difficult not to make some level of increase, but with the exception of two years, the Parish Council has not made increases above the rate of inflation, that is usually between one and 1.5 and 2%. The Parishioner responded that he represents a lot of the older people in the village and that they have asked him to raise the matter as the Council Tax is their biggest worry.

The Parishioner added that he did not see the need to have the grass cut so frequently and as it is used by such a few people. CC reiterated that the Parish Council advertises each year in the Village Magazine to identify what Parishioners want and don’t want done and the main item that re-occurs are the footpaths; however the council has tried to cut back and an example of the problems is the pathway between Ryston Road and the Recreation Green, the only green area and facility for young people in the village and it is the Borough Council’s responsibility to cut it, but they have just stopped and it has been completely overgrown. CC continued that the Borough have now cut it, but they want the Parish Council to take up the future maintenance and this is an example of why the Council has recently written to James Brokenshire MP, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government to comment on central government telling Parish Councils that must not increase the Precept and local government saying that they are no longer going to carry out some areas of local responsibility and will Parish Councils both pay and get the additional work completed. CC added that they have asked how they are meant to balance this problem and provide services that local people say that they want?

A member of the public present said he canvassed every year to have the Precept increased by as much as possible. CC commented that the Parish Council understands why some people in the village state that they do not want the Precept to increase, however others have stated that they are concerned that footpaths and access are maintained and the Parish Council must find a balance; the Council endeavor not to increase the Precept higher than the rate of inflation. PB commented that the Parish Council from now has to pay for election costs. CC added that each year, the Parish Council has tried to save a couple of hundred pounds towards the elections that take place every 4 years, however now the costs that will fall upon the Council for both uncontested and contested elections that could be as high as £3,000. CC stated that the Parish Council with the exception of the Village Hall, notes in a village with almost no facilities, that there is no transport, school or shop, tries to make the village look nice, such as the planters and be a decent place to live, by painting the bridges and cutting the grass in different areas, but to do this, the Council needs to spend some money and it is very difficult as there are limits to what it can actually do now and the future does not look any more encouraging. In the last decade the PC has only increased the Precept above the rate of inflation twice. On all other occasions it has either not been increased at all or when it has, it has been in line with or lower than the rate of inflation.

The Parishioner noted that West Dereham is the second highest precept in the area covered by BCKLWN when other villages have better services such as mains sewage and buses. CC commented that the setting of the Council Tax uses the band D rate for the calculation, but it also depends in a village how many properties actually pay full council tax regardless of what band they are and West Dereham has a reasonably high proportion of houses that don’t pay the full amount either because of single person-occupied homes or a variety of reasons why people do not legally pay.

A Parishioner asked, how much is there in the reserves, how much money did the Parish Council take in last year and asked how does the Council approach setting up its budget. PK confirmed that a Parish Council is meant to keep the equivalent to its Precept in reserves that would stand at approximately £17,000. CC re-affirmed that as a matter of principle, apart from the occasions of the two large hikes, the Parish Council does not increase above the rate of inflation and some years it is not increased at all. Councillors confirmed that they have to look at a variety of prices when setting up an agreement, for example the grounds maintenance contract. The Parish Clerk confirmed that the Precept for 2018/19 was set at £16,995.84. CC advised the Parishioner that the minutes recorded at each December Parish Council meeting when the Precept is agreed are published and added to the Parish Council website and that will provide the best précis of any proposed increases in the following year and what budget lines and reserves will be affected. PK commented that if Parishioners want to discuss the setting of the Precept in the discussion period, that is October to December each year, they can always contact the Parish Clerk and the Annual Parish Meeting Report, just published and circulated contains each Councillor’s contact details. CC commented that for several years, the Parish Council has very comprehensive minutes detailing how decisions are arrived at.

A Parishioner commented that he was not so concerned with the level or increases in the Precept as he is able to identify this from his annual Council Tax bill, but what he was more concerned with was where the Parish Council expenditure was taking place, particularly in the part of the village where he resided and that there were no local facilities as such. The Parishioner noted that whilst he accepted that work is carried out around the village, he had not witnessed, for example, the bridges in Basil Road painted for a couple of years and he suggested a planter, for example, would like nice in the area outside of College Farm. CC said that she would bring the sections of the Parish Council minutes discussing the setting of previous Precepts to the December meeting.

A Parishioner expressed concern that a number of people in the village were unable to attend Parish Council meetings and did not have the computer facilities and access to the Internet to read the meeting minutes and discussions that took place at the meetings regarding the Precept. CC agreed and commented that Parishioners can approach the Parish Clerk and request sight of the Parish Council minutes.

CC asked the meeting whether anybody felt that an item should either be added or cut from the budget, noting that next month the decision will be made and the budget set for 2019/20?

9. Village Signs

The Councillors agreed that that there was nothing further to add at this meeting.

10. Cemetery

10.1 Commemorative Plaque for brazier - to approve wording The Councillors agreed that this had been agreed at the last Parish Council meeting.

10.2 Tablet - to approve design PK left the meeting. The Parish Clerk confirmed that he had received a covering letter and plan of a proposed design of the tablet from the stonemasons. The Councillors reviewed the proposed design and agreed that the tablet would meet the Cemetery regulations subject to the stonemasons adding a plot number on one edge.

