River Wissey Lovell Fuller

Carol Nicholas-Letch

November 2018

AWOL I am writing this as I pack to travel to sunnier climes. Swim suit - check. Shorts- check. Currency- check. Passport -check. Phone rings, it's for me - stop packing and deal with call. Dresses for evening -check. Sun cream - someone at the door - it's for me- stop packing. Did I pack a cardi in case of chilly evenings- can't remember - unpack . Yes I did. Do I need some other shoes for evenings or will my sandals do? Better pack another pair. Will the case weigh too much? Did I get enough cat food in or will hubby have to go into Lynn? Didn't I mention I'm going with my oldest friend Doreen, just the two of us off to Sicily. Heated pools if the sun stays in, lots of roman ruins to explore and lots of lovely food and yummy cocktails. Hope hubby and Moses will cope without me

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