River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Letter to the Editor

November 2018

Dear Editor, Armistice Day has passed with the 100th. anniversary of the ending of the Great War, with suitable events held throughout the nation, marking that tragic episode in our history. This year, having a greater significance than previous, the tributes and ceremonies were much more emphasised and people generally were more eager to be part of something so meaningful. With much more media and film coverage leading up to the day ~ the country was focused. Our local villages rose to the occasion admirably and I must congratulate those that organised and played their part in the three services combining Whittington, Stoke Ferry and Wretton. I must single out the silhouettes at Stoke Ferry memorial and the presence of the Cadets at Wretton as being a very fitting contribution to the day. However, I do not wish to appear negative in offering criticism or detract from the important event but it wasn't until the following day that I learnt that Stoke Ferry held its commemoration at the memorial at the recognised time, since 1920, of 11 o'clock. I was led to believe from a flier, posted through my door a couple of days prior, that the official gathering in the village would take place at 11.30am I suspect others were misled by this information too. The Village Pump of October had the aforementioned flyer published in full on page 6 and again in it's November edition. The Stoke Ferry service was given a 1/4 page towards the end of the magazine. I was confused by the conflicting timings and was about to seek clarification when the A3 announcement arrived and I was guided by that, assuming, wrongly, that that was the definitive arrangement. I would say though that the important thing is that the day was suitably recognised and people contributed in any way they felt appropriate. The sacrifices of previous generations through two World Wars and other conflicts will or should not be forgotten but with the passage of time and what could be our diminishing standing in the world, I feel future generations may disconnect with its past history as not being relevant. I hope I'm wrong. Yours sincerely, Tony Hunt, Stoke Ferry

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