11. To consider Parish Council Internal Affairs and Policies

11.1 Business Continuity Plan Part 1 CC noted that there was a typographical error for correction, also an amendment and an addition. CC asked the Councillors present if they were content with the revised Business Continuity Plan Part 1. All Councillors noted they were content. CC noted that the Business Continuity Plan Part 1 had been reviewed and revised.

11.2 Business Continuity Plan Part 2 PK rejoined the meeting. CC noted that there was a typographical error for correction and asked the Parish Clerk to check that the internet website is still operational. CC asked the Councillors present if they were content with the revised Business Continuity Plan Part 2. All Councillors noted they were content. CC noted that the Business Continuity Plan Part 2 had been reviewed and revised.

11.3 Training Policy CC noted that there were several typographical errors for correction. CC asked the Councillors present if they were content with the revised Training Policy. All Councillors noted they were content. CC noted that the Training Policy had been reviewed and revised.

12. To comment on Planning Applications or Decisions received Application C/2/2017/2010 West Dereham, Waste Recycling Centre, Station Road, King’s Lynn, Norfolk PE33 9RR

The Parish Clerk reported that he had received the following letter from Nick Johnson, Head of Planning, NCC Community and Environmental Services Department, this morning in relation to a planning application and he read it to the meeting; West Dereham: Waste Recycling Centre, Station Road, West Dereham, King's Lynn, Norfolk, PE33 9RR: Retrospective installation and use of waste shredding plant, with associated wall constructed using concrete blocks for noise attenuation purposes.: Glazewing Ltd : Mr Jonathan Miles You may wish to be aware that an application has been submitted with respect to the above proposal. You will find full submission documentation of the above planning application on our web page http://eplanning.norfolk.gov.uk/PlanAppDisp.aspx?AppNo=C/2/2017/2010 If you have any observations, would you please let me know within 21 days from the date of this consultation. You can do this by either submitting via the above web link, by emailing MaWP@norfolk.gov.uk or by telephoning the case officer, Neil Campbell on 01603 222724. If further time is required for your consideration of this matter would you please let me know by contacting my office on the above number. May I ask for your help in trying to ensure that local people are made aware of the application. It would be most helpful if you could help to ensure that people living near the site are aware of the application and that they make representations to me if they wish.

CC commented that this was another example of the County Council not carrying out what they used to do and assuming that the Parish Council will be able to circulate details of the application to local villagers. A Parishioner proposed that the Parish Council should request an extension. CC noted that if a Parish Council requests an extension, then it gives up its rights to appeal should it be required. In response from a question from a Parishioner, CC noted that Glazewing had stated that Parish Councillors are welcome to visit the site. CC commented that the only real authority that the Parish Council has is to Support, Object or Make no comment, supported by some commentary.

PB noted that this application is in essence the same as an application from 2014. PB added that a statement could be issued by the Parish Council on behalf of residents and if individual people were to look on the NCC planning site, they could send letters with their comments. PB commented on looking back at the 2014 application (C/2/2014/2016) in respect of the baler, there were many pages of letters from individuals making comments that can be viewed and the Parish Council’s letter at the time is recorded. PB added that C/2/2017/2010 is similar type of application with an additional wall construction. LH commented that the Parish Council could not make any decisions at this meeting because the Council had not been given enough time to consider the application.

A Parishioner offered to deliver a letter to every property in the village explaining the position of the application. CC noted that at she understood the present position, the baler is operational and now the application is about asking permission to add the wall to try and contain the noise. PB recalled that the last time a planning application was submitted, specialists were involved with measuring the noise. CC noted in addition to circulating a letter, the Parish Council website can contain details of the application.

In response to a question from a Parishioner, The Parish Clerk read out a comment from Richard Stimson, Glazewing’s Compliance Manager’s communication that he noted had been forwarded as a correction to the minutes; “I said there was 1200 tonnes of stock, once the machine was running we would be processing 70 tonnes per day, plus 50 tonnes per day going out total of 120 tonnes being processed/removed. Not 1200 tonnes per day could be processed.”

The Councillors agreed that the village circulated letter and the website should note that the Application has been received, that the correspondence and related papers will remain on the Village Hall noticeboards for villagers to read and note during the Hall’s open times, that the Parish Council will need to meet before the deadline day of 29th November, therefore the Council will hold an Extraordinary meeting on the evening of Tuesday 27th November at a starting time of 6.00pm to discuss the application in detail.

The Parish Clerk was asked to enquire with Glazewing whether a site visit was possible.

13. Correspondence (if received)

The Parish Clerk confirmed that all items of correspondence had been covered elsewhere on the meeting agenda.

14. To receive further reports/items of business for the next Agenda

14.1 PW reported that she attended the last Internal Drainage Board meeting on 17th October and there was nothing that specifically affected West Dereham.

15. Date of next Parish Council Meeting To note that the next Parish Council Meeting will be an Extraordinary Meeting held on Tuesday 27th November 2018 at 6.00pm. in the West Dereham Village Hall. The following Parish Council Meeting will be held on Thursday 6th December 2018 at 7.30pm in the West Dereham Village Hall. The meeting will be preceded with Councillors’ Surgery at 7.00pm

16. Open Forum No further items were raised by members of the public present.

Closure: The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and final closure of the meeting was at 9.33pm

Next meeting is the Parish Council Meeting on Thursday 6th December at 7.30pm

with Councillor’s Surgery from 7.00pm

Clerk: Peter King - Email; clerk@westderehamparishcouncil.uk Telephone: 01366 502110

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