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Boughton News - October

November 2018

Church news:

We were pleased to welcome many of the Breakfast church regulars to the Morning Prayer service on 9th September, lured perhaps by the promise of ample refreshments. Thanks to Pippa for the supplies of cake and, even more importantly, for taking the service. There was a very good atmosphere afterwards, as most people stayed for a coffee and the cakes, supplemented by fresh apple juice supplied by Hans.

Rather less happily, we discover that our oil tank will need replacing and await a quote for the job. The new tank will need to be bunded and permission will be needed from the Archdeacon. Many people who use our church are grateful for the heat supplied by the boiler, so if anyone feels they can contribute to the cost of a new tank I’m sure Paul Coulten, our Treasurer, would be pleased to hear from you. We are a small congregation working to keep the building and the church presence going in the village.

Dates: the traditional Nine Lessons and Carols service will be held on Monday 17th December at 6. 30 pm. It’s later than usual, because Christmas Day will be a Tuesday and our normal Tuesday is just too soon before Christmas.

Group 4

You may have noticed that I’m getting older, and I’d be very grateful for anyone in Church Lane who would be prepared to deliver the magazines there on a regular basis. Angela has taken over most of the village delivery, but it would be better if someone in the road would take the responsibility. In most villages, there are groups who deliver a dozen or so, but in Boughton from the beginning I delivered to everyone and then Angela very kindly took over half. It’s about a dozen magazines, once a month.


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